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Dobele Castle

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Castle, Dobele castle, Dobele on the West Bank of the river, in the historical region of Zemgale, in Latvia. Dobele was built in 1335 by the Livonian order on top of a more ancient castle.


1. History. (История)

The place of the Dobele medieval castle was inhabited by Semigallians before and during Livonian crusade. On the hillfort was located administrative centre of the Dobele County and quite big settlement around it. He is first mentioned in written sources in 1254. During the Livonian campaign saw heavy fighting around the settlement. He endured six sieges of the Livonian order, but the crusaders failed to conquer it. In the army of the crusaders 1279 from kuldīga together with the allied Curonians attacked Zemgale of Dobele castle but was unable to defeat him. Winter 1280 / 81 Livonian order attacked Dobele castle under command of master Konrad von Feuchtwangen, but the attack failed. In winter 1288 / 89 a large army of crusaders, including the allies of the Estonians and Latgalians, under the command of master Kuno von Hazzingenstein attacked Dobele. However, they were only able to Rob and burn the city Dobele, but the castle withstood the siege. In 1289 after famine and Crusader scorched earth policy to the whole of the Semigallians burned their Dobele castle and migrated to Lithuania. Thus Dobele castle was one of the last semigallian fortresses in the territory of Latvia.

The Livonian order built a stone castle at the abandoned settlement of Semigallians in 1335-1347 years. Small craftsmen and merchant settlements only developed around the castle. Until 1562 the castle was the seat of the vehicle commander. In the 16th and 17th centuries several regional Landtag meetings were held in the castle. In 1621 and 1625 the castle was occupied by Swedish troops led by king Gustav II Adolf. From 1643 to 1649 the castle was the residence of the widow of the Duke of Kurland, Elizabeth Magdalena, who lived there with his adopted son, the future Duke Jacob. During the Polish-Swedish war the castle was captured by Swedes in 1658. After the war it was partially restored Duke Jacob Kettler. During the great Northern war, the castle was again occupied by the Swedes in 1701. King of Sweden Charles XII stayed in the castle for six days. During the war the castle was badly damaged and was not restored. It was completely abandoned in 1736, and have since declined.

In 1915, at the foot of the castle of the German Emperor Wilhelm II inspected the units of the German army.

  • Dobele pronunciation  help info German: Doblen is a town in the cultural region Zemgale in Latvia, and is located near the center of Latvia on the
  • their lost positions. They pillaged lands around Dobele and Tērvete but were unable to conquer the castles In autumn 1280, Nameisis attacked Riga, the main
  • successful when he succeeded her spouse in 1642. As a widow, she settled at Dobele Castle where she died. Biogram zostal opublikowany w 1948 r. w VI tomie Polskiego
  • Jaunpils Castle was the place where many old and weak brothers of Livonian Order settled. In 1576 Jaunpils Castle became property of last komtur of Dobele Mathiass
  • Manor Latvian: Bikstu muiza is a manor house located in Biksti Parish, Dobele Municipality in the historical region of Zemgale, in Latvia. A two - story
  • Parish Latvian: Īles pagasts was an administrative territorial entity of Dobele District, Latvia. Now, along with other parishes, it is part of Auce Municipality
  • This is the List of castles in Latvia, which includes fortified residences of Western European conquerors built in the area of present - day Latvia before
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  • the Semigallian outpost into a Teutonic castle When the attack failed, they built a fortress in nearby Dobele Doblen and Georgenburg possibly present - day
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  • the Semigallian outpost into a Teutonic castle When the attack failed, they built a fortress in nearby Dobele Doblen and Goergenburg possibly present - day
  • 1685 through Skrunda, the main postal route of the Dukedom is Jelgava - Dobele - Blidene - Saldus - Skrunda - Grobina - Liepaja - Sventa - Momele. During
  • Million Euros in Latvian Zemgales Ziņas. Retrieved April 17, 2016. Lāsma, Dobele May 11, 2016 The New LUA Study and Science Center Opened in Valdeka
  • last campaigns against the Semigallians in 1289 and 1290 the hillforts of Dobele Rakte and Sidarbe were conquered and most of the Semigallian warriors joined
  • finally gets her shot at San Jose Rep Mercury News. Retrieved 2011 - 07 - 10. Dobele Ralf 11 February 2016 Linda Park Enterprise reinforces cast of
  • remains of the castle itself. Castle Square Plac Zamkowy is located in approximately the spot where the castle had stood. Another castle erected during
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  • Daugavpils with its fortress. After on July 17 and 18, 1915 Germans captured Dobele Talsi, Tukums and Ventspils, a public proclamation by State Duma members
  • buildings in Switzerland, and some more have disappeared. Except of Lutsk Castle all buildings are not very far from nowydays Polish border, though Gothic
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