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Prairie cupgrass

★ Prairie cupgrass

Eriochloa section is a type of grass known common name Prairie cupgrass. It is native to the Central United States and is naturalized in areas to the East and West, where it is often a weed, especially in moist places. This annual herb can grow up to a meter in height when erect or you may bend, rooting where nodes on the stem touching the ground. Inflorescence up to 20 cm in length and consists of several branches that stick out to the sides. Branches covered with purplish spikelets few millimeters in length.

  • America, Lesser Antilles, Colombia, Venezuela Eriochloa contracta prairie cupgrass - Mexico, USA from CA to FL to MN Ontario Eriochloa crebra - Australia
  • Eriochloa sericea is a species of grass known by the common name Texas cupgrass It is native to Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas in the United States
  • grass Echinochloa crus - galli basketgrass Oplismenus hirtellus bearded cupgrass Eriochloa aristata beardless rabbitsfoot grass Polypogon viridis big

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