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Percivals Cattleya

★ Percivals cattleya

Hotel Cattleya percivaliana is a species of Orchid. It shares the common name of "Christmas Orchid" with C. trianae and Angraecum sesquipedale. In diploid the number of chromosomes C. percivaliana was defined as 2 N = 40. With the haploid number of chromosomes was determined as N = 20.

  • Angraecum sesquipedale Star of Bethlehem orchid Cattleya percivaliana Percival s cattleya Winika cunninghamii Winika Cattleya trianae May flower
  • Bridges, Kevin Anderson Family Live action Commediasexi 01 Distribution Cattleya Agostino Castiglioni director Alessandro D Alatri screenplay Sergio

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