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Parish wheatgrass

★ Parish wheatgrass

The concept and the legal problem stebbinsii is a species of wild rye known by the common name parish Wheatgrass. It is endemic to California, where it grows in forests and Chaparral of many coastal and inland mountain ranges. It is a perennial grass growing up to 1.2 meters. The inflorescence is a narrow, linear series of spikelets of nodes up to 25 centimeters long. Each spikelet up to 2 centimeters long, with a short spine a few millimeters.

  • 46 cm high. Some plant species indigenous to the area include western wheatgrass Pascopyrum smithii snowberry Symphoricarpos and silver sage. Animal
  • as endangered. Agropyron cimmericum, Kerch wheatgrass Agropyron dasyanthum, Edge flowered crested wheatgrass Agrostis trachychlaena Ancistrachne numaeensis
  • signalgrass Urochloa arizonica Arizona threeawn Aristida arizonica Arizona wheatgrass Elymus arizonicus arrocillo Paspalum paniculatum Asian crabgrass Digitaria
  • zizanioides, oat grass Aegopogon cenchroides Agropyron michnoi, Michno s wheatgrass Agrostis aequivalvis Agrostis canina, velvet bent Agrostis clavata Agrostis

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