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The genus includes the following species:

  • Dichelachne Robusta - New South Wales, Victoria.
  • Dichelachne crinita - long-haired plumegrass, clovenfoot plumegrass - Australia including Norfolk I, New Guinea, New Zealand, including Chatham is Kermadec is.
  • Dichelachne Rara - Australia, New Guinea, lesser Sunda is.
  • Dichelachne Micrantha Shorthair plumegrass - Australia including Norfolk I, New Guinea, New Zealand Kermadec is North I, Rapa Iti, Easter I.
  • Dichelachne Parva - Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania.
  • Dichelachne lautumia - South, Im from New Zealand.
  • Dichelachne hirtella - New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia.
  • Dichelachne sieberiana - Siebers plumegrass - Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania.
  • Inaequiglumis Dichelachne - Australia, New Zealand.

Previously included:

To see Anemanthele, Austrostipa, Calamagrostis, Lachnagrostis, and Oryzopsis.

  • Dichelachne rigida - Anemanthele lessoniana.
  • Dichelachne drummondiana - Lachnagrostis drummondiana.
  • Dichelachne brachyathera - Calamagrostis brachyathera.
  • Dichelachne Procera Trin. & RUPR. - Oryzopsis lessoniana.
  • Dichelachne Procera Steud. - Anemanthele lessoniana.
  • Dichelachne stipoides - Austrostipa stipoides.
  • Setacea Dichelachne - setacea Austrostipa.
  • it its current name in 1853. Longhair plumegrass is the common name in Australia, while clovenfoot plumegrass is a name recorded in America. The longhair
  • New Zealand Imperata condensata - Argentina, Chile Imperata conferta - plumegrass kunay grass - Southeast Asia, Papuasia, Micronesia Imperata contracta

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