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Poornankuppam village panchayat in Ariyankuppam commune in the Union territory of Puducherry, India. She is also the village under Ariyankuppam Firka.


1. Demographics. (Демография)

Poornankuppam has an average literacy rate of 81.49%, among men is 88.89%, and female literacy is 74.13%. In poornankuppam, 10% of the population is under 6 years of age.


2. Transport. (Транспорт)

Poornankuppam is located 1.5 km from Thavalakuppam on Thavalakuppam - Pudukuppam road. You can reach Thavalakuppam on any local bus from Pondicherry to Bahoor, Madukarai and Karaiyanputtur running via Ariyankuppam. From Thavalakuppam, you have to walk 1.5 km towards East to reach poornankuppam. Poornankuppam can also be reached by bus in less frequent between PRTC Puducherry and Pudukuppam.


3. Tourism. (Туризм)

Drowpathy Amman Kovil. (Drowpathy Амман Ковилья)

In Angalaparameshwari temple of Amman is located in poornankuppam very famous. and its near malaiyanoor. goddess Sri angalaparameshwari Amman is very powerful. and she gives all the wealth who worship her


4. The Following Drowpathy. (Следующие Drowpathy)

Amman Kovil, poornankuppam is famous for fire Festival and Sri Angalaparameshwariamman Kovil for Mayana Kollai, and 27 feet Hanuman statue is located here. Mayana Kollai such is celebrated for ten days. It starts at Maha Shiva Ratri every year, and the festival will lie on February or March. and more than two thousand years old Sivan temple is in this village sre Ellai Easwaran Kovil

Sri Oalkur iyyannarappan Kovil. (Шри Oalkur iyyannarappan Ковилья)

The temple was built in 2003 every year the festival will be in English the month of July, the Tamil month AADI first Monday it was located on the Kamraj district, Pooranakuppam it was the famous festival karavam and Iyyanarappan CP pushkalai and poorani thirukalayana thiruvizha perum Natai

Hotel. (Отель)

The hotel is located 1 km from the hotel. from poornankuppam is one of the most famous private beach resort in Pondicherry. Ellai Koil Sri Easwaran is newly built, more than 2000 years

  • Pondicherry by Thavalakuppam Nallavadu Road. Alternate route Thavalakuppam Poornankuppam - Pudukuppaam - Nallavadu Arulmigu Angalamman Koil is one of the oldest
  • Thanampalayam and Nallavadu AC 2.2 20 Cuddalore main road to Pudukuppam via Poornankuppam AC 21 Road connecting Pannithittu regulator, Manapet, Moorthikuppam

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