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General description the castle is a castle located on the southern banks of the river Ruhr in Hattingen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

12 may 1226 Adolf I, count of mark, gave the order to build a castle. He charged Truchsess Ludolf von Bonen with its construction, beginning in 1227. The castle was ready in 1243, but further developed in over 200 years on account of the sign. At 1425 description was one of the most important castles in the County. In 1614, shortly before the Thirty years war, it was occupied by Spanish troops. From 1637, the castle fell into disrepair so much so that in September 1662, Frederick William, elector of Brandenburg ordered its demolition. Only the tower and part of curtain wall remained.

In 1860 the owner of the ruin, the employer, Gustav von Stein, began to rebuild the castle and established a factory there. The facility is owned by the city of Bochum since 1922, but the city is looking for an alternative because of costs. From 1957 to 1959, most of the buildings of the 19th century were demolished, but some remain.

The tower can be visited and offers a good view of Bochum and the kemnader lake.


1. Literature. (Литература)

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  • Gelsenkirchen Mark Castle Hamm Heessen Castle Hamm Blankenstein Castle Hattingen Reifferscheid Castle Hellenthal Klusenstein Castle Hemer Schloss Strunkede
  • Blankenstein Castle was built in the 13th century above the Ruhr river and Haus Kemnade is a moated castle from the 16th century. All three castles are
  • Count Engelbert II granted the city of Bochum its town charter at Blankenstein Castle in 1321. Lower Rhine Nobility Archived 2011 - 07 - 04 at the Wayback
  • Great Blankenburg Castle German: Schloss Blankenburg was built on the limestone hill of Blankenstein 305 m above sea level NN in the town of Blankenburg
  • and claimed a share of the inheritance. Engelbert ceded the castles at Altena and Blankenstein and the surrounding land to Otto. He was afraid that this
  • Bichishausen, Munsingen - Bichishausen Burg Blankenhorn, Bad Urach Ruine Blankenstein Gomadingen - Wasserstetten Burg Bronnweiler, Reutlingen - Bronnweiler Burg
  • with the support of the Landgrave, built the castle of New Dernbach in the Hessian territory of Blankenstein Gladenbach After the end of the feuds, the
  • Weilburg Burg Amoneburg, Amoneburg Schloss Biedenkopf, Biedenkopf Burg Blankenstein Gladenbach Burg Breidenbach, Breidenbach Schloss Breidenstein, Biedenkopf
  • Bayern Thuringen Hirschberg Sparnberg Rudolphstein Blankenberg Blankenstein Harra Saaldorf Saalburg Poeritzsch Grafenwarth Burgk Walsburg
  • the Younger, Landgraf of Hesse, was born on 8 September 1471 on Castle Blankenstein Volker Schlondorff, born 1939 filmmaker, see History Bevolkerungsstand
  • Twelve - Apostle - Church in Berlin - Schoneberg, built 1871 - 74 by Hermann Blankenstein 1865 Conversion of the castle of Neustrelitz posthumously 1867 Stadtkirche in Fehrbellin
  • in response Blankenstein accused von Sinclair of treason to Frederick, Elector of Wurttemberg, long an enemy of the estates. Blankenstein appealed to
  • pool Above the town to the south on the hill of Blankenstein 334 m is Blankenburg Castle The Little Castle Kleine Schloss with its Baroque gardens belongs
  • of a small, rural town, gained preservation status in the 1970s. Blankenstein Castle was built in the 13th century by Count Adolf I of the Mark. Though
  • 18, five companies of the Serbian Freikorps, and one squadron of the Blankenstein Hussar Regiment Nr. 16. He led a force during the successful defense
  • Guard Distinguished Service Medal by Brigadier General Ret. Craig W. Blankenstein the former Vice Commander of the Washington Air National Guard and close
  • Regiment 3 Chevaulegers Ob. O Reilly 6 Esc. Husaren Regiment 6 Ob. Blankenstein 10 Esc. 2.nd Brigade GM Rothkirch Dragoner - Regiment 1 Erzherzog Johann
  • lieutenant colonel and died in Dresden. He was married to the Countess Mary Blankenstein Jeno 1811 1866 Imperial and royal chamberlain, Captain in the Imperial
  • Landgravine Sophie expressly charged the castellans Burgmannen of her castle at Blankenstein Gladenbach with the protection of this public road within their

  • most of her time at Borbeck Castle She extended and renovated the castle between 1744 and 1762, resulting in the castle s present form. She had the building
  • University Press. p. 1193. ISBN 0300095856. OCLC 49805909. Christian Blankenstein Die Merk - wurdigen von Gestern und ihre Spuren im Heute pp. 176 192:
  • Psychic surgery The Skeptic s Dictionary. Retrieved 2010 - 08 - 19. Andrew Blankenstein 8 Arrested in Downtown Shell - Game Operation, Los Angeles Times, December
  • Hague also annually presents an LGBT - emancipation award called the John Blankenstein Award. The exact date of the ceremony varies each year. The Hague shares
  • sepsis. When two detectives, Kranz Andreas Leupold and Voller Peter Blankenstein visit the house to investigate the disappearance of the tourists, Heiter
  • Rajak 1999 Gyanu Shrestha 1993 Surendra Sikhrakar 1997 John Blankenstein 1985 1995 Kevin Blom 2005 Ruud Bossen 2001 2007 Eric Braamhaar
  • entertainment, and to commercial industry. Dankmar Adler architect August H. Blankenstein architect, famous for Aschenbroedel Verein which became one of the
  • 11 June 1992 Group 1 Denmark 0 0 England Malmo 20: 15 Report Stadium: Malmo Stadion Attendance: 26, 385 Referee: John Blankenstein Netherlands
  • events at the 2011 Moogfest, such as performances by Chromeo, Crystal Castles The Flaming Lips, and Passion Pit. The Orange Peel, located at number
  • Mittelbau - Dora Concentration Camp memorial site Blankenstein 3340 Lower Harz Harz S - A NRP Blankenburg HZ S - A Blankenburg Castle Hoher Kopf east of Questenberg 332

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