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LEclisse is an Italian drama film from 1962 written and directed by Michelangelo Antonioni starring Alain Delon and Monica Vitti. Filmed on location in Rome and Verona, the story of a young woman, which is the case with a confident young stockbroker. The film is the last part of the trilogy, and is preceded by LAvventura and night.

LEclisse received a special jury prize at the Cannes film festival in 1962 and was nominated for the Palme dor Dor. Described by Martin Scorsese as the most daring film in the trilogy, this is one of the Directors better-known works.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

On Monday July 1961, at dawn, Vittoria, Monica Vitti, is a young interpreter, breaks the relationship with Ricardo Francisco the small towns in his apartment in the EUR residential district of Rome, after a long night of conversation. Riccardo tries to persuade her to stay, but she tells him that she no longer loves him and leaves. As she walks through the deserted morning streets past the EUR water tower, Riccardo catches up and walks with her through a wooded area to her home, where they finally say goodbye.

Sometime later, Vittoria visits her mother Lilla Brignone spasmodic Rome stock exchange, which is very busy at Vittorias entrance. A young stockbroker, Piero Alain Delon, listening to advice, rushes to buy shares and then sells them at a large profit. He introduces himself to Vittoria; he is her mothers stock broker. After the announcement of a colleagues fatal heart attack with a minute of silence in memory of him, and the room explodes back into frenzied activity. Outside the building, Vittoria and her mother go to the outdoor market nearby. Vittoria attempts to discuss her own recent breakup, but her mother is busy with her profits.

That night, Vittorias neighbor Anita Rosanna Rory comes to visit and they discuss the breakup of the formers. Vittoria says she is depressed, disgusted, and confused. Another neighbor, Mirella Riccardi of March, calls and invites them to her apartment nearby. Marta talks about the farm she and her husband in Kenya. For the game, Vittoria dresses up as an African dancer with dark makeup, and dancing around the apartment. Mar, is not pleased, asks her to stop. The conversation turns sour, like Martha, colonialist, and care for "monkeys" are arming themselves and threatening the minority whites. Vittoria and Anita dismiss such talk. When Martha the dog Zeus gets free of the house, women take off after him. Vittoria is fascinated by the sound of the fence in the wind. Back at his apartment, Ricardo called her name, but shes hiding and not responding.

The next day, Vittoria and Anita fly to Verona in a small plane. On the way, she is fascinated by clouds. At the airport, she watches as planes take off land with childlike wonder. "Its so nice here," she tells Anita. Meanwhile, in Rome stock exchange, Piero is busy making deals. Vittoria arrives at the stock exchange and learns that her mother has lost about 10 million lire. Another man lost 50 million. Vittoria follows him through the crowded streets to a small cafe, where she sees that he is drawing flowers on a small piece of paper and drinking mineral water before moving on. She meets Piero and he drives her moms apartment in his Alfa Romeo Giulietta sportscar. She shows him framed family pictures and her room growing up. Piero tries to kiss her but she evades. Pierrot goes back to his office on via po near VIA Salaria, where he must break bad news to its investors.

After work outside his office, Piero meets with a call girl, with whom he agreed to meet, but is disappointed that shes dyed her hair from blonde to brunette. Deciding not to go with her, Piero drives for Vittorias apartment and stands before her window. He hears her typing. After a drunk walks in and notices Vittoria at the window, Piero comes. While they talk, the drunk steals pieros sports car. The next morning, Piero and Vittoria arrive at the crash scene, where a drunk drove into the lake. Vittoria watches as they pull the car with the body of water. As they walk away, Vittoria is surprised that Piero is concerned about the dents and motor and not the dead. They enjoy a playful walk through the Park. When they reach her house, Vittoria unleashes a ball of strollers and invites his new friend Martha and tells her to shoot the balloon with a rifle shot Mar pre-rhinos and elephants in Kenya, what shes doing as she rises into the sky. When they reach her home, he kisses her, but she seems uneasy. Before she leaves, she drops a piece of wood into a barrel of water.

That evening, Vittoria tries to call Piero, but his phone is busy. When she finally reaches him, she does not speak and he, thinking it a joke, shouted into the phone and throws the phone. The next day, while waiting outside near her house, Vittoria looks in the barrel of water and sees the forest is still there. Pierrot arrives and tells her that he bought a new BMW to replace it with "Alfa Romeo". She asks to see him. They walk past a nurse wheeling a young girl in a wheelchair. Piero takes her to his parents house, which is filled with beautiful works of art and sculpture. As they talk, she seems nervous and unwilling to open up to him: "two people dont know each other, if they want to fall in love. But then maybe they dont feel love at all." They playfully kiss each other through the window glass, and then kiss passionately. After he accidentally tears her dress, she goes into the bedroom and looks at old family photos. In the window she looks down to the street where she sees two nuns, some people talk in a cafe, a lone soldier standing on the corner. Piero comes to the bedroom and make love.

Later, Piero and Vittoria was lying on a hill looking up at the sky. He looks around and says: "I feel Im in a foreign country". She says what she feels with him. He gets upset when he does not understand what she was feeling. She says: "Im sorry that I dont love you or that I loved you much more." Later in his office, Vittoria and Piero kiss and embrace playfully on the couch, even wrestling on the floor like children. When the alarm goes off, they prepare to part. They hug and talk, seeing each other every day. They agreed to meet in the evening at 8 PM at the "usual place" near her apartment. That evening, Sunday, September 10, 1961, and does not appear at the appointed meeting place.


2. Cast. (Литые)

  • Mirella of Riccardi in March.
  • Alain Delon as Piero.
  • Francisco small towns as Riccardo.
  • Lilla Brignone as Vittorias mother.
  • Monica Vitti as Vittoria.
  • Louis Seigner as Ercoli.
  • Rosanna Rory as Anita.

3. Welcome

And Antonionis LAvventura earlier, the film was ridiculed after 1960 the Prime Minister, it was quick to recalculate to such an extent that LEclisse was the "most anticipated film of the 1962 Cannes film festival", critics began to believe that Antonionis approach was perhaps one way forward for the artform that was in danger forever." LEclisse received a special jury prize at the festival and was nominated for the "Palme Dor the Palme dor".

It is today considered one of the Antonionis more important works. David sin wrote "Over the years did not diminish his influence as an innovative work in film, nor as a broad criticism of the time in which we live. The film retains formal playfulness, with its open form, offering different ways of viewing and projecting onto the characters, we are the worse for it. His work is not only a major change in Italian society, but also deep changes in the film culture. His visual style and provocative approach to narrative raised the bar of what constitutes popular cinema, and the audience at the time, awakened to receive him."

  • song for the TV show Canzonissima. Eclisse twist was the main theme song for Michelangelo Antonioni s film L eclisse Mina also recorded a French version
  • by Laterza. In 2011 he publishes, together with Lorenzo Guadagnucci, L eclisse della Democrazia, Le verità nascoste sul G8 2001 a Genova 27th G8 summit
  • Antonioni such as L amore in città Love in the City Le Amiche The Girlfriends Il Grido The Outcry La Notte Night and L Eclisse The Eclipse
  • Dreams in a Drawer 1957 Estate Violenta 1959 Ghosts of Rome 1961 L Eclisse 1962 The Betrothed 1964 Malicious 1973 Lilla Brignone on IMDb
  • engagement on violence against women In 2012 he wrote with Vittorio Agnoletto L eclisse della democrazia which gets very positive feedback, so that Agnoletto
  • 8½ Africa Addio Before the Revolution Boccaccio 70 La commare secca L eclisse The Flowers of St. Francis Mondo Cane The 400 Blows An Average Little
  • Women of Corinth 1958 L Avventura 1960 The Cossacks 1960 The Pharaohs Woman 1960 Cleopatra s Daughter 1960 L Eclisse 1962 Invasion 1700 1962
  • worked with such filmmakers as Michelangelo Antonioni, in L avventura, La notte, L Eclisse The Red Desert, Blowup, Zabriskie Point and Identification
  • in currency at its time. L Avventura is the first film of a trilogy by Antonioni, followed by La Notte 1961 and L Eclisse 1962 It has appeared on
  • Velvet 1986 Sans Soleil 1982 A Man Escaped 1956 The Third Man 1949 L eclisse 1962 Les enfants du paradis 1945 La Grande Illusion 1937 Nashville
  • made with Vitti between 1959 and 1964, preceded by L Avventura 1960 La Notte 1961 and L Eclisse 1962 In Ravenna, Italy, Giuliana Monica Vitti
  • sometimes relatively new to international audiences Michelangelo Antonioni L Eclisse 1962 They also worked with Roger Vadim on a remake of La Ronde 1964
  • considered the central film of a trilogy beginning with L Avventura 1960 and ending with L Eclisse 1962 Giovanni Pontano Marcello Mastroianni a distinguished
  • Satyajit Ray Divorce, Italian Style Divorzio all italiana by Pietro Germi L Eclisse by Michelangelo Antonioni Elektra Ilektra by Michael Cacoyannis The
  • Renato Terra as Man in the caravan credited as Renato Terra Caizzi L Eclisse twist Performed by Mina Addio Performed by Mina Ogni giorno che passa
  • Core 2003 La Dolce Vita 1960 Double Team 1997 Eat Pray Love 2010 L eclisse 1962 EuroTrip 2004 From Russia with Love 1963 Gidget Goes to Rome
  • Films Poll: Andrei Rublev 1966 Au Hasard Balthazar 1966 L Avventura 1960 L Eclisse 1962 Late Spring 1949 A Man Escaped 1956 The Mirror
  • Live Jean - Luc Godard, 1961 La notte Michelangelo Antonioni, 1961 L eclisse Michelangelo Antonioni, 1962 Alaverdoba Giorgi Shengelaia, 1962 La
  • Pietro Germi L avventura 1960 directed by Michelangelo Antonioni La Notte The Night 1961 directed by Michelangelo Antonioni L eclisse 1962 directed
  • Billy Budd Birdman of Alcatraz Cleo from 5 to 7 Days of Wine and Roses L eclisse Harakiri The Intruder Jules and Jim Knife in the Water Lawrence of Arabia
  • in films such as Rocco and His Brothers 1960 Plein Soleil 1960 L Eclisse 1962 The Leopard 1963 The Yellow Rolls - Royce 1965 Lost Command
  • in a TV movie Le notti bianche 1962 then did a third with Antonioni, L Eclisse 1962 with Alain Delon. Vitti was one of many stars in an anthology movie
  • his trilogy on modernity and its discontents - L Avventura 1960 La Notte 1961 and L Eclisse 1962 - as well as the English - language films Blowup
  • Being Cuban 22 June 2000 Slices of Cake: Alfred Hitchcock 19 August 1999 L eclisse Antonioni and Vitti A Day in the Country: Jean Renoir s Sunday Outing
  • personaggi Non una vita L eclisse del comunismo Quale PCI? Anatomia di una crisi 1969 La campagna elettorale Il fantasma di Trieste L anno della tigre I
  • Scienze Naturali in 1894 Misure pireliometriche eseguite durante l eclisse solare del 16 aprile 1893 Il Nuovo Cimento. 1 1 76 86. Bibcode: 1895NCim
  • video is a re - imagining of the opening shot from Michelangelo Antonioni s L Eclisse 1962 in which the character of Riccardo s arm transitions between animate
  • Lanciano, 1930 Il generale in esilio, Firenze, 1938 Donata, Firenze, 1941 Eclisse di luna, Firenze, 1943 La memoria, Milano, 1949 Premio Strega Narciso
  • sorpasso by Dino Risi 1962 Salvatore Giuliano by Francesco Rosi 1962 L eclisse by Michelangelo Antonioni 1962 Mafioso by Alberto Lattuada 1962 I
  • of EUR was prominently featured in Michelangelo Antonioni s 1962 film L eclisse and Bernardo Bertolucci s 1970 film The Conformist. Additionally, multiple

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