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The Dentist

★ The Dentist

The dentist 1996 American horror film directed by Brian Yuzna and written by Dennis Paoli, Stuart Gordon and Charles Finch. It stars Corbin Bernsen, Linda Hoffman, Ken Fori. It was followed by the sequel the dentist 2, 1998.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

Dr. Alan Feinstone is a successful dentist. But everything changes on the day of his wedding when he discovers that his wife Brooke cheating on him with the poolman, Matt. After they finished, Alan gets his gun and followed Matt to his car. He brought home Robertss Paula, a friend of Brooks. Alan comes up with a story about a surprise party for Brooke and watch Paula to invite Matt inside. The dog attacks Paul Alan, and he shot in self-defense. Returned to his car, he goes to work.

In his dental practice, Alans first date goes bad, when hes hallucinating the child has rotten teeth and accidentally stabs him. As a detective, Gibbs investigates the death of a dog Paulas, Alan sees his second patient, April reign, a beauty Queen. Alans hallucinating shes his wife, and while she is unconscious, takes off pantyhose and fondles her before she suffocates. As she wakes up, Alan snaps and hides her pantyhose. Alan tells her Manager, Steve Landers, shes still reeling from the nitrous oxide. When Steve realizes what really happened, he returns kicks Alan and threatens a lawsuit. Alan ends the day early and sends his staff and patients home, including Sarah, a teenager who wants to have her braces.

Later that night, Brooke meets Alan at a New Opera-themed rooms in his practice. After sedating her in the room brushing my teeth, he pulls out the teeth and cuts out her tongue. Detective Gibbs and his partner detective sunshine has come into the house Alana the next morning to ask him questions. After the policemen leave, Matt finds Brooke who is still alive, but unconscious. Alan stabs Matt to death.

Sarah and Paula are waiting for Alan at his practice. Alan sees Paula first, much Sarahs disappointment. When the conversation Paul is how good a job Matt does for her, Alana overly-aggressively drilling her tooth, destroying it. His assistant, Jessica, questions what hes doing and he snaps out of it. Alan asks Jessica to finish it, but after he learns that she goes home to Paula, he shoots Jessica. When she pulls Aprils tights and threatens to expose him, Alan kills it.

At the police station, detective sunlight discovers that a bullet from dogs, Paul meets only one machine gun in the region: Alans. IRS agent Marvin Goldblum, using Alans tax problems as leverage, extorts a free dental exam and payment. Instead, Alan torturing him. Detective Sun detective and Gibbs to get to the house Feinstone to question him. Near the pool, they discover the body of the IMTC. They quickly enter the house and find a mutilated Brooke, tied to the bed, but still alive. Later, the Alans and other assistant, Karen, finds Marvin still in the dental chair. Alan attacks her and kills her, by entering a needle full of air into her jugular.

After Alan removes Sarahs braces, he imagines, teeth are rotting. He pulls out a gun, but she escapes and hides in one of the rooms where she finds a blood-soaked Marvin, who attacks Alan. When Alan recaptures her, Sarah hysterically promises to brush your teeth three times a day and never eat candy. Satisfied, Alan leaves. The two detectives to come and save Sarah, but too late to capture Alan.

They follow Alan to the University, where he teaches classes on dentistry. There, Alan manic calls all his disciples to pull out all the teeth of all his patients. As hes hallucinating and shooting am a dentist, what it takes for Matt, the detectives burst into the room, but Alan uses a hostage to escape. In the end, he wanders into a hall where the Opera singer is practicing. Enchanted, he watches her from behind. When he reaches out to touch her, she transforms into Brooke, who laughs at him. Defeated, he drops to his knees and grabbed the detectives.

Alan, now in a psychiatric hospital, took him for regular admission. The dentist works on it shown to be his toothless wife Brooke, who is working on his cruel mouth.


2. Cast. (Литые)

  • Ken Fori as detective Gibbs.
  • Corbin Bernsen as Dr. Alan Feinstone.
  • Jan HOAG as candy.
  • Christopher Kriesa as Mr. Schaeffer.
  • Linda as Brooke Feinstone.
  • Tony Noakes as detective sunshine.
  • The restaurant, Sal Viscuso as Matthew Zeigler.
  • Michael Stadvec as Matt.
  • Lise Simms as Paula Roberts.
  • Virginya Keehne as Sarah.
  • Joanne Baron as Mrs. Saunders.
  • Earl Boen as Marvin Goldblum.
  • Molly Hagan as Jessica.
  • Brian McLaughlin as Jody.
  • Mark Ruffalo as Steve Landers.
  • Christa Sauls, in April, the Board.
  • Patty toy as Karen.

3. Welcome

Rotten tomatoes reports that 0% of seven surveyed critics gave the film positive reviews, an average rating of 2.9 / 10. Tcm movie database wrote, "this parody is pretty mediocre even by the standards of Saturday the 14th and Swamp Thing. Many early films played with the peculiarities and anxieties of the dental world, from a carefree little Shop of horrors at an alarming marathoner. The dentist adds nothing new to the mix besides over-the-top images from lips defiled and a delicate hint of the alleged uncleanliness oral sex." Alan Jones "Radio times" called the film "how dark and fun." TV program rating 2 / 4 stars and wrote, "in his condition," Grand Guignol -too much, this is an unusual cooler is bound to offend those viewers who want brainchild of Sam Raimi and Stuart Gordon wanted to know the use of restraint movie."

Anthony C. Ferrante won "Best special effects" at the 1996 Fantafestival for his work on the dentist. The film also won in 1996 at the festival of fantastic films in Sweden "jury prize". He was nominated but did not win "best film" in Porto 1996.

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