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The Cement Garden (film)

★ The Cement Garden (film)

The cement garden-movie-drama 1993 written and directed by Andrew Birkin. It is based on the 1978 novel of the same name written by Ian McEwan. It was entered into the 43rd Berlin international film festival, where Birkin won the Silver bear for best Director.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

Jack, a narcissistic 15-year-old boy, helping his father, a smoker with a persistent cough, unload large bags of cement to resurface the garden path of their post-war era prefab house. Despite the fact that said to come home right after school to help with work the next day, Jack remains a torn-down prefab to smoke a cigarette and read a pornographic magazine, he is hiding. When he comes home, he excuses himself to go to the bathroom, where he continues to masturbate. His father loses consciousness from a heart attack and dies.

A few months after the tragedy, jacks mother and his brothers and sisters, 17-year-old Julie, 13-year-old sue and 6-year-old Tom, still mourning. Jack was indifferent to the feelings of his family, and also not to swim. Jacks mom gets sick and is bedridden and fragile, prompting Jack and Julie to take control of the family. Jacks selfishness only leads to conflict between him and Julie. Jack tries to resolve the tension between them sneaking into her room.

Jack teases that she is alone and unprotected, and then torturing her, tickling her sides with Bi-wear gloves when he accidentally causes his sister an orgasm as the result of tickling. He tries to hide it from his brothers. Shortly thereafter, the family celebrates the jacks 16th birthday mothers bedroom. He really wants to contribute to the small party by singing, but when Julie does a handstand, Jack stares at her underwear, then shares an intimate moment with his older sister sang again.

Although the rest of the family that they are having fun, Julie recognizes what hes doing, and plays along. This, along with another incident when Julia, while for sunbathing in the garden, persuades her younger brother, Jack, to massage the cream into the back, increasing that initially a small affection for her into an incestuous crush. Jack soon finds himself escorting sue and Tom in school and out of school, and to protect Tom from the school bully, while Julie is cooking and cleaning duties.

One day, when Jack is cleaning his room and mothers, his mother informed him that her illness became worse, and that she would have to go to the hospital for a couple of months. She says Jack and Julie not to tell anyone about your absence, otherwise they will be forced into foster families and their homes will be demolished. She tells him that she created a savings account for them to take care of themselves for a while. Soon, the mother dying in the house of his illness.

With grief and with no one else to go, brothers and sisters spend a fun evening together, comforting each other in their living room. Remembering their last promise to their mother, Jack and Julie secretly decide to hide her body. That night, they take the remaining bags of cement that Jacks father had bought the day before his death, creating a raw mixture of cement and burial of their mothers body in a cement sarcophagus.

As time passes after his mothers death, Jack slowly Matures, although he stops altogether bathing. Sue becomes more introverted, distanciruemsa from their siblings and confiding only in her diary. Julie forms a relationship with a man much older man named Derek, whom Jack starts to look with envy and hostility. Tom, meanwhile, is changing and attempts to remake himself as a girl, something that bothers Jack, but the charm of his sister.

Eventually, Tom starts to behave like a child, slept in Julias room in a crib and drinking from a bottle. The mental state of other brothers and sisters gradually decreases as time passes without adult supervision. Derek becomes interested in what they are hiding in the basement. After a smell emanating from the basement draws him downstairs, Jack lies in the fact that the cement block contains a dead dog, subtly links the mother in the process.

Jack falls asleep naked on the bed mother. He wakes up to the sound of Tom crying. Jack goes into the room to Julia and joins the one who is naked, in bed. Tom tells Jack that Derek has told him that the cement block actually contains his mother. Jack realizes that Julie told Derek the truth.

Jack tells Tom tales of history to lure him back to sleep, and soon fell asleep myself. He woke up at Julie, who delighted and surprised by what she saw. Julie Jack sits on his bed and explains to him that she and Derek are not physical intimacy, and that he is an immature adult who lives with his mother. As their conversation becomes more intimate, Julie undresses to join Jack in his nudity, before to kiss her younger brother. The two cuddle on the bed, contemplating the future now that too many people know their family secret.

Jack predicts that they will be taken into foster families, and their houses will be demolished, like other prefabs in the area, thinking that "one day someone will come rummaging. All they will find is a few broken bricks in the long grass". Derek walks in and is horrified by what he sees. He demands to know how long "it" is happening, and Julie responds with "ages and ages". Derek expresses disgust and horror at what the two and storms off.

Unperturbed, Jack and Julie lie on the bed and continue to talk about the fact that they are doing the right thing. Jack claims that what they are doing "seems natural to me". Smiling, Julie responds, "me too", and soon after the two begin to make love as the sound of Derek drove into a cement grave containing their mother are scattered throughout the house. Jack and Julie are shown sleeping together, while the blue light from the police car seen in the room.


2. Cast. (Литые)

  • Charlotte Gainsbourg as Julie.
  • Ned Birkin in. (Нэд Биркин в)
  • Gareth brown as William, a friend of Toms.
  • Hanns Zischler as father.
  • Andrew Robertson as Jack.
  • Mike Clark as drivers mate.
  • Jochen Horst as Derek, Julies friend.
  • William Hootkins as commander hunts voice.
  • Alice Coulthard as sue.
  • Sinead Cusack as mother.
  • Dick Flockhart as a truck driver.
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