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The Woman (2011 film)

★ The Woman (2011 film)

The woman is a 2011 American horror film Director Lucky McKee, adapted by McKee and Jack Ketchum Ketchums novel with the same name. This is the sequel to the 2009 film offspring. The film stars Pollyanna McIntosh, Angela Bettis, Sean Bridger, Lauren Ashley Carter, Carly Baker, and Alexa Marcigliano, and introduces Zach Rand and Shyla Molhusen. In 2019, Mac did the sequel called dear.

The film was released as part of the bloody disgusting selects line.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

The feral woman, circles seem to be his child. The wolf, apparently, are tamed wild woman, circles baby, but its no harm. Although not mentioned in the film, the Woman is the last remaining member of a cannibalistic tribe that wandered in the North-East coast for many decades, as seen in the 2009 film the offspring.

Chris click country lawyer sits on the barbecue with the family. His eldest daughter, Peggy, sits to the side, upset. His only son, Brian, looks on as a couple abuse boys and a little girl in a corner and makes no effort to save her. While out hunting, Chris happens upon the woman who bathes. He returned with the mesh, trying to capture her. He knocks her out and returns home with her, restrains her in a cellar and directs his family to participate in to "civilize" her.

Over the next days, the family was unsuccessful. Brian loves to hurt others. Peggy is withdrawn and afraid of his father, which gives the look a smart, charming man. Criss first attempt to approach a woman in search of her bites off and eats his ring finger. Chris and his wife, Belle, to argue, and the youngest daughter, the favorite, trying to make friends with the women prisoners. Criss will and hes having a violent series of civilizing measures.

Chris bathes the woman with boiling water and then decided to bathe her with a high pressure washer, causing her great pain. Belle watches in horror but Peggy rushes to the aid of women on and off the washing machine. Peggy is forced into the house, and Bella and Chris to move her back to the basement. Later, Chris rapes the woman, while Brian secretly observes. The next day, Brian also violates the woman and caught Peggy. Belle, not in forces more to suffer, has announced his intention to leave Chris and take their two daughters but not their son is a rapist. Chris knocks Belle unconscious just before a Halifax teacher, Ms. Raton, ringing the doorbell. Ms. Raton tells Chris that she believes Peggy is pregnant. He gets angry, believing that she somehow expose the family secret, and knocks her unconscious. He and Brian tie her hands and drag her to the barn where he keeps his German shepherds. Peggy protests, but Chris her in a vicious verbal abuse.

In the barn, Chris and Brian lock Ms. Raton in the dog cage. Cage was also shown to contain eyeless girl named "socket", Cleeks another daughter, who behaves like the two dogs. Ms. Raton comes alive and tries to escape, but the socket and the dogs kill and eat it. Peggy releases the imprisoned woman from the cellar. The woman attacks and kills Belle, gnawing a large part of her face. Taking the mower blade, and then she kills Brian, severing his torso, and rips criss heart and eats it. A terrified Peggy attempts to escape with her younger sister. The woman does not attack the girls. Instead, its expensive and they go out of the house, along with socket acting as a dog, apparently forming a new family. Peggy was reluctant at first, follows a new family at a distance, as the screen goes black.


2. Cast. (Литые)

  • Lauren Ashley Carter as Peggy cleek.
  • Pollyanna McIntosh as the woman.
  • Angela Bettis as Belle cleek.
  • Sean Bridger as Chris cleek.
  • Alexa Marcigliano as socket.
  • Zach Rand as Brian cleek.
  • Carly Baker as Ms. Raton.
  • Shyla Molhusen as an expensive click.

3. Welcome

Critical reception for women were positive and the film received a rating of 71% "fresh" on rotten tomatoes, based on 47 reviews with the consensus "strange audacious and aggressive the woman is an uneven horror that the game viewers a wildly bloody finale."

Awards and nominations. (Награды и номинации)

  • Serena, the international award at the festival of fantastic films in Lund.
  • The audience award for best international feature film at the Strasbourg European festival of fantastic films.
  • Fifth best horror movie of the year rotten tomatoes.
  • Octopus dor in Strasbourg European festival of fantastic films for best international feature film.
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