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Pickpocket (film)

★ Pickpocket (film)

Pickpocket 1959 French Director Robert Bresson. It plays the young Uruguayan Martin LaSalle, who was a nonprofessional actor at the time, in the title role, with Marika green as the ingénue. It was the first film for which Bresson wrote an original script, not "adapting it from an existing text."

A pickpocket, as a rule, is considered one of the greatest Bressons films.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

Michelle Martin LaSalle goes to the races and stole some money from a spectator. He leaves the racetrack confident he was not caught when hes suddenly arrested. Inspector Jean Pelegri releases Michel because the evidence is not strong enough. Michel soon falls in with a small group of professional pickpockets who teach him their agents, and to invite him to join them on a highly organized pickpocketing sprees in crowded public areas.

Visiting his mother, Michel meets Jeanne Marika green, who begs him to visit his mother more often. His friend Jacques goes on a date with Jeanne and invites Michel along. But after stealing a watch, Michel leaves Jacques and Jeanne at the carnival. While they are in a bar the inspector asks Michel to show him the book by George Barrington about pickpockets, as a result of books on a police station on the appointed day. Michelle goes down to the station this afternoon, with a book. At the station, the inspector barely glances at the book. Michelle returns to his apartment and realizing that it was just a Ruse to search his apartment. However, police could not find his stash.

Michels mother dies and he goes to the funeral with Jeanne. Later, the inspectors visit Michel in his apartment, and tells him that her mother stole the money and then dropped the charges, probably knowing that the thief was her son. The inspector leaves without the arrest of Michel, who decides to leave the country. He travels from Milan to Rome and goes to England, where he "spent two years in London, taking a good job", but throws his admission to alcohol and women.

Returning to France, Michel returns to Joan, who had a baby with Jacques, but not want to marry him and is now left with nothing. Michel begins to work again to support her, but gives into temptation and goes back to steal at the track where he caught a police officer in plain clothes. Jeanne visits him regularly in prison. In one of these visits, Michelle realizes that he is in love with her.


2. Cast. (Литые)

  • Pierre Leymarie as Jacques.
  • Dolly budget as a mother.
  • Marika green as Jeanne.
  • Pierre Etaix as the 2nd partner.
  • Kassagi as of the 1st sidekick.
  • Jean Pelegri as the chief inspector.
  • César Gattegno as inspector.
  • Martin LaSalle as Michel.

3. Production. (Производство)

Bresson said the hustler "was written in three months and shot in the middle of the crowd in the shortest amount of time". The riots proved a challenge during shooting, but is sometimes used in the interests of the crew, as in the Gare de Lyon sequence.


4. Style. (Стиль)

The film has been called an example of "parametric narration" in which the style "dominates the story and seemingly equal in importance to it".


5. Critical reception. (Критический прием)

Roger Ebert sees echoes of Dostoyevskys Crime and punishment in the film. "Bressons Michel as the hero of Dostoevskys Raskolnikov, needs money in order to realize their dreams, and sees no reason why some lackluster ordinary person should not be forced to provide. The reasoning is immoral, but the characters claim special privileges above and beyond common morality. Michelle, like the hero of "Crime and punishment", there is a good woman in his life who trusts he can redeem himself. She comes in the room with the news that his mother is dying. Michelle doesnt want to see his mother but gives Jeanne money for it. Why did he avoid her? Bresson never delivers motives. We can only guess."

Pickpocket has a rating of 95% on rotten tomatoes, based on 39 reviews.


6. Effect. (Эффект)

Pickpocket exerted a formative influence on the work of Paul Schrader, who described it as "an absolute masterpiece" and "as close to perfect as can be", and whose films American gigolo, Patty Hearst, and light sleeper all include endings similar to pickpocket. In addition, his script for the driver Martin Scorseses taxi has a lot of similarities, including confessional narration and a voyeuristic look at society. Schraders admiration for pickpocket led to his contribution in additional collections in the criterion DVD release in 2005.

Pickpocket has been paraphrased by other films, such as lions Caraxs Les fans du Pont-Neuf.

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