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Amsin also known as Amsin Bazar-this pargana and Gram Panchayat in the district Goshainganj Faizabad district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Amsin is one of the oldest on the market and is the largest gram Panchayat in Faizabad district of Uttar Pradesh.


1. History. (История)

Amsin was the former revenue and administrative divisions of the Muslim kingdoms and the British Raj. Amsin consisted of several mouzas, which are the smallest unit of sale. Parganas equivalent to the present-day system of counties. A very large area to Faizabad was under the control of Pargana Amsin.


2. Transport. (Транспорт)

On the way. (По дороге)

Amsin is on the way to Akbarpur road and is easily accessible to other towns and markets.

By train. (На поезде)

Goshainganj railway station is the nearest train station is 5 km away.


3. Demographics. (Демография)

As of the 2001 census of India, Amsin Nagar Panchayat had a population of about 10.000. Males make up approximately ~58% of the population and women of ~42%. Amsin has an average literacy rate of ~54%, lower than the national average of 59.5%: among men is 72%, and female literacy is 52%.

  • Madarsa Talimul Arabi Hindi: मदरस त ल म उल अरब Urdu: مدرسه Amsin Faizabad, is an Arabic, Urdu, English and Hindi, co - educational madarasa and school
  • and run by Imamia public trust. The school is located on Amsin to chhoti amsin road in the Amsin a gram panchayat of Faizabad district, in the Indian state
  • Urdu: محبوپ گنج is a town in Faizabad district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Gosainganj Amsin Bazar Tanda Eltefatganj Maya Bazar Rajesultanpur
  • towns and cities viz. Faizabad Akbarpur Maya Bazar Malipur Katehri Bibiganj Amsin Shaganj Goshainganj Railway Station is the nearest railway station situated
  • Saraiya 1.9 km Hardi 2.1 km Khirauni 2.6 km Khirauni 2.6 km Amsin 3.6 km Trilokpur 3.8 km Samda 3.9 km Maya Bazar and Mehbubganj
  • with the old Capitals Ajudhia and Fyzabad, Pargana Mangalsi and Pargana Amsin Lucknow 1870 the account on this monument is as follows: The Bahu Begam s
  • NHMSYS0000455885 NCBI: 255583 NZOR: 1b3e5696 - e1b9 - 4dca - 8438 - fa4b1864c045 PLANTS: AMSIN POWO: urn: lsid: ipni.org: names: 331341 - 2 Tropicos: 40012860 VASCAN: 815 VicFlora:
  • Shankar Misra INC 19, 940 Jang Bahadur 21, 118 Ghanshiam Das INC 17, 543 288 Amsin None Madan Gopal INC 14, 363 Har Govind Srivastava CPI 5, 739 289 Faizabad

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