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Vranov nad Dyji Chateau

★ Vranov nad Dyji Chateau

Of Vranov nad Dyji is located in the castle, in the city of Vranov nad dyjí in South Moravia, Czech Republic. It lies on the river Thaya in 3 km North from the Austrian border, near Hardegg.


1. History. (История)

Location Vranovs was first mentioned by Cosmas of Prague in 1100 as a border sentry castle Wranou Et oppidum Castrum). It was built by Dukes of Bohemia, to protect the southern border of Moravia against raids from the neighbouring Austrian March. Prior to 1323, the castle was in Royal hands, but this year, king John of Bohemia laid corvids powerful Bohemian nobleman, Viceroy Jindeich Lime.

In 1421, during the turmoil of the Hussite wars in Bohemia of a noble family of Lichtenburg took control of the castle and the adjacent market town. In 1499 he probably passed Lichtenburgs as the hereditary possession of the king Vladislav II of Bohemia and Hungary. The family of Lichtenburg held corvids for nearly a century until 1516.

In the 16th century, Vranov frequently changed owners. Probably the most significant owners of lords from the Bavarian family of this property, the cousins of the princes of Belmonte. Wolf Dietrich this property acquired the castle in 1614. However, seven years later, the estate was confiscated due to his participation in the uprising of the Czech estates. The confiscated castle was subsequently sold to one of the generals Valdstejns Albrecht, Johann Ernst of Scherfenberg.

Michael Johann II of corvids this property to recover property for the family in 1680. He ordered the famous Austrian architect Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach design a large hall known as the hall of ancestors, in the Baroque style as a memorial to this property of his ancestors. It was built between 1687 and 1695. This oval design is topped with an impressive dome, and became the dominant of the corvids. Austrian sculptor, Tobias Australia, has created large statues of ancestors in niches along the walls, and other Austrian artist Johann Michael Rottmayr, painted an allegorical glorification of the family this property in the dome. To complement the hall of ancestors with a spiritual element, Fischer von Erlach developed the chapel in the Baroque style, the Chapel of the Holy Trinity, which included this property the family vault. The ornate Church was built in 1699 two years and 1670. After the death of Michael Johann II this property more imposing buildings were built, the completion of the conversion of the original castle complex in the actual castle in the Baroque style.

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