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Americana (film)

★ Americana (film)

Americana is a 1983 American film drama starring, produced, edited and directed by David Carradine. The script and story, written by Richard Carr, was based on part of the novel, 1947, perfectly round, Henry Morton Robinson. Setting the novels initially after the Second world war, but the script provided for the post-war experience Vietnam war veteran, obsessed with restoring an abandoned carousel.

In 1981, the film won the prize of the choice of the peoples in the Directors fortnight at the Cannes film festival. Funding for the film, Carradine shot most of the frames of the film, which was co-produced by Skip Sherwood, in 1973 with a group of 26 people, mostly his family and friends for 18 days. Problems with financing and distribution kept the film was released until 1983. The film was well received by audiences, but met with mostly negative criticism.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

Down on his luck, ex-Green beret captain, recently discharged from the war in Vietnam, drifting in Drury, Kansas. There he finds an abandoned carousel, he decides to restore. Residents have mixed reactions: some support his efforts while others hinder. Among his supporters are two local business: store owner, and Mike, a gas station owner. Both men supply employment to the veteran as well as parts and tools for their activities.

Another useful character is a young local girl, who is monitoring the recovery efforts from afar, and runs away when she saw. The girl is placed in a tool box and some food. The detractors of the efforts of the veterans include a group of local teenagers. The main character is also pursued by the Sheriff of the city.

When the town hooligans to vandalize the half-restored carousel, the soldiers will redouble my efforts. This time he found to his displeasure that Mikes favorite pastime-hold weekly cockfights, and the two quarreled. Mike refuses to fulfill the promise of a much needed part for the carousel, if the soldier agrees to fight a dog. The soldier reluctantly agrees to a fight during which he kills a dog. After installing the last part that completes the restoration of the carousel, he puts the dogs body inside it, starts it up and out, while the townspeople look at them.


2. The cast and crew. (Актеры и съемочная группа)

  • Bruce Carradine in the role of Sheriff.
  • Arnold Herzstein as a store owner.
  • David Carradine is an American soldier.
  • Sandy Ignon as sandy.
  • John Blyth Barrymore, John.
  • Greg Walker Greg. (Грег Уолкер)
  • Barbara Hershey, as the storekeepers daughter.
  • Michael green, Mike, gas station owner.

In addition to the previously mentioned, the film also featured Dan Haggerty, who starred in the television series the life and times of Grizzly Adams. He provided a fighting dog, played the role of dog trainer and worked on the set design and the actual restoration of the carousel.

Robert Carradine, David Carradines, the younger half-brother, helped with the camera work. Greg Walker, a former Kung Fu stunt coordinator, the stunt coordinator and played in one of the towns bullies. Fran Ryan, whom Carradine met while they both worked on the long riders in 1980, he played the Colonel in a scene that was filmed a few years after the main part of the site. Claire Townsend, United artists UA Executive who helped Fund the film, played a Lieutenant. Rick van ness, who scouted the location, its role as "the grateful dead" fans, who gives the hero a ride. He also served as production Manager.

Calista Carradine, daughter of David, sang a song "around" during the opening credits. Haunting melody, written by David Carradine, was once again at the end of the film, with the Carradine singing. Several members of Drury, Kansas community appear in the film as themselves. Carradines own dog, Buffalo, credited in the film is a stray dog.


3. Inspiration and production. (Вдохновения и производство)

In 1969, David Carradine and Barbara Hershey met and began a romantic relationship on the set of heaven with a gun 1969. The films writer, Richard Carr, had the opportunity to say a few, what he called "a bedtime story". Carradine remembered him as a "carousel" story. A few years later, after Carradine had experienced financial success with Kung Fu, he decided that he wanted to make the story in the film. He contacted Carr, who got the rights to the edition of the novel by Henry Morton Robinson, and began to write the script. He told Carradine that the book contains far more complicated story than he told him. Carradine said, "I want to make a tale."

Carradine formed acting troupe that he called the "Kansas flyer, metaphor, to check that bounces". He acquired a broken-down carousel in a landfill in Los Angeles, and some broken horses in Kansas city. Then he and his entourage headed for Drury, Kansas. The original working title of the film was around. During the study the title of the movie designs for the photo, Carradine came across a style called Americana. "I was trying to figure out what it will look like, if it says around. Suddenly, I said to myself, Why am I doing this, anyway? Its right in front of me. I called the designers name and told him that I changed the name to Americana."

Carradine provide most of the funding for the project, which cost $ 1 million. He said that the aim of his work was to pay for his independent projects, over which he would have artistic control. Carradine said he even sold his Kung Fu residuals to raise money for their projects, and, as a consequence, gone into debt. He would also like to get advice from Directors whom he worked with, including Martin Scorsese and Ingmar Bergman. "The wonderful thing about working with good Directors, Carradine admitted, it gives me the opportunity to pick their brains for his paintings. "Using their free time to edit the film, in 1981, Carradine finally had a finished project to take on film festivals.

However, there were setbacks with the distribution. United artists, which had the right of ownership on the film has changed hands and the new owners were not interested in the film. Carradine bought the film back from the A. U., and went in search of a distributor. The picture was picked up by Crown International, which specializiruetsya in teenage exploitation films. Just two weeks before the opening was scheduled, Carradine was still shooting some additional scenes.

Another problem arose when a representative of the Association of film companies to establish the rating pattern with "R" restricted, explaining that the sound of fighting dogs spine are violated too loud. Carradine said he will change it. A few weeks later he submitted it again and got a "PG" parental guidance suggested evaluation he wanted, has not changed.


4. Reception and release. (Прием и освобождение)

Criticism of the film "Los Angeles times" Charles Champlin, explained that the Directors fortnight at the Cannes film festival "was one of the consequences of political instability, the interruption of the festival in 1968. It is designed to make the festival less than all the business of the establishment and guests of the third world, independent and often angry films on social themes." He further explained that Carradines Americana was "the perfect choice for a Fortnight". In fact, the film received a prize of choice of the peoples in 1981. Explorer movie Christopher Hicks, said that "Americana" was also warmly received at the 1981 U.S. Film and video festival in Park city, Utah. It was the third such event, which would later become known as the festival of independent cinema "Sundance". Carradine said of the audience reaction to the film: "Well, they laughed in all the right places, and they applauded at the end, so I think it was fine." He also said, the American embraced the festival and I came very close to a distribution deal with Warner brothers." However, the associated Press described Americana with check in Utah as "quiet".

The moment of truth for the film came when he opened in new York on 21 October 1983. Carradine discussed the Americana with film critic kirk Honeycutt. Learning about Carradines death in 2009, Honeycutt recalled the discussion, remembering that he was "very impressed." He explained: "I received the assignment from "new York times" to write an article about Carradine Director". Profile Hazelhurst was scheduled to coincide with the opening film at the Embassy theatre street 72nd and the East side cinema in new York. Carradine said that when he came to the premiere to promote the film, he noticed that the poster is and what he did on this occasion was replaced with "Junior". He also reported that the film received a standing ovation in both places.

However, negative reviews as one of the new critic, new York times, Janet Maslin, killed the publication of a piece Hazelhurst. Said Maslin the final scene of the film, "All this time shows about Vietnam and about America, not to mention the dogs and Merry-Go-rounds, it was said better elsewhere". Critic Richard Freeman found Barbara Buzdyaksky character "moronic", and referred to the film as "twaddle." Freeman said It was "fraught with symbolism. Or maybe its just fraught". He went on to say about the film: "actually, its about David Carradine, of whom the less said the better." Kokomo tribune called the story "pointless". When Carradine read the reviews, he went back to the hotel bathroom and threw up. "It wasnt just that critics dont like the picture they were mad at me for this, said Carradine. I will never understand this.

"The symbolism of a man wanting to build something joyful after part of the massacre and destruction of war" - suggested film critic, Charles Champlin.

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