Топ-100 ★ Thane Krios - mass effect character redirects to lists ..

★ Thane Krios - mass effect character redirects to lists ..

Thane Krios

★ Thane Krios

Thane Krios is a fictional character of the franchise Mass Effect is BioWares first appeared in Mass Effect 2 as a party member. The character of the Drell, a race of alien reptilian humanoids, which form the socio-political Alliance with hanaro, kind of jellyfish-like creatures known for their strict observance of polite words and rules of etiquette. He is a skilled professional killer who uses a mixture of stealth, firearms, hand to hand combat techniques, and biotic abilities.

Thane can be recruited by Shepard on the planet Illium in "suicide" to stop the kidnapping of the colonists, a mysterious species known as the collectors. He openly shows Shepard during their first meeting that he is dying of Keprals syndrome, a genetic respiratory disease, which ultimately lead to pulmonary failure, but willingly joins the suicide mission. The character also appears in Mass Effect 3, the Final game in the trilogy, where his condition deteriorated. Thein makes further appearances in two issues of Mass Effect: Foundation limited series of comics that take place before the events of the trilogy.

Character critically acclaimed and well received by critics and fans alike, with attention drawn to its complex characteristics and a positive image of the character with disabilities and openly religious nature of video games. Thane featured prominently in the promotional art and demo footage, trailers and advertisements for Mass Effect 2.

Thane Krios is voiced by Keythe Farley.


1. Character Overview. (Персонаж Обзор)

Thane was raised on the ocean planet Kahje, home of the hanar. For several centuries before the events of the original trilogy Mass Effect, hanar evacuated some species of Drell from their dying native Rakhana and transported them to Kahje. In gratitude to the hanar for saving them from extinction, the remnants of the Drell people pledged their loyalty and service as hanar client race two of the race of establishing a symbiotic culture known as compact. This Drell integrated at all levels of hanar society, and generally help with the many tasks hanar can find physically difficult to perform even with mechanical help, such as fighting or killing. In Drell consider their services hanar honor, regardless of the nature of the task. Thane has an eidetic memory, a genetic trait typical for this type of Drell. External stimulus may trigger involuntary memories that are so vivid and detailed that some Drell may mistake it for reality. Thane sometimes loses himself experienced to recall some of his memories and describe them in perfect detail.

Thane was first studied with his master hanar as an assassin, so he was six, making his first kill by the time he was twelve. He met his wife during an assassination mission when she stepped in front of Tana goal in order to stop him. He decided to settle with her and left the service of their masters hanar on the basis of voluntary compact gap relationship. Tanas wife was later killed by the mercenaries who were chasing her husband. This event forced him to abandon his young son, kolyat, a decision that still haunts him. Instead make the hanar worship the Protheans from, as some of his brothers, Tang is a devotee of the old polytheistic religion of his species and spends most of his time in prayers and meditation, even in their work. Thane prays before each mission and asks for forgiveness from their gods after every kill. On the other hand, the Tang is fixed in his determination to separate his conscience from the murder he committed, and that they do not, he bears the blame for the Drell religion, body and soul separated, thus, the man who hires him bears the guilt, like his body is just a tool. The player can discuss with him in great detail about their beliefs, and may even be invited Thane to pray with him.

Thane is a possible romantic interest for a female character, commander Shepard in Mass Effect 2. While the relationship itself is not carried in Mass Effect 3. in connection with the conclusion of his story arc, the player has the choice to spend personal time with him at the hospital of the citadel, as his health is deteriorating.


2. Creation and development. (Создание и развитие)

In the forum post Tany writer Patrick Weekes, who is unavailable after EA finally closed Biowares forums on 26 August 2016, he said that" in many ways, the description for Keprals syndrome is similar to real-life disease known as cystic fibrosis.”


2.1. Creation and development. Visual Design. (Визуальный Дизайн)

According to art Director Derek watts, Thane was a hard Mass Effect 2 character design. BioWare began with a written description of the Thane, and wanted to emphasize it as a "career killer", keeping it attractive as a possible romantic interest for a female audience. They asked the women in the office that they "liked" their aliens. Concept artists began to paint on lizards and birds-a Paradise for inspiration.It was considered, giving Tana the face of the "mannequin-like perfect human face" and the red mark was seen as a possible key feature for the character. Feedback was obtained from women in the office who found the character "creepy" and how the character had a romantic interest in the mannequin-face decided to also "pushes". The team went "back to the drawing Board", with the Late Thane becomes a mixture of "water" and "reptile" characteristics. Thane eventually went through eight or nine "phases" before his design was completed.The character was originally intended to have three metal earrings on the sides of the head, but the developers forgot to include in your model.

As soon as his face was installed, BioWare began work on the body of soldiers, who watts says, as a less "exhausting" experience of development of Tan head. The debate was about the Thane must wear tight killer-matching clothes or loose jacket that evoked the feeling of a professional. In the beginning, developers tried to remove his jacket on the problems of animation. However, these attempts were recognized to ruin his design. His "Balaclava-style" helmets tried to reflect his criminal history, simulating a ski mask. Artists experimented with jewelry. In Thane in the game only has a necklace.

Joe Skrebels from IGN believes that the Tanas final form resembles Abe Sapien from the Hellboy.


3. Appearance. (Внешний вид)

Thane is first encountered on the regional hub of asari world Illium, where he was based for the last two years planning the attempt on asari named Nassana Dantius. He joins Shepard on a Pro Bono basis after the successful killing Dantius, saying that he had nothing to lose, and hes hoping to right many of the errors that it found in the galaxy before he died. The history of the Tana revolves around his son, kolyat, and his desire to save him from a life of crime. Shepard and the team must get to the Citadel to stop kolyat from following in his footsteps and taking up the career of assassination. Kolyats concluded the target is a racist turian politician who extorts human rackets while promising to reduce crime rates in the wards of the Citadel. After the mission is completed, Thane will talk to the son and tries to reconcile with him, then Thane will become a loyal member of the team of Shepherds.

If a player pursues a relationship with Thane, he will tell Shepard that he was not talking about his past until he met her and that she is "very good".As the relationship progresses, Thane will open your senses to the shepherd and call her "Siha", one of the angels in Drell religion. Before the suicide mission, Thane will go up to Shepards cabin and tell her that before he was diagnosed with the disease, he has no fear of death. But now, when he met Shepard, he is afraid of death and wants to die. Thane begins to shed tears, but Shepard comforts him, and the two spend the night together.

Thane returns Mass Effect 3 provided he survived the events of Mass Effect 2. Thane appears in the hospital on the citadel, and tells Shepard that he is now in the terminal stage of his illness and cannot join Shepard in the fight against the Reapers. Later in the game Cerberus attack on the Citadel and Thane if he talked to in advance, helps Shepard to prevent the attempt on the Advisor councils and stabbed the assassin Kai LEng whom escapes. If neither Thane nor Kirrahe, which can serve as the Tana of the filler in the story arc alive, Kai LEng will successfully kill him from the tips of the Advisor.

After the remaining forces of the "Cerberus" was destroyed, Shepard visits Thane in the hospital where doctors tell Shepard that due to the blood loss and his illness is in the final stage, theres nothing they can do but to comfort him in the last minute. If Thane reconciled with kolyat in Mass Effect 2, he will attend his fathers deathbed, and asks his Thane and Shepard to recite a prayer. As kolyat and Shepard to recite a prayer, Thane passes away. Kolyat will show that Tana prayer was not intended for himself, but for Shepard. Tana is added to the Normandy SR-2s memorial wall on the crew deck, after his death in Mass Effect 2 or 3, together with other members of the crew, fell.

In Mass Effect 3 the Citadel DLC, Shepard and can hold a memorial service for Thane in their apartment. After the service, Shepard can also view recordings from Thane turned to Shepard.


4. Welcome

Thane was mostly well received. The character was awarded IGNs best character for Xbox 360 2010, IGN called it "the most fully realized character in a cast of support" Mass Effect 2. Writing for games, Dakota Grabowski listed Thane as the fifth best companion for BioWare. Grabowski praised the character design and How many were as part of it was "open to interpretation". IGNs Stephen Hopper listed him sixth place in the Mass Effect companion, saying that he was "one of the most attractive story arc" in Mass Effect 2 and lending to its complexity. GamesTM called it one of BioWares eight of the most memorable companions, paying attention to his "emotionally crippling" the end. In 2014 IGN readers poll to determine the "final RPG party", u Thant eleventh most voted character.

Tana took the fifth Mass effect companion by the staff of gamers PC in 2016. Tom Marx called internal conflict is present in Mumbai, making it compelling as old friends, calling him "the embodiment of his own Paragon Shepard and renegade, and it is a literal representation of his team slowly marches to an almost certain death". He also praised Tana "hoarse voice", while another employee of the titular character for his perceived sexual attractiveness. Ben Griffin of PC gamer Thane is considered to be one of his favorite BioWare companions and calling everything about the nature of "fun". However, Tim Clark also writes for PC gamer, Thane is considered to be one of his most hated and called it "just a big green cloud of dull." Tina Amini from Kotaku claimed that she reloaded an earlier save and spent at least another 40 hours on alternative solutions for it Mass Effect 2 walkthrough, just to make sure that Thane, who is she convincing as a love interest for her hero Shepard survives the suicide mission and expressed hope that their romance Story arc will continue for Mass Effect 3.

Phil savage from PC gamer noticed that the Tana of the ending in Mass Effect 3 is brilliant, calling it "a quiet, sad triumph," he is surrounded by family and friends on her deathbed, to be content with what he achieved. Savage noted that "it is the fate of many major characters". He likes that BioWare still made an effort to remind players to protect things that are important to them as individuals, for example, their goals in life and family, even if its a game series, which resolves around a large galaxy-shifting decisions and impossible odds. Scott Deakin, writing for The common enemy, found his opportunity to take revenge on Tanya, a character he was emotionally involved in, getting rid of Kai LEng during the cutscene to be deep satisfaction and relief.

The image of Thane of religious piety and spiritual Outlook was positively received. Cassidee Moser, writing for pictures and screenshots, called Tana prayer for the Drell deities Amonkira good summation of his humble and loyal nature. Researcher Greg Perrault studied Mass Effect 2, as part of her research on the depiction of religion as violent or problematic video games. He noted that Mass Effect 2 does not depict its religious and spiritual topics in a positive light, but he considered Mumbai to be the case is interesting because the violence he commits is not reported according to their religion, "though allows for it." GamesRadars Jordan baughman led tan to the example of BioWares "honor-bound mental" character archetype, in particular, the religious fanatic who "adheres to a special code that dictates his murder frenzy". Joshua and the ITA Irizarry, co-authors, "the Lord is my Shepherd - the confrontation of religion in the Mass Effect trilogy" published as part of the religion in digital games anthology publication, noted Tan overtly religious behavior, and expressed incomprehension that the character is perceived as the fan favorite, the mass effect fandom. They contrasted the Tan positive reviews as a uniquely godly character in a wide negativity many players have expressed in relation to human squadmate Ashley Williams is expressing faith in the original Mass Effect. Comparing the answers of the player Ashley and Thane, the authors suggested that in contrast to Ashley, "Thane never invites the player to consider them or view Shepard about religion." The authors postulated that alternatively, Tang and their religion is unequivocally recognized as the alien players who are not invited to comment on real world religion and spirituality, where the same cannot be said about Ashley and her religion.

Matt Cronn from geeks under grace, American pop culture website which publishes news, culture, reviews, and videos from a Christian perspective, discusses some of the religious beliefs supported by Thane in the context of the generally accepted Christian doctrine. He compared the prayer of Tana for their own wicked self to the concept of original sin and the practice of Christians praying to God for forgiveness of my own sins. Cronn found the prayers made in tan bed it will be very interesting, as despite the fact that he was dying, Thanes main concern was to free Shepard destroys sins of many, and argues that "it is kindness and caring for others that Christians should be an example".

A comparison between the Keprals syndrome and cystic fibrosis, provided Vikis resonated with Elizabeth Rogers of the AbleGamers Foundation, who explained in his article "the challenges and joys of Thane from Mass Effect" that she was in the same condition: life-threatening genetic disease that fills her lungs and pancreas with mucus, and that, like the Thane, the lungs inevitably fail. Rogers estimated that not only the writers of Mass effect Thane is present as "one of the few chronically ill characters to play an important role in any video game", which she could identify themselves, they didnt give Tanya a cure narrative in its story arc, which Rogers recognized as valid. She expressed the opinion that another writer who identifies as chronically ill probably have created a space for Thane to exist without death, "to be disabled and kicking ass at the end of the series," but it is a movement towards greater openness and representation of minorities in video games.

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Thane Krios Mass Effect 2 by AzimuthZero.

Thane is the first of his species that Shepard meets, and he views himself as an unthinking tool for any employer to use during assassination. Thane krios on Tumblr. Thane was born in 2146. At the age of six, his parents gave him to the hanar to be trained as an assassin, as part of the Compact between the two species. Mass Effect 3 Thane Krios Statue Movie Replicas Direct. Thane Krios. Concept art of Thane Krios from. Thane Krios Headcanon. Now that were all talking about the mass effect games again, i really wanna say that i will never forgive bioware for killing thane off like that and treating him like.

Mass Effect: 10 Awesome Things You Didnt Know About Thane Krios.

Статистика игр Thane Krios Genco Deniz Aktay LoL. Информация, последние матчи, команды, статистика героев. Mass Effect™: Thane statue Gaming Heads. Unlike most assassins in the galaxy, Thane Krios gets close and personal instead of picking off prey from behind a scope. Gaming Heads proudly presents the.

Loving An Assassin Thane TKrios Wattpad.

This story is not about Shepard, but rather a girl that was like a sister to her. Instead of Shepard dying in the collector attack, it was the 23 year old Lili. Thane Krios Cosplay Part 1 Materials & Getting Started. Thane Krios is a fictional character in BioWares Mass Effect franchise, who first appeared in Mass Effect 2 as a party member or squadmate. The character is​. 52 Thane Krios HD Обои Фоны Wallpaper Abyss. Powers & Abilities. Thane is a professional, highly trained, very experienced assassin. Hes a sort of combination ninja sniper commando. As such he employs.

200 Shrios Thane Krios Femshep ideas in 2020 thane krios.

Headcanon The events of Thanes life are not always canon, in his main verse, circumstances come about that allow for his survival. Though, If you wish him to. Thane Krios Video Games Artwork. Опубликовано: 13 нояб. 2020 г.

Thane Krios by Bangtocalamityjane on SoundCloud Hear the.

People also search for. The Krios Network FanFiction. Опубликовано: 26 янв. 2010 г. Thane Krios from Mass Effect 2 Free 3D Model RenderHub. From Gaming Heads. Unlike most assassins in the galaxy, Thane Krios gets close and personal instead of picking off prey from behind a scope. Gaming Heads.

Thane Krios Leaguepedia League of Legends Esports.

Explore and share the best Thane Krios GIFs and most popular animated GIFs here on GIPHY. Find Funny GIFs, Cute GIFs, Reaction GIFs and more. Thane Krios is in the dead list on Normandy Arqade. Original 3D model of Thane Krios from Mass Effect 2Includes meshes in several formats including FBX, OBJ and DAEIncludes PBR textures. Thane Krios from Mass Effect Infos, Art, Cosplay and more. Mass Effect Thane Krios by Joshua Chanowski on ArtStation.

Thane Krios Voice Mass Effect 3 Video Game Behind The Voice.

Thane is an almost legendary drell assassin with biotic abilities and a perfect memory. The guilt that arises from being able to recall the last moments of all his​. Thane Krios Character Comic Vine. Browse our collection of 2 Thane Krios T Shirts. All designs are available on T ​Shirts, Tank Tops, Racerbacks, Sweatshirts, Hoodies and other styles. Designed​. Citadel: Thane Krios Quests on the Citadel Mass Effect 3 Game. From the Mass Effect universe, a dramatic reading of Thane Krios letter to Shepard something to leave behind that would never fade.

Thane Krios T Shirts LookHUMAN.

The latest Tweets from Thane Krios @AmonkirasHunter. I am Amonkiras spear, Arashus shield, and Kalahiras servant. Proud father, retired assassin. Mass Effect 2 Meet Thane Krios YouTube. Message private terminal from Thane Krios naturally this will only occur if Thane didnt die in the previous game. Grant Thanes wish by going to the Citadel. Represented in Mass Effect 2 The AbleGamers Charity. 8tracks radio. Online, everywhere. stream 51 thane krios playlists including mass effect, shrios, and Shepard music from your desktop or mobile device.

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Do you believe in Mass Effect theory? Thane Krios Jacket as Drell Assassin fits to blend you in perfectly for a charmed apparel designed. The Problem of Citadel DLC – ThaneMOD. Thane Krios from the Mass Effect games can be the voice of any of your male soldiers in this voicepack. 1 2 3. 1, 2, 3. 21 Comments. BlazinHothead Nov 2​. Steam Workshop Thane Krios VoicePack. Thane Krios. 0.00 4:20. Previous track Play or pause track Next track. Enjoy the full SoundCloud experience with our free app. Get it on Google Play. Thane Krios Poster Print by Çağlayan Karagozler Displate. BioWare had no reason to create new content for Thane Krios in Citadel DLC. Hes a mandatory death in the game, after all, similar to Legion or. Genco Thane Krios Deniz Aktay LoL, player biography, matches. The universe is a dark place. Im trying to make it brighter before I die. Thane Krios is a drell assassin, and is considered by some to be the ….

Thane Krios Mass Effect 2 3 Character Profile.

Read Thane Krios Drell Assassin from the story Why Kaidan is the Best Love Interest in Mass Effect by Julianne Winters Julianne Winters with 61 reads. mira​. Mass Effect Drell Assassins Thane Krios Jacket USA Jacket. If Thane is going to be the only scraps that I get, Ill take it. Im dying, is one of the first things Thane Krios says to you in the video game Mass. Thane Krios – Robo beat. A great memorable quote from the Mass Effect 2 movie on Thane Krios: at Krios: this is a joke. Now? Now you show up?.

Keythe Farley: voice of Thane Krios Mass Effect.

Mass Effect Friendship Essays: Thane Krios It is possible that is the first time I have typed out his whole name. When we went to pick him Следующая Войти Настройки Конфиденциальность Условия. Thane Krios Thane T Shirt TeePublic. HD обои и фоновые изображения 52 Thane Krios. Скачивайте бесплатно на всех устройствах компьютере, смартфоне или планшете. Wallpaper. Respect Thane Krios Mass Effect respectthreads Reddit. See image of Keythe Farley, the voice of Thane Krios in Mass Effect 3 Video Game.

Mass Effect 2 Game Thane Krios Jacket UJackets.

Keythe Farley is the brilliant voice actor of Thane Krios and our staff had the privilege to interview Mr. Farley for his fans you should really read this interview​. Thane Krios Female Shepard Works Archive of Our Own. Thane Krios x F!Reader Ive been thinking a lot, and I know this is all so new, and its kind of crazy but I dont know that either of us have time to. Mass Effect 3 Statue: Thane Krios Westfield Comics. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Words Mass Effect Friendship Essays: Thane Krios. Thane Krios is a drell trained from childhood as an elite assassin, proficient in both long range sniping kills and close infiltration. He has slowed his activities in​.

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