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Pink hyacinth-orchid

★ Pink hyacinth-orchid

Dipodium roseum, commonly known as rosy Hyacinth-Orchid or pink Hyacinth-Orchid, is a leafless saprophytic Orchid found in Eastern and South-Eastern Australia. In summer it produces a tall flowering stem up to fifty pale-pink flowers with small dark red spots. Widespread and common species it is often confused with D. punctatum, but has a darker, less heavily spotted flowers.


1. Description. (Описание)

Dipodium roseum is a leafless, tuberous, perennial, mycoheterotrophic herb. From fifteen to fifty pale-pink flowers with small dark red spots and 20-30 mm 0.8–1 in wide are borne on green to dark reddish-black flowering stem, 20-40 40-100 cm in height. Sepals and Petals linear-elliptic, 13-20 mm 0.5–0.8 mm long, 3-6 mm 0.1–0.2 in wide and free from each other and their ends are bent back. In the lip is pink with dark lines, 10-15 mm 0.4–0.6 long, 4-6.5 mm 0.2–0.3 wide and has three blades with their tips facing up. Lobe center has a wide range from pink to purple hairs. A rare white-flowering form also exists. Flowering occurs from November to February.

This Orchid is often confused with D. punctatum, but has a wider range of hair lip, small dark red spots and reflexed sepals and petals.


2. Taxonomy and naming. (Таксономия и именования)

Dipodium roseum was first formally described in 1991, David Jones and mark Clements and description were published in Australian Orchid research. For sample in montrose in the range of Victorias Dandenong ranges. The specific epithet roseum Latin word for "rose", referring to the colour of the flowers of this Orchid. The species was previously included in a wider rim Dipodium punctatum.


3. Distribution and habitat. (Распространение и места обитания)

Pink Hyacinth Orchid grows in a range of habitats from dry forests to humid forests. It occurs in Queensland South of Gympie, on the coast and ranges of New South Wales and the Australian capital territory and Australia, where it is the most common Dipodium. It is also found in the South-East of South Australia and is the only member of the genus occur in Tasmania.


4. Growing. (Растет)

No leafless species of Dipodium has been sustained in farming because of the inability to replicate its Association with mycorrhizal fungi in a horticultural context.

  • Dipodium, commonly known as hyacinth orchids is a genus of about forty species of orchids native to tropical, subtropical and temperate regions of south - east
  • the elegant hyacinth orchid is a leafless orchid that is endemic to Queensland. In spring and summer it has up to sixty pale to dark pink flowers with
  • known as leafy hyacinth - orchid is an orchid species that is endemic to north - east Queensland. It has sword - shaped leaves and up to twenty pink to mauve flowers
  • variegatum, commonly known as the slender hyacinth - orchid or blotched hyacinth - orchid is a leafless mycoheterotrophic orchid that is endemic to south - eastern
  • pardalinum, commonly known as spotted hyacinth - orchid or leopard hyacinth - orchid is a leafless hemiparasitic orchid that is endemic to south - eastern Australia
  • Dipodium punctatum, commonly known as the blotched hyacinth - orchid is a leafless orchid that is a native to eastern and south - eastern continental Australia
  • Bletilla striata, known as hyacinth orchid or Chinese ground orchid is a species of flowering plant in the orchid family Orchidaceae, native to Japan
  • Cypripedium acaule lady s slipper orchids Dahlia Dianthus family carnation, pink and sweet william, and especially garden pink whence the colour got its
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  • Mouse in House of Mouse. The Hippopotamus servants are Hyacinth Hippo s maids and all wear pink Taylor described the hippos as being dressed to represent
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  • mud bank. In one instance, a nest was found on a floating mat of Water hyacinth leaves and another observer noted a pair nesting inside a regularly used
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  • 163 138 141 H010L60C10 Orchid Red 10 60 15 173 135 141 H010L60C15 Lime Pink 10 60 20 182 132 140 H010L60C20 Lipstick Pink 10 60 25 189 127 138
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