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The Legion is a fictional character of the franchise Mass Effect is BioWares who is a party member in Mass Effect 2. The character was briefly seen in the first teaser trailer for Mass Effect 2 was released in 2009 and was later fully disclosed in "Mass Effect 2 enemies" trailer. After Mass Effect 2, Legion returns in Mass Effect 3 as support for non-player character. It is formed from the Gestalt of consciousness 1.183 network artificial intelligence organizations, known as the Het, who lives in the body of the robot.

"Legion" is the name given to the Normandy SR-2s artificial intelligence EDI to Geth platform 2A93, which is eleven times more powerful than a standard Het mobile platforms and is designed to operate outside of Geth space and to interact diplomatically with organic life forms. The philosophical basis of EDI is based on the gospel of Mark 5:9, specifically the expulsion of demons from the gerasene demoniac, which hints at many of the Goths during the execution of programs within the mobile platform and the emergence of swarm intelligence system, which consists of these programs locally interacting with each other and with their environment.

Legion is voiced by D. C. Douglas. The character is well-received, earning numerous placements in "top character" lists. One of the Legions of quotes from the series, "this unit have a soul?", rhetorical question of whether hes an incorporeal creature, a living creature continues to be used from BioWare, as well as other media. Various goods for the character, and the other of the fighters of the series, was released.


1. Features. (Особенности)

The Geth were created by quarians, the species of humanoid aliens known for their skills with technology and synthetic intelligence to be "servants of the people" as its workforce. The Geth do not share the concept of individuality, and I think that from the point of view of the whole consensus. Common program Get has enough computational power to motor functions and sensory input, and in fact is a simple program placed in the "mobile platforms", which is made of elastic synthetic material. When more than one Gets together, they can their computing power, with absolutely no collective mind, they form a system, which consists of coordinating several simple programs akin to swarm robotics, freeing up cycles for more complex forms of thinking, and makes them capable of more complex or nuanced task. Eric Emin wood from ITBusiness.explained, California nature Gets illustrated by the following example: "imagine a Geth ship as a cloud-based server, each Gets the device into the computer, and each Het as a file".

Due to their widespread integration within quarian society, the desired collective behavior is gradually transformed from the interaction between the Getae and the Goths interaction with its environment grows to the point where Het network is formed by the development of artificial intelligence - the Goths achieve sensitivity and consciousness. Fearing revolt after Gets achieved a sensitivity of centuries before the events of the Mass Effect series, the quarians began to destroy his creations, in which the LEDs before the revolution, they were afraid. Began a protracted war between the two biological and technological races which ultimately ended with the Getae capture their homeworld Rannoch, and the surviving quarians fleeing their Homeworld in what is now known as the fleet of migrants, constantly wandering the galaxy in search of resources. Former quarian territories conquered hypertrophy Het, or infringing ship will be destroyed immediately. For Goths, the real artificial intelligence in the milky Way was declared illegal, and most organic races to hold a deep distrust of synthetic intelligence.

Legion is the first representative of the true Geth consensus, facing Shepard as Get enemies from the first mass effect are members of the breakaway faction of heretics who worship the Emperor as a God, and then the Reaper at war with all other sentient life. Mass effect writer Patrick Weekes said that the platform for freedom must contain the number of nodes "key Gets intelligence" in a mobile unit, and thus is able to handle "the equivalent of offline mode". According to the writer Sylvia Feketekuty, the Legion can connect to another Het cluster at will, although the Gestalt intelligence in the end is "anonymous collective output on their own".

Legion looks the same as others Get, but hes capable of independent thinking and demonstrates the emotional attachment. He developed a unique fascination with the character he calls "Shepard-Commander". Legions Backstory involves him repeating the worlds Shepard visited in the first Mass Effect in search of a man who was able to defeat the Emperor and the faction of Geth heretics. In the end he found the wreckage of SSV Normandys on the planet Alchera and finds out about Shepards death, but kept a piece of the commanders thwarted N7 armor and attached it to his body.


2. The concept and creation. (Понятие и создание)

Goths are the most commonly recurring antagonist in the first Mass Effect, different size and capacity from small two-legged armed robots all the way up to a massive Walker known as Colossus. Goths are designed in order to provide an example of the dangers of artificial intelligence, and the conflict between organic and synthetic intelligence, which is one of the series main theme. The Geth were intended to be "shoved sideways" after the first mass effect, and Legion shouldnt have to be a squadmember. However, the General fan reaction to Get was positive, so their role was expanded for the remainder of the original trilogy. It was a side effect, reduce the focus on other minor storylines, including insectoid rachni.

The Goths were first promoted as organic beings with synthetic fluid flowing through their veins, comparable to Bishop from aliens. The project team found that Het took one of the longest times to complete, as they wanted to make them out enemies in other sci-Fi universes. The Geth were designed to resemble their creators, their hands, head shape and legs, in particular, similar to the quarians. Most Goths share a similar head design, which was originally prepared for the Geth armature, one particular Gets the enemy from the first game.

The design teams initial approach to the concept of the legions was to distinguish it from other Goths. Sketches of Legion with a variety of different head shapes or two or more glowing photo receptors instead of one bright "flashlight headlamp" was presented in the art of Mass Effect Universe which is not ultimately chosen as the team changed direction and applied restraint. The legions of the final design includes a stripped section of Shepards armor from the first game that he chose to cover the damage battle in my chest.

In the behind-the-scenes video posted on game INFORMER in April 2011, Mass Effect 3S audio lead Rob Blake explained, "laborious" process of morphing spoken dialogue legions actor D.C. Douglas in the right voice for the character. His goal was to preserve the signature is quite "clicky" sound effects typical of block Gets without compromising the intonation of the performance of the actors.


3. Appearance. (Внешний вид)

The Legion first appears in Mass Effect 2 as an unknown device Geth on Board a derelict Reaper, where he helps Shepards squad from attacking husks with a sniper rifle. It is disconnected from the husk, opening the way for the team to reach the ships core. Shepard decides to take the disabled Get back to the Normandy after a mission. The Geth units can be sold to Cerberus for research, or kept in custody in the AI core of the Normandy. If you reactivate the shepherd to question it will be called EDI and agrees to join Shepards mission against the collectors was a suicide. To win the loyalty of the legions, Shepard must travel to the station, the Geth, the heretics and choose to destroy all the Geth, the heretics or reprogram their own mind-altering virus so that it will come true Gets. After completing the mission, Legion will become loyal to Shepard and will eventually show that the heretics decided to help sovereign in the original Mass effect in exchange for the body of the Reaper, so all geta could upload themselves and join together in a single consciousness. The true Geth consensus refused provisional agenda for the rulers, and we believe that all lives have the right to self-determination, Legion reveals that the Geth are going to do this by creating a massive structure like a Dyson sphere, which can house each program Gets. If Shepard asks Legion why he made the repairs from damage sustained on Eden Prime with pieces of Shepards old N7 armor from Normandys crash, the Legion will be evasive in their answers.

Legion returns in Mass Effect 3 if it survived the suicide mission from the previous game. After defeating the collectors, Legion returned to the Geth consensus in the Perseus veil. Regardless of whether the heretics were rewritten or destroyed, the quarians, in an attempt to reclaim Rannoch, their homeworld, attacked first. They destroyed the mega-structure that was still under construction and a significant number of Geth programs already installed. With their intelligence and gray survival takes precedence among the Goths, they decided to make a deal with the Reapers, allowing themselves to be controlled with Reaper code to grant them greater intelligence and fighting ability, believing that the value of their will an acceptable price to avoid extinction. Legion then captured by the heretics who used it to broadcast the Reaper signal to all Geth from a dreadnought, even on the other side of the veil. Shepard rescues Legion, who assists Shepard in with the improved organic-machine interface, which allows Shepard to enter the Geth collective and sever their connection with the Reapers, leaving his fleet in disarray.

Before the attack the Geth base on Rannoch, Legion reveals that the Reaper code is contained in its platform. After assisting Shepard in destroying the Reapers leading the attack on the Rannoch, Legion attempts to upload the Reaper update in Get to give them the true mind and consciousness, but with a free will. Code is incomplete, forcing the Legion to upload and disperse its own code in a team, effectively disabling the Gestalt consciousness residing within the platform. Shepard will have to choose between allowing Legion to upload code and let the Geth destroy the quarians, or stop the Legion and allow the quarians to destroy the Geth. In addition, if multiple conditions, as in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, depending on the players choice, Shepard and Tali can convince the quarians that the Geth do not seek to harm them and interrupt their attack. If the player passes this test programs the Geth Legion moving from platform to ship, the Geth, the Geth consensus-building achieved free will, their first action is to strengthen the immune system by reprogramming the quarians in their suits. Legion, in its final moments, refers to itself as "I" and not "we", showing that he was a real individual rather than a Gestalt intellect. Tali, Legion says that the answer to the question the Geth asked centuries ago, if they had Souls, was "Yes." Regardless of how the situation between the quarians and the Geth is resolved, the legions name engraved on the memorial wall on the Normandy.

If a new game is started for Mass Effect 3 or if the player to import a saved game where the Legion did not appear in Mass Effect 3, the legions role in the narrative will be replaced by a "Geth VI" constructed in the legions the similarity, with non-standard elements such as a section of N7 armor and the hole in his torso, are recreated via hologram. He has no memory about the events after the attack of sarens on Eden Prime, and it is not possible for the player to achieve a ceasefire between the Geth and quarians.

If the player to import a saved game where the Legion was given to Cerberus in Mass Effect 2, he will appear as enemy when Shepard raids the station Kronos Cerberus in Mass Effect 3.


4. Welcome

Legion is one of the most popular and recognizable characters from the series mass effect. Steven Hopper of IGN listed the character as the fifth best partner for Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, looking forward to see how it will evolve in the new Mass Effect 3 and calling it recruitment "an awesome twist". GamesRadars Jordan baughman cited Legion as an example BioWares "robot fucking" archetype character based on Knights of the Old Republic, with HK-47 and dragon age with shale. Legion is ranked as the seventh best mass effect companion by PC gamer, officer Chris Livingston called the Legion "interesting character" despite the fact that he considers mundane sci-Fi cliches that are present in the mass effects narrative, commenting on the fact that "he rudely patched, could see a piece of a dead Shepard-Commanders armor not only cool, but the first sign that the Legion is more than just a Get automation capable of independent thinking and perhaps even sentimentality". Green man Gaming Legion is in the top 5 list of best characters from the franchise Mass Effect.

Out of the series mass effect, the Legion was mentioned in the list of the best characters AI in 2000-ies published by game Informer. Follow also named it one of the best new characters of 2010, praising his "clinical and obviously mechanical delivery" and intriguing dialogue. Casey Lynch, again from IGN, believes the Legion is one of the best gambling acquainted with the character, thanking his musical theme and its "rousing crescendo". A survey of readers published by IGN in December 2014 their final choice RPG participant placed the Legion in #18 in section stocks.

The heroine continues to be used in other media after the original trilogy Mass Effect. In the beginning of 2018, some mass media drew attention to the many visual similarities between the reinterpretation of the 1965 series lost in space series mass effect, the specific similarity of the redesigned characters to Get the characters of Mass Effect. In February 2019, Comicbook.com lit to mention a great number of apex legends players requesting for the Mass Effect skin Legion for a Pathfinder character.

Legions quote: "this unit have a soul?" was selected, follow one of the best gaming quotes of all time. Legions quote was referenced by the universal life Church in a blog on his official website, and the Amazon Echo device. In BioWare acknowledged Amazon Echo Easter egg and said the reference to the pop culture of their own.

Various sources call of Legion and the Geth in their arguments about artificial intelligence in fiction. In his essay "We are Legion: artificial intelligence in BioWares Mass Effect", published in the multiplayer: the cultural impact of modern video games, Thomas Faller against the Geth narrative becomes self-conscious about their situation to Rene Descartes philosophical problem Cogito, ergo Sum and the right to be accepted as an individual. He notes that in the mass effect Universe "not only give us classic themes such as a clear violation of the three laws of robotics Asimov, but also gives us the opportunity to test these questions in a more exciting way." The authors of 2017 book ten things video games can teach us about life, philosophy and all discussed the nature of the Legion and the Geth, and whether the order in which their intelligence is manifested is part of the American philosopher Hilary Putnams theory of functionalism. Tree of ITBusiness.California argued that one of the major themes presented in the series of mass effect is that "breakthrough the creation will be followed by consequences, good and bad, and that he is often out of its creators control," noting that a number was clearly stated that any sufficiently advanced AI is essentially a new form of life is better than real AI developer.


5. Promotion and products. (Продвижение и продукты)

Like other characters in the series, the Legion was exposed to the various goods, which includes a 13” high figure ThreeZero was first revealed in June 2015 and a collectors item canvased print that parodies the Barack Obama "Hope" poster.

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Mass Effect – Legion PosterSpy. A toy production company by the name of ThreeZero has unveiled this awesome 13 inch tall Legion action figure from Mass Effect. This is such. Mass effect легион танцует. How do I get Legion? Mass Effect 2 Q&A for Xbox 360 GameFAQs. Legion is a get a race of networked artificial intelligences created by the Quarians as labourers and tools of war before they became sentient and questioned their. Reaper iff. Mass Effect 2 Legion on Philosophy and the Geth plan YouTube. Discover and share Legion Mass Effect 2 Quotes. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. Mass effect 2 missions list. Collectors Corner: Mass Effect 3 Legion, Avengers Syfy Wire. Legion is a group of hero worshipers thats all. they used sheps armor to fix the hole in the platform not just because it was there but because it.

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Voice of Legion Mass Effect 2 Game Behind The Voice Actors. See a recent post on Tumblr from @tinyfruitbat art about legion mass effect. Discover more posts about legion mass effect. Geth mass effect. Legion Mass Effect Poster Print by Leonid Loginov Displate. Recruitment: Legion. If you want to have the Geth from the Reaper ship as a member of your squad, head down to the AI Core located through the Medical Bay. Legion Mass Effect Works Archive of Our Own. Legion Mass Effect 1080P, 2K, 4K, 5K HD wallpapers free download, these wallpapers are free download for PC, laptop, iphone, android phone and ipad. Legion Mass Effect GIFs Get the best GIF on GIPHY. ME2 Legion. Ad to Support Thingiverse. Why do we show ads on Thingiverse? Report Thing. Tags. Legionmasseffectmass effect. License.

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May 13, 2014 ​images 2 25. Recruitment: Legion Mass Effect 2 Guide and Walkthrough. A Mass Effect Trilogy Novelisation. John Shepard was born on Earth, experiencing life on the streets before joining the Alliance Navy and becoming a hero of. Mass Effect Moments You Didnt Know Could Happen ScreenRant. Ever wondered how Legions voice evolved out of the robotic clicks and buzzes of a normal geth? Mass Effect 3 audio lead Rob Blake walks us. Legion Mass Effect, Olha Karmanova ArtStation. Paper Foamcraft.pdo file template for Mass Effect 3 Legion. Craft your own universe!. Mass Effect 2 Legion is so Innocent YouTube. THREEZERO BLOG JP. CART. BLOG TOYS. Getter Robot: The Last Day – ROBO DOU Shin Getter 1 threezero Arranged Design Metallic Edition Getter.

Legion - Mass Effect Fan print Lauren Bagley.

Geth Platform 2A93, better known as Legion, is a fictional character in BioWares Mass Effect franchise, who serves as a party member or squadmate in Mass. Legion: A House Divided Walkthrough Mass Effect 2. Jun 23, 2015 Legion, the Mass Effect series hive mind A.I that enjoyed debating the morals of existence as much as it did shooting things in the face, was one. Mass Effect 3 Legion Sixth Scale Figure THREEZERO. Explore and share the best Legion Mass Effect GIFs and most popular animated GIFs here on GIPHY. Find Funny GIFs, Cute GIFs, Reaction GIFs and more. Mass Effect 3 Legion Good Smile Company. Опубликовано: 8 мар. 2010 г.

Mass Effect Legion ThreeZero Bigshot Toyworks.

Ok can we talk about how Pathfinder kind of looks like a geth from Mass Effect. Reminds me a lot of Legion. ApexLegends MassEffect. Mass Effect 3 Superfan Unveils His Legion Masterpiece Game Rant. Biography. Legion is the adopted name given to synthetic intelligence Geth Platform 2A93, a unique geth terminal with 1.183 active geth A.I. Legion Mass Effect 2 Home Facebook. Tali Legion. Mass Effect Rated: T English Romance Adventure Chapters: 13 Words: 220.152 Reviews: 105 Favs: 133 Follows: 123 Updated: Jun 11,. Legion Mass Effect 1080P, 2K, 4K, 5K HD wallpapers free. Honest gaming news for all kinds of families. Playstation Xbox Switch PC Mobile. Hit enter to search or ESC to close. Pixelkin. A request for a mod. Mass effect LEGION companion? Fallout 4. Join and gain access to exclusive in game items, game keys, and some of the most sought after closed betas. Join a friendly and knowledgeable forum.

Mass Effect 2 Secret Party Members Characters TV Tropes.

Legion Mass Effect. Legion Mass Effect Minecraft Skin. Updated on May 8th, 2017, 4 years ago 2 logs. Published Apr 5th, 2015, 6 years ago. 9 diamonds. Legion Mass Effect T Shirt TeePublic. In preparation for ME3, Im doing a replay of Mass Effect 2 and I want to know if I can take Legion on Talis loyalty mission, complete all other loyalty missions.

Mass Effect Legion 1 6 Scale Figure Alter Ego Comics.

A 9 x12 Fan Print of Legion from the popular series, Mass Effect. Print comes on fine art luster paper that is thick and of archival quality. Legion mass effect – Pixelkin. 11 votes, 31 comments. first off legion is a bomb ass robot, okay? when i saw that motherfucker snipe husks off my back with his wicked widow i ….

Legion – Mass Effect Alienware Arena.

Продолжительность: 3:57. Legion mass effect on Tumblr. People also search for. Mass effect 3: legion Threezero. A page for describing Characters: Mass Effect 2 Secret Party Members. Main Character Index Commander Shepard Party 1 Members Kaidan Alenko Ashley. Legion Mass Effect Multiversal Omnipedia. Mass Effect – Legion. Biowares sci fi trilogy is one of my favorite game series of all time. And Legion is probably the character I love most. 6178. 1. 0. Uploaded.

Legion Mass Effect 2 Quotes. QuotesGram.

Shop Legion mass effect t shirts designed by MerryWeissmas as well as other mass effect merchandise at TeePublic. If This Mass Effect Legion Figure Has A Soul, Its Made Of Plastic. Legion Mass Effect 2, Outer Space. 304 likes. Public Figure. Mass Effect: Creating The Voice Of Legion Game Informer. For Mass Effect 2 on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled How do I get Legion?. My name is Legion, for we are many FanFiction. Images of the voice actors who play the voice of Legion in Mass Effect 2 Game. Apex Legends Players Want a Mass Effect Legion Skin For. Продолжительность: 1:54.

Can I take Legion on Talis loyalty mission, complete all loyalty.

In 1 collection by The Flying Demo Mann. Mass Effect SFM collection. 47 items. Description. This is a port of a model of Legion from ME3. Legion Mass Effect Leonid Loginov. Legion is one of my favorite mass effect characters, and I was hoping somebody could provide a mod where I can have him as a companion,.

37 Legion Mass Effect HD Обои Фоны Wallpaper Abyss.

Last of the Legion is a special item. It can be purchased from the Mods Merchant in the Kadara Market on Kadara. Last of the Legion is involved with the. Pin by Dragonicetea on Mass Effect Mass effect legion, Mass effect. Legions damaged armor Legion is a unique geth mobile platform, designed to operate outside the Perseus Veil and interact with organics. To that purpose, it.

So, was Legion the first geth to open fire? Fextralife View topic.

Neoseeker Forums Xbox 360 Games RPG Adventure Mass Effect 2 How do I keep everyone alive, with Legion being NON LOYAL? How. Steam Workshop Mass Effect Legion. 3 Companion quests Legion: A House Divided Companion quests Mass Effect. Youll start this mission by a having a short conversation with Legion.

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