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★ American novels by writer

  • American Novel GAN refers to a canonical novel that is thought to have captured the spirit of American life. These novels are generally written by Americans
  • solidified his status as a key American writer It was in the late 18th and early 19th centuries that the nation s first novels were published. An early example
  • A novelist is an author or writer of novels though often novelists also write in other genres of both fiction and non - fiction. Some novelists are professional
  • The Ghost Writer is a 1979 novel by the American author Philip Roth. It is the first of Roth s novels narrated by Nathan Zuckerman, one of the author s
  • membership is open to writers worldwide. The organization was founded in 1965 by Damon Knight under the name Science Fiction Writers of America Inc. The president
  • Formats of Comics, Graphic Novels and Tankobon Image Narrative 1 Dec. 2000 Graphic Novels Everything You Need to Know by Paul Gravett, Harper Design
  • Colombia. Influenced by European and North American Modernism, but also by the Latin American Vanguardia movement, these writers challenged the established
  • Fantasy History Historical novels Horror fiction Horsemanship Humor Illustrations Manga Music theory Mysteries Non - fiction Novels Occult Plays Poetry Politics
  • Mystery Writers of America The Top 100 Mystery Novels of All Time, selected by active MWA members in 1995 Crime Writers Association Crime Writers of Canada
  • century which inspire writers of medieval novels such Hysimine and Hysimines by Eustathios Makrembolites, Rodanthe and Dosikles by Theodore Prodromos and
  • African - American literature is the body of literature produced in the United States by writers of African descent. It begins with the works of such late
  • also includes non - American authors resident in the USA and American writers of African descent. Note: Consult Who is African - American to gain a better
  • Latin American writers had published novels dealing with military regimes, that dictator novel became common nomenclature. The most celebrated novels of
  • They are often written by accomplished writers based on an early draft of the film s script and on a tight deadline. Novelizations of films began to be
  • four different characters involved in the life and work of a writer of historical novels based in a picturesque but fictional location named Grenzler
  • awards for romance novels are the RITA Awards, which are presented annually by the Romance Writers of America to the best novels in romantic fiction
  • web novels that got contacted by a publisher to distribute and publish those stories in print format. Japan portal Novels portal List of light novels List
  • for his James Bond continuation novels but also for his series of Boysie Oakes books and three continuation novels containing Sir Arthur Conan Doyle s
  • published his influential Latin American literature monthly Mundo Nuevo, with excerpts of unreleased novels from then - new writers such as Guillermo Cabrera
  • other critically acclaimed novels Tan began writing fiction novels while she was a technical writer Marcia Wilbur, American author of A Decade of the
  • April 7, 1977 was an American author and screenwriter, known for his hardboiled crime fiction. Thompson wrote more than thirty novels the majority of which
  • unknown author to the public. Most publishers purchase rights to novels especially debut novels through literary agents, who screen client work before sending
  • Phone Novels Video explaining cell phone novels in North America Detailed Article by cell phone novelist The pioneer English cell phone novel writer exploring
  • is a list of Asian American writers authors, and poets who have Wikipedia pages. Their works are considered part of Asian American literature. Ai Meena
  • Crime Novels of All Time is a list published in book form in 1990 by the British - based Crime Writers Association. Five years later, the Mystery Writers of
  • suffering the effects of, or recovering from war. Many war novels are historical novels The war novel s origins are in the epic poetry of the classical and
  • of about one hundred years, novels of Bangladesh got a good number of novels where creative emancipation of the writers has been established. In the
  • century England, social novels have been written throughout Europe and the United States. Although this subgenre of the novel is usually seen as having
  • incomplete you can help by expanding it. This is a list of some of the most important writers from Latin America organized by cultural region and nationality
  • Collin Wilcox September 21, 1924 July 12, 1996 was an American mystery writer who published 30 books in 30 years. Born in Detroit, Michigan, September

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