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Jonah Hex (film)

★ Jonah Hex (film)

Jonah hex-2010 American Western film about superheroes based on DC comics character of the same name. Director Jimmy Hayward, and written by Neveldine / Taylor, the film starred Josh Brolin in the title role, John Malkovich, Megan Fox, Michael Fassbender, will Arnett, Michael Shannon, Wes Bentley.

Produced by legendary pictures, Andrew Lazars Mad chance productions and Akiva Goldsmans weed road pictures, the film was released on 18 June 2010 by the company "Warner brothers" pictures and was a major critical and commercial failure, collecting only $10 million compared to a budget of $47 million.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

During the American Civil war Jonah hex Josh Brolin served in the Confederate cavalry until his commander, the orders of Quentin Turnbull John Malkovich, burn it to the hospital. Hex refuses, and is forced to kill his best friend, Turnbulls son Jeb. After the war, Turnbull and his bodyguard Burke Michael Fassbender force hex to watch his house burned down with his wife and son inside. Turnbull brands Hexs face with his initials and leaves him to die. Native Americans revive ion with mystical powers, giving him the ability to temporarily resurrect the dead. When Turnbull apparently dies in a fire, hex satisfies his hunger for vengeance as a bounty hunter and Sears half face to remove the mark.

In 1876, Turnbull, surviving, hijacks a train carrying components of the experimental "super weapons,” killing the security guards and passengers. President Grant Aidan Quinn believes that Turnbull is planning a terrorist attack on American century on the fourth of July, and ordered the army Lieutenant grass, will Arnett to hire hex to stop Turnbull.

Hex spends the night with Lilah Megan Fox, a prostitute with ulterior motives. Herbs do men and reveal Turnbull is still alive. Hex brought one of the captured bandits Turnbull, who dies during interrogation. Hex briefly resurrects the man who knows only that he was recruited by a former Colonel in the Confederate Slocum Tom Wopat, the illegal owner of the pavilion battle in South Carolina.

With the help of corrupt Washington Adleman Lusk aristocrat Wes Bentley, Turnbull steals the remaining components of the weapon was invented by Eli Whitney.

When hex confronts Slocum in South Carolina, Slocum refuses to speak, sarcastically telling hex to ask Jeb, where his father. Hexagon overcomes Slocums men and throws him into the ring to be killed by his own soldiers. The burning of the pavilion, hex frees the tormented dog handlers Slocums, and he follows him.

In the cemetery of Gettysburg, hex digs up and revives Jeb credits Jeffrey Dean Morgan. He apologizes for killing Jeb, I told him that his father needs to be stopped before he kills more people. Before returning to the afterlife, Jeb says that his father is at Fort Resurrection.

To the Fort, hex confronts Turnbull and kills several of his men, but Turnbull escapes and HEX critically wounded Burke. He collapses in a field, hovering near death for several days. Turnbull, anticipating Hexs gets Burke to bring him "something hex loves," and Burke kidnaps Lilah. Turnbull tests of the "superweapon" on a small town in Georgia, leveling it to the ground and killing hundreds. Grant understands that the authorities do not have any idea where Turnbull would strike, no military force to protect each of the centennial celebration.

Native American allies hex will find it and perform a ceremony that heals him. It passes the message to the grass Lieutenant that Turnbull is planning a strike on Washington, D.C., and then travels alone to stop its harbour of independence. Hex enters the harbour where the ship Turnbulls battleship at anchor, overpowering and killing Burke, and then resurrects him so to fully incinerate the body. Turnbull holds Lilah at gunpoint and forces hex to surrender. Hex and Lilah prisoner in the hold of the ship, Turnbull couples to Washington. The monitor, commanded by Lieutenant grass to intercept Turnbull, but quickly destroyed by the superweapon.

Lyle frees himself and hex, fending off the guards while he races to stop Turnbull. Turnbull gains the upper hand and orders the weapon fired, but the hex jams his belt feeder, hold the trigger shell. He brutally beats Turnbull and traps the neck in gear and then saves Lila. They jump into the water to trigger the projectile ignites, killing Turnbull and his men. The next day, President Grant gives hex a great reward and a full pardon, and offers him a job as a Sheriff throughout the United States. Hex refuses, but assures the President, they will be able to find him if they need him, he leaves town with Lila. The film ends with hex Jebs visited the grave to apologize for the death of his father before riding.


2. Cast. (Литые)

  • Michael Shannon as Doctor Cross Williams, the ringleader of the circus of the gladiators. The Studio plans Williams in duplicate symbols if a sequel came up.
  • Will Arnett as Lieutenant grass: a Union soldier who attracts the hex as a bounty hunter.
  • John Malkovich as Quentin Turnbull: the main antagonist who killed Jonah Hexs family and disfigured former.
  • Michael Fassbender as Burke: a bowler hat, tattooed and psychopathic Irishman who is Turnbulls right hand man. Fassbender compares his character with the Riddler and Malcolm McDowells performance in a Clockwork orange, saying that he mostly found his character when he tried on the Derby bowler.
  • Josh Brolin as Jonah hex: a disfigured bounty hunter who films anti-hero hero. Brolin initially hated the script, but changed his mind after rising as his mocking tone.
  • Aidan Quinn as Ulysses S. Grant 18th U.S. President Quinn was only 3 days for this role.
  • Wes Bentley as Adleman Lusk: corrupt politician.
  • Megan Fox as Lilah black: gun-wielding prostitutes and ions love interest, whose real name is Tallulah black, just like in the comics, but it goes to Laila short and not have scars or missing left eye, unlike her colleagues comics.
  • Lance Reddick as Smith, the armorer of sorts, who supplies hex with his new weapon.

The film also includes John Gallagher Jr. as Lieutenant Evan, Tom Wopat as Colonel Slocum, and Julia Jones as Cassie, and also uncredited Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Jeb Turnbull. Mastodon guitarist / vocalist Brent hinds also made a small cameo.

To Brolins casting, actor Thomas Jane filed in the Studio for this role to hire a makeup artist to give it the appearance of Jonah hex. Is Jane voiced hex in the 2010 animated short DC showcase: Jonah hex.


3. Production. (Производство)

In 2000, 20th Century Fox developed a one-hour adaptation based on television character, with producers Akiva Goldsman and Robert Neptune point luxury rooms involved, but the project was not implemented. In July 2007, Warner Bros held the film rights to the character and wanted to make a film. Goldsman paired with Andrew Lazar as producers, and mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor wrote the screenplay, which is adapted embodiment of the comic books that combined the Western genre with supernatural elements. In October 2008, Josh Brolin entered talks to be filed as Jonah hex under the leadership of Neveldine and Taylor. In November 2008, Neveldine and Taylor left the Directors due to creative differences with the Studio. Studio to explore the possibility of hiring Andy Fickman or mcg and by January 2009, it chose Jimmy Hayward previously directed Horton hears a who! direct Jonah hex. By the end of February, Brolin was set to star with John Malkovich, who was cast as the antagonist Quentin Turnbull. The shooting of the film began in Louisiana in April 2009.


3.1. Production. Music. (Музыка)

September 2, 2009, is not it cool news reported that heavy metal band mastodon were scoring the film. Troy Sanders, bassist / vocalist of mastodon, on their contribution to the film:

"Some were heavy, some were very naughty," said Sanders. "It was a lot roomier, a group of b-sides, Pink Floyd-like, surreal outer space, like Neil young dead man. Wildness, nausea music". Sanders added that the collaboration seemed natural: "from day one we have always written albums thinking the music score of the film. Well then, create the text or story on top of that, as if I wrote the dialogue to fit films of world cinema".

Soundtrack hour instrumental, including five full songs and many smaller musical themes. Elections were added to scenes in the film composer John Powell Shrek, the Bourne Identity and others will be adapted for the London orchestra exclusively epic moments. "We wrote variations on themes for each character, different variables for a bunch of riffs: faster, slower, harder, lighter," Sanders explained. "It the Darth Vader approach".


4. Release. (Релиз)

Jonah hex was released in the USA on 18 June 2010, the same day as Disney / toy Story 3 Pixars.

Product. (Продукт)

  • Tonner Doll Company, Inc. released in may 2010 saloon Lilah as a doll.
  • High quality action figure released a range of 3 figurines, replicas, and props from the movie.
  • DC direct released a Jonah hex bust Lyla, and 1:6 scale collector figure Jonah hex.
  • WizKids released a mad battle pack consisting of hex, Lilah, and Turnbull.

Home media. (Домашний медиа)

The film was released on DVD and Blu-ray on October 12, 2010, with no special features. Then it was released in the UK on December 27, 2010, on DVD, on Blu-ray and double play. Special features include deleted scenes, inside story of Jonah hex and the picture-in-picture commentary.


5.1. Welcome The checkout. (Кассе)

Jonah hex severely failed at the box office, opening at No. 7 in its debut weekend with only 5.379.365 $2.825 in theaters, an average of $1.904 per theater. On the second weekend, the film only managed to gross $1.627.442, drops to No. 10. The film ended its theatrical works on 12 Aug 2010, collecting only 10.547.117 a total of $budget $ 47 million. With regard to its negative domestic take, the film was not widely released internationally, collecting less than $500.000 outside the United States.


5.2. Welcome Critical response. (Критическая реакция)

On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a rating of 12% based on 150 reviews and an average rating of 3.47 / 10. The sites critical consensus reads: "Josh Brolin gives it his best shot, but he cant keep the short, unfocused Jonah hex from collapsing on the screen." On Metacritic the film has a score of 33 out of 100 based on 32 critics, indicating "generally unfavorable reviews". Spectators interviewed by the Agency CinemaScore gave the film a average score of "C" With " in scale F.

Keith Phipps of the A.V. club gave the film a rare a rating of "f," saying that "at 81 minutes, including credits of Jonah hex footage that made it to the screen look like something assembled in a short time, and possibly under the influence." Roger Ebert gave the film a negative review, saying that the film "is based on some DC comics characters, which may explain how the plot jumps. We hear a lot about graphic novels, but its more a graphic anthology of strange occult ideas."


5.3. Welcome Awards. (Награды)

The film was named "worst film of the year" Houston society of film critics awards 2010. It was given two nominations at the 31st Golden raspberry awards: Worst supporting actress Megan Fox and worst screen couple Josh Brolins face and Megan Fox accent.

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  • vocals Ryan O Keeffe - drums The song Born To Kill is featured in the film Jonah Hex The song Heads are Gonna Roll is featured in the video game Madden

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