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Eriocaulon is a genus of approximately 400 species, commonly known as pipeworts, of monocotyledonous flowering plants in the family Eriocaulaceae. The genus is widely distributed with centers of diversity for the group occurs in tropical regions, particularly in South Asia and America. A few species extend to temperate climate, with CA. 10 species, in the United States, mostly in the southern States from California to Florida, and only two species in Canada, China has 35 species, mainly in the South. There is only one species in Europe, where it is confined to the coasts of the Atlantic ocean, Scotland and Ireland, this species is also found in Eastern North America and is considered to be a relatively recent natural colonist in Europe. In the Americas, Eriocaulon is the only genus in its family that occurs North of Florida. They are usually associated with wet soils, growing in shallow water in bogs or wet savannas, Flatwoods as. In wet soils, their abundance appears to be associated with water level, fire frequency, and competition from other plants, such as herbs. Experiments have shown that they are weak competitors compared to many other types of marsh plants. Some species may survive as buried seeds in adverse conditions. The scientific name comes from the Greek εριον, Erion, the value of wool, and καυλός, caulos, meaning stem.

Species, mostly herbaceous perennials, though some are annual plants; they resemble plants in the related families Cyperaceae and Juncaceae rushes, and like them quite small, are wind-pollinated; the flowers.


1. Certain types. (Определенные типы)

Names were obtained from official sources, including: flora of North America flora of China, currently accepted Australian taxa of the index name of the plant, etc.

Species accepted by the authoritative Australian Plant Census, informally named, described and published awaiting formal publication
  • Eriocaulon SP. Ted M. D. Barrett MDB 2063 WA herbarium – Western Australia.
  • Eriocaulon SP. Kimberly flora G. J. Keighery 4610 WA herbarium – Western Australia.
  • Eriocaulon SP. E Kimberley flora A. S. George Washington 12635 herbarium – Western Australia.
  • Eriocaulon SP. G Kimberley flora K. F. Kennelly 11374E WA herbarium – Western Australia.
  • Eriocaulon SP. Harding facilities to M. D. Barrett & R. L. Barrett MDB 1826 WA herbarium – Western Australia.
  • Eriocaulon decangulare, commonly known as ten - angled pipewort hat pin and bog button, is a monocotyledonous plant native to the eastern United States
  • species of flowering plant in the pipewort family known by the common names Parker s pipewort and estuary pipewort It is native to eastern North America
  • Eriocaulon koernickianum, common names dwarf pipewort or gulf pipewort is a plant species native to Oklahoma, Arkansas, Georgia and Texas. It occurs
  • or pale pipewort is a species of tufted grass - like herbaceous plants, constituting part of the plant family Eriocaulaceae. Common pipewort plants grow
  • monocotyledonous flowering plants in the order Poales, commonly known as the pipewort family. The family is large, with about 1207 known species described in
  • the property are tuberous grass - pink Calopogon tuberosus ten - angled pipewort Eriocaulon decangulare var. decangulare large - leaved grass - of - parnassus
  • public. There are more than 387 species of plants in the preserve including pipewort round - leaved sundew, St. Johnswort and cattails. The surrounding woods
  • in the local dreamtime stories. Salt pipewort is restricted to active artesian mound springs. In NSW salt pipewort has only been recorded in two locations
  • quantities, curious balls, composed apparently of fine grass or roots, of pipewort perhaps, from half an inch to four inches in diameter, and perfectly spherical
  • differences between the two were clear. While surveying populations of the rare pipewort Eriocaulon koernickianum in similar habitats near the town of Bauxite
  • coneflower Echinacea sanguinea - A coneflower Eriocaulon koernickianum - Dwarf pipewort Fothergilla major - Witch - alder Galium arkansanum - A bedstraw Hamamelis
  • wiregrass Aristida stricta panic grass Panicum spretum flattened pipewort Eriocaulon compressum Chapman s beakrush Rhynchospora chapmanii Habitat
  • further details The lake in the south - east corner of the site supports pipewort Eriocaulon aquaticum bogbean Menyanthes trifoliata and bulbous rush
  • orders p. 105 Graminaceae, Grasses Cyperaceae, Sedges . Eriocaulaceae, Pipeworts Arales 4 orders p. 123 Pistiaceae Typhaceae Araceae Pandanaceae Palmales
  • Marsilea minuta Peterwort - Saint Peter s wort. Pilewort - Lesser celandine. Pipewort - Eriocaulon. Quillwort - Isoetes, of the quillwort family certain seedless
  • Least Nuphar pumila Yellow and White Water - lilies are also widespread. Pipewort has generated some botanical controversy regarding its discovery, classification
  • areas of the spring endemic Eriocaulon carsonii subsp. carsonii, the salt pipewort which is a perennial and a nationally EPBC - listed threatened species.
  • terrestrial bromeliad Catopsis a borderline carnivore Eriocaulaceae pipewort family Paepalanthus bromelioides a borderline carnivore In horticulture
  • vitis - idaea ssp. minus Mountain cranberry, SCE Eriocaulon parkeri Parker s pipewort E Acalypha virginica Virginia copperleaf, SC Crotonopsis elliptica
  • water in the lake. The Venus - hair fern, green - fly orchid, seven - angled pipewort Narrowleaf yellow pond lily, and water arrowhead are native plants of

  • greater butterwort. North American species include blue - eyed grass and pipewort Bryophytes mosses and liverworts flourish in the park, due partly to
  • Menyanthes trifoliata many - stemmed spike - rush Eleocharis multicaulis and pipewort Eriocaulon aquaticum The European distribution of this latter species
  • Zingiber monophyllum Eriocaulon anshiense Eriocaulon australasicum, Austral pipewort Eriocaulon dalzellii Eriocaulon richardianum Eriocaulon selousii Eriocaulon
  • Varnish Bush WA Eriocaulon australasicum Southern Pipewort SA, VIC Eriocaulon carsonii Salt Pipewort Button Grass NSW, QLD, SA Eryngium fontanum Blue
  • Eriocaulon fluviatile Eriocaulon fysonii Eriocaulon heterolepis, buttonhead pipewort Eriocaulon hookerianum Eriocaulon hydrophilum Eriocaulon inyangense Eriocaulon
  • Eriocaulon aquaticum - seven - angle pipewort Eriocaulon parkeri - Parker s pipewort
  • English name Scientific name Status Pipewort Eriocaulon aquaticum

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