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The Conjuring

★ The Conjuring

The conjuring is 2013 American supernatural horror film directed by James WAN and written by Chad Hayes and Carey W. Hayes. This is the first movie in the conjuring franchise Universe. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga star as ed and Lorraine Warren, paranormal investigators and authors associated with well-known cases of haunting. Their alleged real-life reports inspired the Amityville Horror story and the franchise. The blood to come to the aid of the Perron family who experienced increasingly disturbing events in their house in Rhode island in 1971.

The development of the film began in January 2012 and confirmed as the van the film the Warren files, later renamed the imagination, focusing on the supposedly real-life exploits of ed and Lorraine Warren are a married couple who investigated the paranormal. In his second collaboration with WAN, Patrick Wilson starred alongside Vera Farmiga in the lead roles of ed and Lorraine. Production began in Wilmington, North Carolina, in February 2012, and the scenes were shot in chronological order.

The conjuring was released in the United States and Canada on July 19, 2013, the company "Warner brothers" pictures and new Line cinema. It received positive reviews from critics who praised the performances, direction, script, atmosphere, and music. He has collected more than 319 million worldwide against a budget of $20 million. A sequel, the Conjuring 2, was released on June 10, 2016, from conjure: the devil made me do it, the output of which is scheduled for September 11, 2020.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

In 1971, Carolyn and Roger Perron move into a house in harrisville, Rhode island with their five daughters Andrea, Nancy, Christine, Cindy and April. Their dog Sadie refuses to enter the house, and one of the children playing the game "hide and clap", finds the boarded up entrance to the basement.

Paranormal events occur during the first few days: all the clocks stop at exactly 3:07 in the morning, the birds fly in the window, and Sadie was found dead in the yard. One night, Christine meets an evil spirit only she can see, what made her say that the spirit wants her family dead. Another night, Carolyn hears clapping in the hallway. When she goes to investigate, she finds herself trapped in the basement of the spirit. At the same moment, Andrea and Cindy are attacked in their bedroom, the spirit is considered to be Bathsheba.

Carolyn decides to turn demonologists ed and Lorraine Warren, who recently investigated the possessed doll Annabelle. The Warren agree to take the case. They are conducting a preliminary investigation and concluded that the house may require an exorcism, but they need permission from the Catholic Church and further evidence before they can proceed. Ed and Lorraine discover that the house once belonged to an accused witch named Bathsheba Shermans related to Mary Towne Eastey, who sacrificed her week-old child to the devil and killed herself in 1863 at 3:07 a.m., after the curse anyone who wanted to take her land. They find reports of numerous murders and suicides in houses that have been built on the property.

To gather evidence, ed and Lorraine chambers and bells around the house with the help of his assistant drew Thomas and police Harrisville, district brad Hamilton. One morning, ed, drew, and Roger to take the children for ice cream, Bathsheba appears in Carolyns room and tearing her blood into Carolyns mouth, forcing her to become completely obsessed with.

That night, the group sees Cindy sleepwalking in the Andreas room, and the DSP coming from the radio, they hear the spirit lures Cindy in the closet, where she discovers a secret passage inside. Lorraine enters the passage and falls through the floor into the basement, where she sees the spirit of a woman whom Bathsheba had long owned and used to kill her child. The Perron family decides to take refuge at the Motel, while ed and Lorraine take their evidence to father Gordon, their connection in the Catholic Church.

After the Blood to show their evidence to father Gordon, he explains to them that the approval for performing the exorcism would have to come directly from the Vatican, the Perron family are not members of the Church but insists that he will push it through themselves, so that they can get the approval as soon as possible. The Warren daughter Judy is attacked in their own house Bathsheba using Annabelle, though ed and Lorraine arrive in time to save her. Carolyn, now possessed by Bathsheba, takes Christine and April back to the house.

Ed, Lorraine, brad and Caroline to find in the basement trying to stab Christine with Roger and turned by preventing her from this. After tying Caroline to a chair, ed decides that the rite must be performed on Carolyn, but realizes that is not enough time to wait for the priest to arrive. Ed decides to perform the rite, and in the process assaulted Bathsheba. Though Carolyn escapes and attempts to kill April, Lorraine is able to distract Caroline from killing her daughter by reminding her of a special memory she shared with her family, allowing ed to complete the ritual, saving Carolyn and April and Bathshebas lifting the curse forever.

Returning home, Lorraine tells ed that they left a message stating that they have received approval from Vatican to perform an exorcism. They also have another case to investigate on long island. Before leaving, ed puts the music box from the Perrons house with a set of elements, he and Lorraine were saved from past cases. It is inexplicable opens and plays music.


2.1. Production. Development. (Развитие)

Producer Tony Derosa-Grund wrote the original treatment and the project name to conjure. For nearly 14 years, he has tried to make a film made without any success. He landed in the Internet to make the film Gold circle films, the production company behind the haunting in Connecticut, but the contract could not be completed and the case was dismissed.

Derosa-Grund Alliance with producer Peter SAFRAN, and brother screenwriters Chad and Carey Hayes, was brought on Board to rework the script. Using Derosa-Grunds treatment and ed Warren tape, the brothers Hayes changed the point of view of the family history of the Platform, to the Blood. The brothers talked to Lorraine Warren many times on the phone to clarify the details. By mid-2009, the property became the subject of a six-Studio bidding war that landed the film in the summit entertainment. However, Derosa-Grund and summit could not conclude the deal and the film went into a turn. Derosa-Grund reunited with new Line cinema, who lost in the original bidding, but who in the end took the film. On 11 November 2009, the deal was done between the new line and Derosa-Grunds evergreen Media Group.


2.2. Production. Pre-production. (Pre-продукции)

Preproduction began in early 2011, with a report surfacing in early June that James WAN talks to direct the film. Later it was confirmed by Warner Bros., which also stated that the film will be based on real events surrounding ed and Lorraine Warren. In January 2012, Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson was cast in the film. In the month, Ron Livingston and Lili Taylor have also been confirmed for roles in the film, which was developed under the working title untitled Warren project files. The name of the film was temporarily changed to the Warren files on the proposal of the van, but was later returned to the arcane to the beginning of the marketing campaign of the film.

In preparation for his role, Farmiga and Wilson went to Connecticut to spend time with Lorraine Warren, who also visited the set during production. For three days at the Warren house, the actors both took in information that could not be achieved otherwise, from secondary research. "I just wanted to absorb her essence. I wanted to look at the details, it has such a crazy style. I just wanted to see how she communicates with her hands, these gestures, her smile, how she moves in space," said Arie on her comments Warren.


2.3. Production. Shooting. (Съемки)

Principal photography began in late February 2012. Lasts for 38 days, the shooting took place mostly at EUE / screen Gems studios and other places in the vicinity of Wilmington, North Carolina. Filming also took place at the University of North Carolina in March 2012 while the campus was on its spring break. Diana Pasulka, Professor of religious studies at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, was the chief religious consultant for the project. After packing in Wilmington on April 20, the film concluded principal photography on April 26, 2012. All the scenes were shot in chronological order.


2.4. Production. Post-production. (Пост-продакшн)

The film was in post-production in August of the same year. About 20 to 30 minutes, the record was deleted from the first cut of the film, which was originally about two hours in duration. After positive test screenings, final edit of the film was closed in Dec 2012 and was waiting for him in the summer.


3. Music. (Музыка)

Music to induce was compiled by Joseph Bishara, who previously collaborated with Director WAN on insidious 2011. "James asked me early On, and the film still together," explained Bishara about his involvement. "The Studio and producers were very supportive, allowing him to take who he wanted, with many of his old crew from the insidious and even earlier return." Further in the development process, Wang suggested Bishara the chance to act in the film, which he previously did in insidious. "We first talked about music, and then James said he may need me to play one of the essences in this. After reading the script it turned out it was Bathsheba," said Bishara. Due to its early involvement, Bishara was given more time to develop musical palette of the film. "For some reason, I heard brass cluster as an early response to the material, a quiet shimmering effect of the flutter tongue, and it grew from there," said Bishara on his creative process.

The album of the soundtrack was released by La-La land records and tower Music on July 16, 2013. In addition to Bisharas themes, the soundtrack also includes a track called "Family" composer mark Hicham. Avant-garde musician Diamanda galas also contributed to the result Bisharas, performing raw vocal improvisation on top of the previously recorded brass instrumentation. Other songs in films: "in the room where you sleep" dead bones Mans, the "sleep walk" by Betsy brye, and "time of the season" the zombies.


4.1. Distribution. Marketing. (Маркетинг)

The first promotional images were released in November 2012, representing Farmiga and Wilson, ed and Lorraine Warren. Teaser trailer, previously shown at the 2012 new York Comic con, launched its marketing campaign of the film in February 2013. Throughout the campaign, the film was widely advertised as "based on real events". A few weeks before the release of movies, trailers and TV spots have started to show in the real life of family Platform. This was followed by a short film called the Hour of hell in which Lorraine Warren and other paranormal investigators explain some of the supernatural occurrences seen in the film.


4.2. Distribution. The theatrical release. (Театральный релиз)

The Company Warner Bros. new line cinema originally planned to release the Spell at the beginning of 2013, but decided on a summer release date after receiving positive feedback from test audiences. The film was eventually released on July 19 in North America and in the UK and in India on 2 August. Because of this, it is one of the first horror films to gain wide release in the U.S. in June or July with 2006s omen. Trailer and excerpt from the film was shown at the 2012 new York Comic-con in March 2013, the film received an R-rating the MPAA for being what WAN described as "too adult". "When we sent him no specific scenes or tone you could take to make it PG-13."

The world premiere took place on the final evening of the first edition of night: the Madrid international festival of fantastic films on 6 June 2013. This was followed by the screening of the film at the film festival in Los Angeles June 21, who also appears in& segment with Director James WAN. Then the red carpet premiere of the film at the cinerama dome in Los Angeles on 15 July 2013.


4.3. Distribution. Home media. (Домашний медиа)

The spell was released on DVD and Blu-ray formats company Warner Bros Home entertainment October 22, 2013.


5. Claims. (Претензии)

Norma Sutcliffe and Gerald Helfrich, the previous owners of the house on which the film was based, sued James WAN, Warner Bros. and other manufacturers in 2015, on the grounds that their property was constantly vandalized, as a consequence, of the film. Entertainment weekly received documents that confirmed the owners of the various invasions and ratified that they had found numerous items associated with satanic cults. The lawsuit also revealed that the previous owners bought this house in 1987 and lived "alone" until 2012. Both the owners were seeking unspecified damages. When questioned, the representative of the "Warner brothers" refused to comment on this question.

Gerald brittle, author of the 1980 book the Demonologist about ed and Lorraine Warren, filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros., which New line productions and Director James WAN about the film. Unbreakable argued in the film, along with the subsequent sequels and spin-off breached an exclusive contract with the warrens to make any work based on the theme of his book. The film rights were briefly original publisher Prentice-Hall before returning to the breakage. "Warner brothers" refused to comment on the case. Warner Bros. settled the case with the break in December 2017.


6.1. Welcome The checkout. (Кассе)

The spell gathered 137.4 million dollars in North America and 182.1 million $in other territories around the world, a total of 319.5 million, compared to a budget of $ 20 million.

In North America the film was released on 19 July 2013, along with red 2, Turbo and R. I. P. D., and, according to forecasts, the gross 30–$35 million dollars from 2.903 theaters in the first weekend. The film earned $ 3.3 million from its Thursday night showings and $ 17 million in the first day, including Thursday previews, doing slightly better than the purge a month earlier. The film went on to Gross in the first weekend 41.9 million$, landing in first place and breaking the purge of the record as the biggest opening for an original R-rated horror movie. For Warner Bros "the Conjuring" has surpassed the debut weekend, the distributors big-budget film Pacific rim, which was opened to 37.3 million dollars the weekend before. While horror films usually drop at least 50% in its second weekend, the Conjuring only dropped 47%, taking in 22.2 million dollars and second for new release of Wolverine. After its launch in cinemas, the film was officially named box office hit, collecting more than fifteen times its production budget with a worldwide total amount of 318 million. Calculate all production and advertising costs, deadline Hollywood estimates that the film made a total profit 161.7 million.

Outside North America, the film had a total of 180.6 million dollars from all its overseas markets. In Australia, he collected in his debut weekend of $1.8 million, took third place in the hire the heat and this is the end. Its overall wholesale in Australia amounted to us $ 8.2 million. In the United Kingdom the film was released on 6 August along with the Smurfs 2, making £ 2.6 million $3.3 million in the first weekend and grossing $16.2 million In total. It was the largest international wholesale to Mexico, opening in first place on 23 August, where the film was $ 18.9 million.


6.2. Welcome Critical response. (Критическая реакция)

The review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes reports that the approval rating of 85% based on 218 reviews and the weighted average 7.2 / 10. Web sites critical consensus reads: "a well-crafted and gleefully creepy, the Conjuring reinforces the fear through a series of effective old-school scares". Metacritic assigned the film a weighted average score of 68 out of 100, based on 35 critics, indicating "generally favorable reviews". It is reported that CinemaScore the audience gave the cast "a-" rating on a scale of A to f, it was the first horror film to receive a rating of A from the company.

In his review following the Los Angeles film festival, Sheri Linden of the Hollywood reporter said, "with its minimal use of digital effects, strong, sympathetic performances and ACE design work, the pic takes in themes and methods to the exorcist" and "Amityville Horror, not quite reaching the poignancy and depth of the former but far exceeding the latter in pure cinematic beauty." Justin Chang of variety gave the film a positive review, calling the film "a sensationally entertaining old-school freakout and one of the smartest, most intuitive, effective thrillers in recent memory." In addition, Alonso Duralde from with thewrap also praised the effectiveness of the film, explaining that he "not try to reinvent the clichés of horror movies, whether ghosts or demons and exorcisms, but Fred Astaire does not come up tap dancing, either." Chris Nashawaty of entertainment weekly gave the film an a-, citing the effectiveness of "mood and sound effects for shocks that dont feel cheap."

However, some critics reacted negatively to the films similarities with such films as "the exorcist" and "Poltergeist". Indiewires Eric Kohn explained that "the warrens may know how to handle demonic possessions, but the conjuring suffers from a different occupation forces: the ghosts of familiarity." Andrew OHehir of salon said the film gave "shout, causing shocks that you would like, right on schedule", but thought that the Central concept – that the innocent women accused and executed in Salem witch trials "actually were witches, who slaughtered children and pledged their love to Satan and everything!" – was "reprehensible and inexcusable bullshit".


7.1. Heritage. Franchise. (Франшиза)

The success of the conjuring has spawned several similar films and sequels. Along with the original film, has 2016s Spell 2 and Spell: the devil made me do it, planned to be released in 2020. Three film about the Annabelle doll was made: 2014s Annabelle, its prequel Annabelle: Creating 2017, and a sequel to both the movie Annabelle comes home from 2019. Two other films with supernatural threats first seen in the conjuring movies includes as a nun, released in 2018, and the crooked man, which is in development.


7.2. Heritage. Spell 2. (Заклинание 2)

In June 2013, it was reported that New Line Cinema is already developing a sequel. Both Farmiga and Wilson are joined Reprise their roles in an additional film. The conjuring 2 has been scheduled for October 23, 2015, but in October 2014, the company Warner Bros. moved the films release date to an unspecified 2016 release date. On 21 October it was announced that James WAN will return to direct the sequel. 11 Nov 2014 the film was set for June 10, 2016 release. The sequel was later re-written by David Leslie Johnson, with a script from Chad and Carey W. Hayes and WAN. The film examines the case of the poltergeist in Enfield, which took place in London from 1977 to 1979. He also portrays the warrens investigate Amityville ghosts. Principal photography began in September of 2015 in Los Angeles, and completed in December of 2015 in London.


7.3. Heritage. The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It. (Заклятие: Дьявол Заставил Меня Сделать Это)

On the potential third film, Director James WAN stated that "there can be a lot more movies, because the Blood of so many stories." Screenwriters Chad and Carey Hayes also expressed interest in working on the story with another sequel. However, Wang said that he will not be able to direct the film due to his commitments to other projects. He said the Collider, "assuming we are fortunate enough to have in the third Chapter, there are other Directors that I would like to continue on the arcane world, if were lucky." Wang also said that if a third film would be made, this ideally will occur in the 1980-ies. In June 2017, it was announced that the third part was in development, with a Spell 2 screenwriter David Leslie Johnson McGoldrick hired to write the script.

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