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★ Recreation

The rest is one of the types of activities leisure time spare time. "We need to do something for recreation" is an essential element of human biology and psychology. Leisure activities are often done for enjoyment, amusement or pleasure and are considered to be "fun".


1. Etymology. (Этимология)

Appears the term rest was first used in English in the late 14th century, first in the sense of "refreshment or treatment a sick person", and derived turn from Latin.


2. Conditions for rest. (Условия для отдыха)

People spend their time on daily activities, work, sleep, social duties, and leisure, the latter time being free from prior commitments to physiological or social needs, a prerequisite for relaxation. For tourists has increased with increased longevity and, for many, with decreased hours spent for physical and economic potential for survival, but others argue that time pressure has increased for modern people, as they will help too much. Other factors influencing the increasing role of recreation income, demographic trends and the increasing commercialization of entertainment. Although it is believed that leisure is just "spare time", time not spent on basic necessities, the other believes that leisure is a force that allows people to consider and reflect on the values and realities that are missed in everyday life, thus, is an integral element of personal development and civilization. This direction of thought has even been argued that leisure is the purpose of the work, and a reward in itself, and "leisure life" reflects the values and character of the nation. Leisure is a human right under the universal Declaration of Human Rights.


3. Games, work and leisure. (Игр, работы и отдыха)

Recreation is difficult to separate from the General concept of the game, which is usually the term for childrens recreational activities. Children may playfully imitate activities that reflect the realities of adult life. It has been proposed that play or entertainment outlets or expression of excess energy, channeling it into socially acceptable activities that fulfill individual and social needs, without coercion, and providing satisfaction and pleasure for the participants. The traditional view considers that the work is supported by recreation be useful to "recharge the battery" so that work performance is improved. Work, exercise is usually performed on the basis of economic necessity and useful for society and organized within the economic system, but also can be a pleasant and can be voluntary, thus blurring the distinction to recreation. Many activities can work for one person and recreation for another, or at the individual level, over time recreational activity may become work and Vice versa. Thus, for the musician playing the instrument can be both a profession and other holidays. Similarly, it can be difficult to separate education from recreation as in the case of recreational mathematics.


4. Entertainment. (Развлечения)

Rest is an integral part of human life and finds many different forms which are shaped naturally by individual interests but also the surrounding social construction. Recreational activities can be shared or solitary, active or passive, outdoors or indoors, healthy or harmful and useful for society or detrimental. A significant part of entertainment labeled as a hobby-activities, made for fun on a regular basis. The list of typical operations can be almost endless including most human activities, a few examples, reading, playing games or listening to music, watching movies or TV, gardening, dining out, hunting, sports, learning, and travel. Some types of activities, such as gambling, drug use, delinquent or activities - can lead to violation of social norms and laws.

Public places such as parks and beaches are the main places of leisure. Tourism has recognized that many visitors are specifically attracted by entertainment. In support of recreational activities government has taken an important role in their creation maintenance and organization and whole industries have developed merchandise or services. Recreation-related business is an important factor in the economy, it was estimated that only in the field of active recreation annually 730 billion into the U.S. economy and generates 6.5 million jobs.

Studies have shown that classes of creative leisure activities interrelated with emotional creativity.


5. Recreation center. (Центр отдыха)

The recreation center is the place to stay, usually operated by a municipal government Agency. Swimming, basketball, weightlifting, volleyball and childrens playgrounds are very common.


6. Organized holiday. (Организованный отдых)

Many entertaining events are held, as a rule, public institutions, voluntary group-work agencies, private groups supported by membership fees and commercial enterprises. Examples of each of these national parks, the YMCA, Kiwanis and "the World of Walt Disney".


7. Health and recreation. (Здоровье и отдых)

Recreation has many health benefits, and, accordingly, therapeutic recreation has been designed to take advantage of this effect. National certification Board of therapeutic recreation NCTRC is the nationally recognized certification organization, majoring in therapeutic recreation. Professionals in the field of therapeutic recreation who are certified by the NCTRC are called "certified therapeutic recreation". The position of "recreation therapist" is defined in the U.S. Department of labors occupation Outlook. This therapy is used in rehabilitation, psychiatric facilities for youth and adults, and in caring for the elderly, the disabled, or people with chronic diseases. Recreational physical activity is very important for reducing obesity and the risk of osteoporosis and cancer, most significantly in men that of colon and prostate, and in women, breast, however, not all malignant tumors decreases as the relaxation was associated with an increased risk of melanoma. Extreme adventure recreation naturally carries a danger.


8. Rest in his career. (Остальные в своей карьере)

Recreation specialist would be expected to meet the recreational needs of a community or assigned interest group. Educational institutions offer courses that lead to bachelor of arts in recreational management. People with such degrees often work in parks and recreation centers in towns on community projects and events. Interaction with instructors, budgeting, and evaluation of continuing programs of General duties.

In the US, most States have a professional organization for continuing education and certification in the management of sport and recreation. National Association of recreation and Park implements a certification program called the certified Park and recreation CHTPZ professional that is a national standard for professional recreation practices.


9. Rest as e-Commerce. (Остальное, как электронная коммерция)

Since the beginning of 2000-ies, there are more and more online reservation / tickets-rest areas which arose. Many of them used the ever-growing proliferation of the Internet, mobile devices and electronic payments to create complex solutions to online booking. The first successful party includes tourist holiday platforms such as TripAdvisor, which went public. Examples of entertainment events, the booking platform includes Klook and KKDay that came on the market after 2010. For the implementation of recreational activities in his hometown people, there is more breakthrough in China like DianPing, Reubird and FunNow. The emergence of these platforms suggests, the growing demand for entertainment from a growing people around the world.

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