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Beohari {the Gil Beohari} is a large town and a Nagar Panchayat in Shahdol district in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. It is 79.07 km from the main city Shahdol. It is 412 km from state capital Bhopal.Beohari is rich in mineral resources viz. marble, iron ore, clay,sand, and unknown petroleum products.Beohari economically rich due to the presence of a huge business community and is politically active since independence, and many members of the Cabinet. He argued that the pre-election rally in Beohari have for an aspiring political party to capture power at the centre. Visit to Shri Lal Krishna Advani before the General election of 1999 of SMT Sonia Gandhi in 2004 and Shri Narendra modi in 2014 substantiates the claim. The demand to make Beohari as the district grows in population and is expected to Beohari may be the area in 2020.


1. History. (История)

The sea wave height to prefix Beohar and signifies the fact that the city was founded by a member of Beohar -dynasty. In Beohars was Rani Durgavatis Prime Ministers and knight-commanders, who were also Jagirdars from Jabalpur, and their descendants continue to thrive there. The most notable of Beohars was Sardar-Beohar Adhar Simha of which represented the Gond-Kingdom in Emperor Akbars court, and the last Jagirdar of Jabalpur was raghuvir not Beohar Singh. Various members of the genus Beohar founded different Beohari which are scattered in the Mahakoshal region of Madhya Pradesh. Although it is not clear which member of this genus Beohar based Shahdols village Shahi Beohari is one of the most popular palaces which is the nearest about 2 miles from Beohari. Bansagar dam, where many tourists visit daily also near23 K. M. from Beohari.


2. Demographics. (Демография)

As of the 2001 census of India, Beohari had a population of 20.013. Men account for 53% of the population and females 47%. Beohari has an average literacy rate of 64%, higher than the national average of 59.5%; with 60% of men and 40% of women are literate. 15% of the population under the age of 9 years.


3. Famous people. (Известные люди)

Pandit RAM Kishore Shukla = political and ideological leader of the entire region during the movement for Indias independence and more than half a century 1951-2003, which represented Beohari as M. L. a total of seven times.

Lavkesh Kunwar Singh, the Bharatiya Janta party M. L., from 1990 to 2008. He was also parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of State and Minister of state with independent charge.

Babu Nandan Gupta is a social worker and the founder of the party Janata Party BJP and was Chairman of the Nagar palika Beohari from 1982 to 1984.He played a very significant role in the formation of political understanding, judgement and impoverishment of the masses. He asked the party to contest the General and state elections many times, but he chose to work for the party, serve the poor, especially Harizanov and kept himself distant from competition policy.


4. Agriculture. (Сельское хозяйство)

Agriculture is the main economic occupation of the people. In recent years, mustard agriculture became one of the most harvested crop in Beohari due to the balanced temperature and soil a field that is loose, friable and deep.

The main crops paddy, cereals like maize, sorghum, Kodo-kutki and other small millets, beans, as Thouars and udhad and oil seeds like sesame, peanut, soya-beans and sunflower are also grown.

A very significant part of the population depends on agriculture. Mostly savages and marginal farmers, and they prefer the cultivation in the old traditional methods. The field size is also very small. Annual production output from the field is not enough for their home use. Thus, for the rest of the year they work on daily wages.

Being in a mountain area, only 9% of the total crop gets irrigation facility. The savages prefer the cultivation in the old traditional method and depend mainly on rain. The area of irrigated canals, tubewells, dugwells and tanks. Of the place on the banks of the river Banas & Jhapar Rivar. In this area was mainly production of wheat and rice in India. In Beohāri the largest number of wheat growing. For agriculture there are many rivers in the area they are known as the sonbhadra river son, Banas samdhen, and jhapar. In the area of the dam was constructed in 2001, was created on the M. p. government and we also urged the government shivraj. This dam is very useful for agriculture.


5. Forest. (Лес)

Sal, Amla, TEAK, Sarai and Shisham main trees at times. Flowers Mahua and Guli provide us with vegetable oil. Mahua flower is mainly used for wine production tribes.


6. Education. (Образование)

City staff has beohari arts and Commerce College name Pandit RAM Kishore Shukla. In 95% of villages the facility of primary school is available. 219 primary schools, 68 secondary schools, 13 universities and 20 secondary schools can be found here.


7. Banking and insurance. (Банковское дело и страхование)

Various banking institutions provide their financial institutions in this unit.

The Bank 1государственное India

2.Central Bank of India

3.Union Bank of India

4.Central Madhya Pradesh Gramin Bank

5 Bank Of Baroda

6. ICICI Bank

7. HDFC Bank

8.Axis Bank the Grameen cooperative banks.


8. Telekom Tsentr. (Телеком Центр)

Services 3G connection in the catalog, Airtel, reliance GSM and CDMA, Tata Docomo said, virgin mobile, idea 3G, Vodafone, request,deception, and mobile recharge are available in Beohari.


9. A list of villages in Beohari. (Список деревень в Беохари)

Gram Panchayat Is A New Baraundha, Sanausi,Akhetpur, Alhara, Anhara, Baheriya, Bairihai, Banasi, Bars, Barabagrlaha, Barhatola, Bijha, Beohari, Bhamarha First Bhamarha Second, Bhanni, Bholhara, Bholhri, Bocharo, Boddiha, Bokara.bokri, Budwa, Chachai, charka, Charkhri, Chauri, Jageer Dalko kothar company, Deori, Dhandhokui, Dhari No. 2, Gadha, Gopalpur, Hirwar, Jagmal, Jharausi Jamuni, Janakpur, Jhiriya, Kelhari, Khadda, Khaira, Khamhdand, Kharpa, Khutehara, Kumhiha, Kuwan, Magardaha, Mahadeva, Meir Tola, MAU, Mudariya, new SAPTA, Nipaniya, Nodiya, Give Papodh, Papoundh, Papredi, Pasagadi, Patharehi, Rampurwa, Raspur, Riha, Sakandi.sanausi, Sakhi, Adobe, Sarsi, Sarwahikala, Satkhuri, dry, Tenduadh, Tikhwa, Uksa, Vijaysota. Devgao, Barachh, Mantola, Akhetpur, Godawal, Jharausi, Balhoudi, Nagnaudi, Sanausi, Nagnaudi, kalleh,Barkachh.


10.1. Connection. Road transport. (Автомобильный транспорт)

Beohari connected by road to Rewa{Satna}, Shahdol, Sidhi and Umaria. In addition, bus services from Katni to Beohari via Manpur and can be used. Alternate railway connecting stations Shahdol, Rewa and Katni. The bus ride from Shahdol and Rewa will take about 2 to 3 hours and from Katni it will take about 5 to 6 hours.


10.2. Connection. Railroad. (Железная дорога)

Directly connected to major cities:- Kolkata Hazrat Nizamuddin Jabalpur Asansol Ranchi Bhopal-Kota-Jaipur, Ajmer Katni Sagar guna singrauli shipping Beohari is an important station between Katni route Howrah, which is located 112 km from Katni and 149 km from singrauli shipping. There are several trains, such as

  • Singrauli delivery Hazrat Nizamuddin SF Express.
  • Bhopal - Howrah Express.
  • 11447 / Shaktipunj Express.
  • Singrauli delivery Bhopal SF Express.
  • Ajmer - Kolkata Express.
  • Chop Katni Fast Passenger.
  • 11651 / Jabalpur - Singrauli Intercity Shipping-Express.
  • Katni Chop Mix Passenger.

10.3. Connection. Air transport. (Воздушный транспорт)

Beohari is well connected to the airport Jabalpur. Daily trains and buses available to and from Beohari. The nearest airport is Jabalpur and Beohari in Madhya Pradesh. You can take flights from Delhi to Jabalpur and use the bus or train directly from Jabalpur Shaktipunj Express{singroli in Jabalpur intercity Express} is the best train to reach Beohari. Flights are available to Jabalpur in India, IndiGo airlines and air Alliance airlines. Beohari is located at the confluence of the nearby towns Shahdol Sidhi singrauli shipping Rewa Satna Katni and Beohari airport can serve as a major bridge to connect the air more than 10 million people in the area.

  • 24 1 25.1 N 81 22 43.2 E 24.023639 N 81.378667 E 24.023639 81.378667 Beohari Vidhan Sabha constituency is one of the 230 Vidhan Sabha Legislative Assembly
  • He is a Member of the Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly representing Beohari for the Indian National Congress. He was first elected in the 2013 general
  • M.L.A in the legislative assembly of the state of Madhya Pradesh from Beohari constituency, where he served as speaker, deputy speaker, whereas in cabinet
  • Papord is a small village in the Beohari block, Shahdol district in Madhya Pradesh, India. Papord village is the single gram panchayat and biggest single
  • 0267500 81.3782111 Kishore Kala Mandir is a private building situated in Beohari city of Shahdol division in Madhya Pradesh which is serving as a private
  • India. Its Pin Code is 486005. There is a similar name Saman village in Beohari tehsil, in Shahdol district in Madhya Pradesh with telephone Std Code:
  • Nipaniya is a vllage in Beohari Tehsil in Shahdol District of Madhya Pradesh State, India. It belongs to Shahdol Division. It is located 95 km north of
  • Behala, West Bengal, India Kishore Kala Mandir, a private building in Beohari city, India Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana English: Young Scientist
  • which is approximately 40 kilometres from Deorajnagar. Rewa, Satna and Beohari are also nearby. Two famous temples are located in this locality, Gidhakoot
  • Junction Deori Sihora Road Katni South Khanna Banjari Mahroi Vijay Sota Beohari Marwasgram Niwas Road Sarai Gram Bargawan Singrauli The train has standard

  • Vidisha Ganj Basoda Bina Junction Saugor Damoh Katni Murwara Khanna Banjari Beohari Bargawan Singrauli The train has standard ICF rakes with max speed of 110
  • 1073 km in 18h 45m. The important halts of the train are: Singrauli Bargawan Beohari Khanna Banjari Katni Murwara Damoh Saugor Jhansi Junction Agra Cantonment
  • Rajendra Shukla 74 - Rewa Nagendra Singh 75 - Gurh Bali Singh Maravi 83 - Beohari Sundar Singh 84 - Jaisinghnagar Jai Singh Maravi 85 - Jaitpur Dilip Jaisawal
  • Switzerland d. 2014 Ram Kishore Shukla, politician and activist, in Beohari British India d. 2003 Died: Howdy Wilcox, 34, American racecar driver
  • Madan Mahal, Narsinghpur C suburban station 0 - D 11 Bandakpur, Bankhedi, Beohari Jaitwara, Kareli, Khurai, Makronia, Pathariya, Sohagpur, Sihora Road
  • BXM Belsiri BLRE Belthara Road BLTR Uttar Pradesh Belur BEQ Belvandi BWD Beohari BEHR Madhya Pradesh Berchha BCH Madhya Pradesh Berhampore Court BPC West
  • Bansagar or Ban Sagar Dam is a multipurpose river Valley Project on Sone River situated in the Ganges Basin in Madhya Pradesh, India with both irrigation
  • Kanchanpur Road National Highway 12A 119 Dubrikalan 274 Orchha 112 Beohari border 101 Chattani 290 Jhansi 087 Bara to Agra Bhopal section 081 Bijaysota
  • 153, 243 80 Singrauli None Singrauli 145, 530 81 Deosar SC Singrauli 154, 144 82 Dhauhani ST Sidhi 175, 624 83 Beohari ST Shahdol 192, 262 Total: 1, 359, 850
  • MLA 081 Devsar 082 Dhauhani ST R.D. Singh Kunwar Singh Tekam, MLA 083 Beohari ST Ram Pal Singh Ram Prasad Singh Paraste 084 Jaisingnagar ST Dhyan
  • Devsar SC Singrauli 154, 144 Sidhi 82 Dhauhani ST Sidhi 175, 624 Sidhi 83 Beohari ST Shahdol 192, 262 Sidhi 84 Jaisingnagar ST Shahdol 182, 941 Shahdol 85

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