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★ The Year of the Dog, film - 1994 in film ..

The Year of the Dog (film)

★ The Year of the Dog (film)

The year of the Dog 1994, Russian drama film directed by Semyon Aranovich. It was entered into the 44th Berlin international film festival, where it won the Silver bear for an outstanding artistic contribution.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

Ex-convict Sergei meets a Faith - a middle-aged miserable woman who lives in the Dorm. After Sergei commits another crime, they run together, and along the way they accidentally fall into the zone contaminated by radiation. Sergei decides to stay there, but Faith does not leave him. At this moment there are three looters in the area.


2. Cast. (Литые)

  • Alexander Feklistov. (Александр Феклистов)
  • Mikhail Dorofeev. (Михаил Дорофеев)
  • Marina Yuldashev. (Марина Юлдашева)
  • Tatyana Zakharova. (Татьяна Захарова)
  • Shishlyayeva Diana. (Shishlyayeva Диана)
  • Dmitri Kruglov. (Дмитрий Круглов)
  • Viktor Sukhorukov. (Виктор Сухоруков)
  • Robert VAAP. (Роберт ВААП)
  • Irina Polyanskaya. (Ирина Полянская)
  • Sergey Bobrov. (Сергей Бобров)
  • Ziganshina Era. (Эра Зиганшина)
  • Igor Sklyar as Sergey.
  • Valentina Kovel. (Валентина Ковель)
  • Inna Churikova as Vera.
  • Gennady Menshikov. (Геннадий Меньшиков)
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