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★ Balzaminovs Marriage - 1964 in film ..

Balzaminov's Marriage

★ Balzaminovs Marriage

  • Lidiya Smirnova as matchmaker.
  • Lyudmila Gurchenko as Ustinka.
  • Nikolai Kryuchkov as Neuyedenov.
  • Rolan Bykov as Chebakov.
  • Nadezhda Rumyantseva as Raisa.
  • Inna Makarova as Anfisa.
  • Lyudmila Shagalova as his mother.
  • Georgy Vitsyn as Balzaminov.
  • Zhanna Prokhorenko as Kapochka.
  • Tamara Nosova as Nichkina.
  • Ekaterina Savinova as Matrona.
  • Nonna Mordjukova as Belotelova.
  • Tatiana Konyukhova as Himka.
  • 713 Requests Permission to Land 1962 as Teresa Balzaminov s Marriage 1964 as mother of Balzaminov A Tale of Lost Times 1964 as old Marousia Privalov s
  • Case 1956 The Height 1957 My dear man 1958 The Girls 1961 Balzaminov s Marriage 1964 Bolshaya ruda 1964 Crime and Punishment 1970 Russian
  • Ogurtsov s secretary Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors 1964 as Aunt Aksal Balzaminov s Marriage 1964 as Nichkina Wedding in Malinovka 1967 as Komarikha The
  • Soldier 1959 Going Inside a Storm 1964 Attack and Retreat 1964 Balzaminov s Marriage 1964 Uninvented Story 1964 An Incident that no one noticed 1967
  • Seraphima Ignatyevna Bykova Welcome, or No Trespassing 1964 as doctor Balzaminov s Marriage 1964 as Matchmaker Village Detective 1968 as Yevdokia Mironovna
  • Ballad of a Soldier 1959 Cruelty 1959 Hussar Ballad 1962 Balzaminov s Marriage 1964 Come Here, Mukhtar 1965 There Was an Old Couple 1965
  • Dundich 1961 - Dima Gorin s Career 1962 - Beat the Drum 1964 - Balzaminov s Marriage 1964 - Executions at Dawn 1967 - The Red and the White 1968 - The
  • including A Protegee of the Mistress Vasilisa Peregrinovna The Marriage of Balzaminov Matryona, including the Maly premiere, on 14 January 1863 and
  • November 1859 Ilya Live Not as You Would Like To Chebakov The Marriage of Balzaminov Vyshnevsky A Profitable Position Golutvin Enough Stupidity
  • drunk man 1963 - Blind Bird - train passenger 1964 - Balzaminov s Marriage - Misha Balzaminov 1964 - Zaychik - assistant director 1964 - A Tale of Lost
  • as Schulz Michman Panin Мичман Панин, 1960 as Father Teoctist Balzaminov s Marriage Женитьба Бальзаминова, 1964 as policeman A Tale of Lost Times
  • Krylova A Girl with a Guitar 1958 as Tanya Fedosova Sluttish 1961 Balzaminov s Marriage Женитьба Бальзаминова, 1964 as Ustinka The Crown of the Russian
  • and acting. In 1964 she played another notable role in the comedy Balzaminov s Marriage yet the illness had been progressing, and Savinova felt it. In
  • highly popular as a comedy actor with such roles as Chebakov from Balzaminov s Marriage 1964 Barmalei from Aybolit - 66 and Skomorokh from Andrei Rublev
  • which she fully dedicated to her husband and his daughter from the first marriage she couldn t give birth to her own children After their return Nadezhda
  • Samojlova, Andrea Checchi War film Soviet - Italian co - production Balzaminov s Marriage Женитьба Бальзаминова Konstantin Voynov Georgy Vitsyn, Lyudmila
  • for, You ll Find За чем пойдёшь, то и найдёшь the final part of the Balzaminov trilogy praised among others by Dostoyevsky and the historical drama
  • directed by E. Shorokh Жертва directed by Meri Andzhaparidze 1964 Balzaminov s Marriage Женитьба Бальзаминова directed by Konstantin Voynov The front is
  • история Sasha Potapova 1964 The Chairman Председатель Donya 1965 Balzaminov s Marriage Женитьба Бальзаминова Belotelova 1965 Thirty Three Тридцать три
  • Lyudmila Shagalova, 88, Russian film actress The Young Guard, Balzaminov s Marriage Amusa Shittu, 75, Nigerian footballer, effects of a stroke. Jacques

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