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Fat City (film)

★ Fat City (film)

Fat city is a 1972 American neo-Noir Boxing drama directed by John Huston. The picture stars Stacy Keach, Jeff bridges and Susan Tyrrell.

One of Hustons later films, its based on the Boxing novel fat City 1969, Leonard Gardner, who also wrote the script.

Tyrrell received a Best supporting actress award "Oscar" as the alcoholic, world-weary OMA.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

Billy Tully, a boxer past his Prime, goes to a gym in Stockton, CA to get back into shape and spars with Ernie Munger, at 18 years old he meets there. Seeing potential in the youngster, Tully suggests that Munger look up his former Manager and trainer, Ruben. Tully later tells belligerent drunk Ohm and its laid-back guy Earl is, how impressed he is with the child. Newly inspired, Tully decides to get back in the box.

Life the hotel was a mess since his wife left him. He drinks too much, cannot hold down a job, and chooses the fruits and vegetables with migrant workers to make ends meet. He still blames Ruben for the wrong of his last fight.

Tully tries to live with OMA after Earl is sent to prison for a few months, but their relationship is rocky.

Munger loses his first fight, his nose broken, and he passed out in the next bout as well. He gets pressured into marriage by faye, because the child on the road, so he picks fruit in the fields for a few dollars.

For his first bout back, Tully is combined with a tough Mexican boxer named Lucero, who is elderly and in considerable pain. They knock each other down to Tully, is declared the winner. His celebration of this tally when he finds out that he will be paid only $100, which causes it to cease its business relationship with Ruben. He then returned to Thomass apartment and finds the count is. Earl, still paying the rent, assures him that the alcoholic OMA wants nothing more to do with Tully.

Munger returned home from battle one night when he sees Tully drunk on the street. Munger tries to ignore him, but when Tully asks to drink, he reluctantly agrees to coffee. Two men sit and drink, and Tully looks around at all the people immediately around him, they all now seem an insurmountable distance. Munger says he needs to leave, but Tully asks him to stay to talk a while. Munger agrees, and the two men sit, drink coffee together in silence.


2. Cast. (Литые)

  • Candy Clark as faye.
  • Nicholas Colasanto as Ruben.
  • Billy Walker as Wes.
  • Art Aragon as a baby.
  • Ruben Navarro as Fuentes.
  • Curtis Earl Cox, as Cox was a champion the real life of the world in the Welterweight division, but he played a boxer.
  • Alfred Avila as Luceros coach.
  • Stacy Keach, Billy Tully.
  • Sixto Rodriguez Lucero. (Сиксто Родригес Лусеро)
  • Susan Tyrrell OMA Lee Greer.
  • Wayne Mahan in Buford.
  • Jeff bridges as Ernie Munger.

3. Production. (Производство)

Like the novel, the film was set in Stockton, CA and mostly shot on location there. All original Skid row depicted in the novel, was demolished and the West End redevelopment from 1965 to 1969. Most of the scenes were shot in the skid row region of the original Skid row, which was broken a year after the city was cleared to make way for the construction of a through highway, aka "ORT Lofthus freeway".

Drama shown in the documentary visions of light: art of cinematography 1992, Conrad L. the use of halls of lighting.

The melancholy "help me make it through the night" sings Kris Kristofferson at the beginning and end of the film.


4. The meaning of the name. (Значение имени)

In an interview with 1969 Life magazine, Leonard Gardner explained the meaning of the title of his novel.

"A lot of people asked me about the title of my book. Part of black slang. When you say you want to go to the Salo, this means that you want good life. I got the idea for the name after seeing pictures of the house on exhibition in San Francisco. The city was scrawled in chalk on the wall. The title is ironic: fat city is a crazy goal no one will never achieve".

Salo is also an old nick Stockton, California, where the novel and film are set. The nickname preceded by Gardners novel.


5. Distribution. (Распределение)

The film premiered in the US on 26 July 1972.

The film was shown at various film festivals, including Cannes film festival, France, international film festival in palm springs, USA, and others.


6.1. Welcome Critical response. (Критическая реакция)

After a series of failures cash, John Houston rebounded with this film, which opened to great success and a good business, and soon he was in demand for work. Vincent Canby, film critic for the new York times, liked the film and the direction of the Hustons. He wrote: "this is grim material, but the city is too full of life to be truly dire as it sounds. Ernie and Tully, along with OMA Susan Tyrrell, sherry-drinking barfly Tully sleeps some time, small fight managers, the other boxers and the various countermen, upholsterers, and the lettuce pickers whom the film meeting on the way, with such stunning and sometimes comic accuracy that fat city transcends its own apparent gloom."

Roger Ebert made a case for it as one of Hustons best films. He also praised the performance. Ebert wrote, "movies are filled with small, perfect character performances".

J. Hoberman of "the village voice" wrote: "cinema is very creative and a lot of shows. Anyway, until the percussively dramatic open final, hammering it all".

Dave kehr in the "Chicago reader" wrote, "John Hustons the conversion in 1972, his theme of perpetual loss is intelligently understated".

Film critic Dennis Schwartz wrote, "the dark sports drama is a marvelous and elegant character studies of the marginalized leading desperate lives, where they are retained not detectable output. Stunning photos of the hall Conrad keeps things realistic."

In 2009, the city enjoyed a week-long Revival screening at new forum York city film.

It has 100% fresh rating on rotten tomatoes, based on 22 reviews, with average rating of 8.5 / 10. The sites consensus reads: "fat city uncomfortable, stain, slice of life Boxing drama that does not pull its punches."


6.2. Welcome Awards. (Награды)


  • The Belgian Film Critics Association: Grand Prix, 1974.
  • Kansas city film critics circle: KCFCC award Best actor Stacy Keach, tied with Marlon Brando the Godfather, 1972.


  • Academy awards: Best actress in a supporting role, Susan Tyrrell, 1973.

6.3. Welcome The New York Critics Circle Film. (В Нью-Йоркские Критики Круг Фильм)

In accordance with existing rules, Stacy Keach should have been awarded for Best actor from the critics new York film circle for his portrayal of Tully, since it requires only a few votes. Keach was the top vote-getter for Best actor. At that time, the NYCC was second in prestige only to "Oscar" and was a great influence on subsequent Oscar nominations. A vocal faction of the NYFCC, dismayed rather low percentage of votes, which would give the Kitsch award, successfully demanded to change the rule so that the winner must receive a majority. In subsequent balloting, Keach failed to win a majority of votes, and he lost the land in the performance of Marlon Brando in "the Godfather." However, one could not gain a majority either. As a compromise candidate, Laurence Olivier in the end, the detective was awarded as the Best actor.

By the way, Director John Huston initially wanted Brando to play the role of Tully. When Brando re-told Houston that he needed a little more time to think about it, Huston finally came to the conclusion that the star is not very interesting and was looking for another actor until he finally cast the then relatively unknown Keach.

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