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Thavalakuppam village panchayat in Ariyankuppam commune in the Union territory of Puducherry, India. She is also the village under Ariyankuppam Firka.


1. Geography. (География)

Thavalakuppam is bordered by the river Sankaraparani in the North, Pooranankuppam in the East, periyakattupalayamTamil Tamil Nadu in the South and in the West Abishegapakkam


2. Demographics. (Демография)

As of the 2001 census of India, Thavalakuppam had a population of 5670. Men make up 50% of the population and females 50%. Thavalakuppam has an average literacy rate of 81.49%, among men is 88.89%, and female literacy is 74.13%. In Thavalakuppam, 10% of the population is under 6 years of age.


3. Transport. (Транспорт)

Thavalakuppam is located at 11° 52 North latitude 79° 47E. Thavalakuppam is located 7.5 km from the town of Pondicherry and 3.5 km from Ariyankuppam. Its between Puducherry and Cuddalore on NH-45A. You can reach Thavalakuppam on any local bus from Pondicherry to Bahoor, Madukarai and Karaiyanputtur running via Ariyankuppam.


4. Tourism. (Туризм)

Singirikudi Lakshminarashimhar Koil. (Singirikudi Lakshminarashimhar Коил)

Singirikudi Lakshminarashimhar Koil is atAbishegapakkam,2 km from Thavalakuppam on Thavalakuppam - Embalam highway RC-20. Singirikudi is famous for Ugira Narashimhar. The presiding deity is approximately eight feet. Here the Lord Narasimha Swami appears in the pose of killing Hiranya Kasibu. The deity is 8 = 16 hands. Here Puja is conducted according to Vaikhanasa agamam. The exact date of construction of this temple is unknown.

Jalakandeswarar temple Jalakandeswarar lives in the village Edayarplayam. This temple Siva Lingam. It is almost 5 feet tall. The name of the temple came due to its neighborly pondJalam Sochi Central market. For all Pradosham the people will gather here to worship. In the old days, lingam underneath the tree. Then man created the Church. During the construction of the temple two chains ruthratcham found under the ground. Now they were put on the Shiva Lingam.

  • Andiarpalayam is located at 1.5 km from Thavalakuppam on Thavalakuppam - Nallavadu Road. One can reach Thavalakuppam Koot Road by any local bus from Pondicherry
  • 20 RC - 20 or Thavalakuppam Embalam Road branches out from National Highways 45A at Thavalakuppam and ends at Embalam. It is passing through the following
  • Poornankuppam is located at 1.5 km from Thavalakuppam on Thavalakuppam - Pudukuppam Road. One can reach Thavalakuppam by any local bus from Pondicherry to
  • Nallavadu is located at 2.2 km from Thavalakuppam on Thavalakuppam Nallavadu Road. One can reach Thavalakuppam Koot Road by any local bus from Pondicherry
  • Pudukkadi Village, Tamil Nadu in the west, Villianur Commune in the north, Thavalakuppam and Singirikudi Tamil Nadu in the east and Thimma Nayakan Palayam
  • Gandhi Arts and Science College, is a general degree college located in Thavalakuppam Puducherry. It was established in the year 1995. The college is affiliated
  • and Maducarai via. Embalam. Embalam is connected to Pondicherry by Thavalakuppam - Embalam RC - 20 State Highway. Also Mangalam - Maducarai State Highway
  • Cuddalore. Route No. 26A connects Ariyankuppam with Cuddalore via. Thavalakuppam Reddichavadi, Kirumampakkam, Kanniyakoil and Manjakuppam which is the
  • connected to Pondicherry by both Villianur - Bahour road RC - 18 and Thavalakuppam - Embalam road RC - 20 In fact, Karikalampakkam is located at the junction
  • Mangalam Embalam Maducarai Road 18.565 including 5.748 Tamil Nadu 22 RC - 20 Thavalakuppam Embalam Road 9.123 including 1.637 Tamil Nadu 23 RC - 21 Frontier Road
  • Chinna Veerampattinam 5 Manavely Town Manavely, Odavely 6 Thavalakuppam Village Thavalakuppam Edayarpalayam, Nanamedu 7 Pooranankuppam Village Pooranankuppam

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