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Arctagrostis is a genus of Arctic and subarctic plants of the family of herbs that grows in the coldest parts of Europe, Asia and North America.

  • Arctagrostis arundinacea, Trin. Biel - Siberia, the Far East, Alaska, including Aleut, Yukon, Northwest territories, Alberta, British Columbia.
  • Arctagrostis latifolia R. BR. Griseb. - Finland, Norway, Svalbard, European Asian Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Alaska, Greenland, Canada.
formerly included

to see Dupontia

  • Arctagrostis humilis - Dupontia fisheri.
  • barley 2001. Finnaska, a short - stemmed, high - protein barley 1987. Kenai polargrass 1986. Nortran tufted hairgrass 1983. Alasclear potato 1981. Datal barley
  • mistletoe, eastern dwarf mistletoe Arctagrostis N Arctagrostis latifolia polargrass Arctium X Arctium lappa great burdock X Arctium minus subsp. minus

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