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Reichenbach determined that E. fastigiatum Lindl. 1853, E. floribundum Kunth 1816, E. paniculatum Ruiz & PAV. 1798, including E. comb Lindl. 1853, E. laevi Lindl. 1844, E. longicrure Lindl. 1853 there were three separate species. Because fastigiatum E. Lindl. 1853 and E. paniculatum Ruiz & PAV. 1798 was the lower part of the inflorescence covered with imbricate sheaths, Reichenbach put them into the category of Amphiglotium Polycladia. Since E. floribundum Kunth 1816 had imbricate sheaths in lower part of inflorescence, Reichenbach hosted in subsection Euepidendrum Planifolia paniculate.

According to the world checklist of selected plant families published by the Q. E. fastigiatum Lindl. 1853 and E. floribundum Kunth 1816 are synonyms Epidendrum paniculatum Ruiz & PAV. 1798.

In 1984, the diploid number of chromosomes of an individual identified as E. floribundum Kunth was determined as 2 N = 40.

  • Epidendrum dendrobioides is a species of orchid in the genus Epidendrum The name means that this Epidendrum Greek for upon a tree resembles a Dendrobium
  • Epidendrum pseudepidendrum the False Epidendrum Epidendrum is a species of orchid native to Costa Rica and Panama. The upright canes, which can reach
  • Epidendrum cristatumRuiz Pav. 1789 the comb Epidendrum is a species of orchid in the genus Epidendrum which is known to grow both terrestrially
  • Epidendrum subg. Amphiglottium Salisb. Lindl. 1841 is a subgenus of reed - stemmed Epidendrums distinguished by an apical inflorescence with the peduncle
  • Epidendrum martianum is a rupicolous species of orchid of the genus Epidendrum Reichenbach reported that this orchid with paniculate inflorescences grows
  • Epidendrum lanipes is an epiphytic sympodial orchid with spindle - shaped stems native to the montane tropical rainforest of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador
  • Epidendrum frigidum is a reed - stemmed Epidendrum orchid from the high - altitude tropics in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. Epidendrum
  • The section Epidendrum sect. Planifolia of the subgenus E. subg. Epidendrum Lindl. 1841 of the genus Epidendrum of the Orchidaceae was published in 1861
  • Epidendrum ruizianum is an epiphytic reed - stemmed Epidendrum of the orchid family native to the cloud forests of Bolivia including Cochabamba and La Paz
  • Epidendrum sect. Schistochila Rchb.f. 1861 is a section of the subgenus E. subg. Amphiglottium Lindl. 1841 of the Genus Epidendrum of the Orchidaceae
  • Epidendrum parviflorum is a small - flowered reed - stemmed Epidendrum orchid found in the montane tropical wet forests of Bolivia including Cochabamba
  • Epidendrum subsect. Paniculata Rchb.f. 1861 is a subsection of section E. sect. Planifolia of subgenus E. subgen. Epidendrum of the genus Epidendrum of
  • Epidendrum sect. Polycladia Rchb.f. 1861 is a section of the Subgenus E. subg. Amphiglottium Lindl. of the Genus Epidendrum of the Orchidaceae. This plants
  • Epidendrum catillus is an epiphytic orchid native to Colombia where the type was collected Ecuador and Peru at altitudes ranging from 0.8 km to 1.6 km
  • Epidendrum excisum is a species of orchid known to grow both epiphytically and terrestrially on steep rocky banks in mountainous regions of Colombia, Ecuador
  •  397 Epidendrum panduratum Hagsater Dodson, 1993 Epidendrum panicoides Schltr., 1921 Epidendrum paniculatum Ruiz Pav., 1798 : Paniculate Epidendrum
  • carrying 2, apical, leathery, narrow leaves that blooms on an erect, paniculate 6 to 8 flowered per branch, many flowered inflorescence carrying non - resupinate
  • the stem. The inflorescence can be solitary, successive, racemose or paniculate The flowers are small, and nearly always white, cream, or a pale shade
  • species had been included in different genera : Anacheilium, Encyclia, Epidendrum Euchile, Hormidium and Pollardia. The status as genus was confirmed by

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