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Bird (1988 film)

★ Bird (1988 film)

Bird is a 1988 American biographical film, produced and directed by Clint Eastwood screenplay by Joel Oliansky. The film is a tribute to the life and music of jazz saxophonist Charlie "bird" Parker. It is constructed as a montage of scenes from the Parkers life, from his childhood in Kansas city, through his early death at the age of 34.

The film moves back and forth through the story the Parkers, blending moments to find some truth in my life. Most of the film revolves around his only grounding relationships with wife Chan Parker, Bebop pioneer trumpet player band leader dizzy Gillespie, and his influence both musically and in the world of heroin addiction on the trumpeter Red Rodney.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

In 1939, Kansas city, Missouri, a young Alto-saxophonist Charlie "bird" Parker forest Whitaker performs at the club Reno. However, his quick and sporadic games gets his Boo behind the scenes. After moving to new York, Charlie began performing at various jazz venues on 52nd street and meets trumpeter dizzy Gillespie and Samuel E. Wright. Although Charlie performs with dizzy, their specific style of jazz has developed known as "bebop."

One evening, Charlie meets Chan Parker, Diane Venora, dancer and lover of jazz. Attraction to Chan, Charlie invites her out, but she refuses his advances and moved to Chicago, Illinois. Later, Chan returned from Chicago and admits that shes pregnant from another man. Frustrated, Charlie leaves for Los Angeles, California to perform with dizzy. One evening, red Rodney, Michael Zelniker, a Jewish trumpet, fits Charlie and tells him that he is sick. Later, Charlie and participation dizzy was cancelled due to lack of interest in bebop. Charlie remains in Los Angeles, but his addiction to drugs and alcohol to deteriorate and he is in the hospital for eight months.

After receiving a clean Chan gets a booking at a new York club for Charlie. When he thanked Chan for her help, she introduces him to his daughter Kim. Later, Charlie learns that his friend, Brewster, opens a new club and call it the zoo Birdland after Charlie. Need a job and money, Charlie goes to Paris, France, and finds an audience for jazz and bebop. However, he returned to new York and perform in Birdland.

Later, Charlie meets trumpeter Red Rodney. Waiting for the zoo to open Birdland, Charlie offers Red tour to work with him in the South. Although Red is hesitant about how interracial group may be obtained, Charlie assures him that no harm will come to them. Arriving at their first engagement, Red sees Charlie advertises it as a Blues singer, nicknamed "Red albino". During the tour, Charlie finds out that red is addicted to heroin and threatens him to stop using drugs.

Back in new York, Charlie and the Red will perform together at the Grand opening of the zoo Birdland. After that, the authorities take red for drug possession. Charlie continues to perform at Birdland and other new York clubs. Chan and Kim to move in with Charlie, and he and Chan have two children: son Byrd, and her daughter.

Some time later, Charlie is arrested for drug possession and put on probation. Charlie loses his cabaret card and cant play in new York. So he went to Los Angeles for work and reunites with dizzy Gillespie, who sees that Charlie is using drugs again. Later, Charlie finds out that the leek died of illness and returns home to her funeral. Overwhelmed by the death and get away from his singing career, Charlie tries to commit suicide by drinking iodine, but survives. After Chan admits him to a hospital psychiatric clinic, she was advised to send Charlie to public institutions for the shock therapy. She fears that such a treatment may deprive Charlie of his creative abilities. After Charlie left, Chan convinces him to move their family to upstate new York.

Charlies back in town to the casting, created by Brewster, but is distracted seeing all the former jazz clubs on 52nd street were turned into strip clubs. Missing the audition and ashamed to tell Chan, Charlie goes to the apartment of Baroness nica Diane Salinger, a wealthy jazz patron, and will soon pass out. The doctor arrives and advises Charlie to go to the hospital, but he refuses. Later, as he watches TV with the Baroness, Charlie suffers a heart attack and dies at the age of 34.


2. Production. (Производство)

In the 1970-ies, a Parker friend and colleague Teddy Edwards shared his reminiscences of the saxophonist Oliansky, who had wanted to make a biopic about Charlie Parker starring actor Richard Pryor. The property originally belonged to Columbia pictures, which traded the rights to Warner Bros. for incitement Eastwoods, in exchange for the rights to what would become Columbias Kevin costner 1990 car, revenge. There was a delay of several years, while production was completed, and then Pryor had lost interest. The film was eventually shot in 52 days for 14.4 million dollars, not counting Eastwoods fee, although in interviews Eastwood said that sometimes the film only cost 9 million dollars to make. Locations used for filming include the Sacramento valley, Los Angeles and Pasadena, California and also in new York.


3. Welcome

Bird received positive reviews from critics, scoring an 81% "fresh" rating on rotten tomatoes from 21 reviews. The performance of forest Whitaker as Parker has received positive notices and several awards, including a nomination for "Best actor" at the Cannes film festival in 1988 and a nomination for a Golden globe. Clint Eastwood won a Golden globe for best Director. The film received the Grand Prix of the Belgian film critics Association and the award "Oscar" for best sound.


4. Music. (Музыка)

Initially, when Columbia owned the project, the Studio executives wanted to hire musicians to re-record all Parkers music, largely because the original recording was in mono, and do not have an acceptable quality of sound to accompany film. Eastwood was a piece of Parker did Parkers wife, Chan, from which he was a sound engineer electronically isolate Parker Solo. Musicians as ray brown, Walter Davis Jr., Ron Carter, Barry Harris, and red Rodney were then hired to record backing tracks on modern equipment. Dizzy Gillespie was on tour at the time of recording, so trumpet player Jon Faddis was hired to record his parts.

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