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★ Cosmos

Space is the universe. Using word space than the word Universe means to see the Universe as complex and orderly system, or person, as opposed to chaos. Space, and our understanding of the causes of its existence and significance, studied in cosmology is a very broad discipline, encompassing any scientific, religious or philosophical reflections about the Universe and its nature, or reason for existence. Religious and philosophical approaches can include in their conception of the cosmos of different spiritual entities or other issues, it is considered that exists beyond our physical Universe.


1. Etymology. (Этимология)

Philosopher Pythagoras first used the term "cosmos" from the Greek. word meaning order of the Universe. The term has become part of modern language in the 19th century, when the geographer–scientist-polymath Alexander von Humboldt resurrected from the ancient Greek word for instructed his five-volume treatise "cosmos" that influenced the modern and rather holistic perception of the universe as a single interactive entity.


2. Cosmology. (Космология)

Cosmology is the science of the cosmos, and in a broad sense encompasses many very different approaches: the scientific, religious and philosophical. All cosmologies have in common an attempt to understand the implicit order within the whole of being. Thus, most religions and philosophical systems have a cosmology.

When the cosmology used without a qualifier, it often means physical cosmology, unless the context makes clear that a different meaning is intended.


2.1. Cosmology. Physical cosmology. (Физическая космология)

Physical cosmology is often simply described as a cosmology is the science about the Universe, from the beginning of his physical existence. It includes speculative concepts such as the multiverse, when this is discussed. In physical cosmology, the term cosmos is often used in a technical sense, referring to a particular spacetime continuum within the multiverse is postulated. Of our concrete universe, observable Universe, as a rule, kapitaliserede as space.

In physical cosmology, to write the lower case term refers to the space theme with the relationship to the Universe, such as cosmic time since the Big Bang, cosmic rays high energy particles or radiation from space, and the relic microwave radiation found in all directions in space.

According to Charles Peter Mason in sir William Smith, dictionary of Greek and Roman biography and mythology, 1870 see book for full quotation, the Pythagoreans described the universe.

It appears, indeed, from this and from the extant fragments that the first book, from Filala work contains a General account of the origin and structure of the Universe. The second book seems to have been the exposition of the nature of numbers, which in Pythagorean theory, are the essence and source of all things. S. 305


2.2. Cosmology. Philosophical cosmology. (Философская космология)

Cosmology is the branch of metaphysics which deals with nature, the Universe, the theory or doctrine describing the natural order of the Universe. The basic definition cosmology is the study of the origin and evolution of the Universe. In modern astronomy the Big Bang Theory is the dominant postulation.


2.3. Cosmology. Religious cosmology. (Религиозные космологии)

In theology, the cosmos created the heavenly bodies. In Christian theology the word is also used synonymously with Aion to refer to "worldly life" or "this world" or "this age" and not in the afterlife or world to come.

Book 1870 dictionary of Greek and Roman biography and mythology, to mention

Thales dogma that water is the origin of things, that is, that it is that out of which every thing arises, and into which every thing resolves itself, Thales may have followed Orphic cosmogonies, while, unlike them, he sought to establish the truth of the assertion. Hence, Aristotle, immediately after he has called him the originator of philosophy brings forward the reasons which Thales was believed to have adduced in confirmation of that assertion, for that no written development of it, or indeed any book by Thales, was extant, is proved by the expressions which Aristotle uses when he brings forward the doctrines and proofs of the Milesian. p. 1016 Plato, describes the idea of the good, or the Godhead, sometimes teleologically, as the ultimate purpose of all conditioned existence, sometimes cosmologically, as the ultimate operative cause, and has begun to develop the cosmological, as also the physico-theological proof for the being of God, but has referred both back to the idea of the Good, as the necessary presupposition to all other ideas, and our cognition of them. p. 402

The book the works of Aristotle 1908, page 80 of the fragments mentioned

Aristotle says the poet Orpheus never existed, the Pythagoreans ascribe this Orphic poem to a certain Cercon see Cercops.

Bertrand Russell noted, 1947

The Orphics were an ascetic sect, wine, to them, was only a symbol, as, later, in the Christian sacrament. The intoxication that they sought was that of "enthusiasm," of union with the god. They believed themselves, in this way, to acquire mystic knowledge not obtainable by ordinary means. This mystical element entered into Greek philosophy with Pythagoras, who was a reformer of Orphism as Orpheus was a reformer of the religion of Dionysus. From Pythagoras Orphic elements entered into the philosophy of Plato, and from Plato into most later philosophy that was in any degree religious.

3. Early view from space: European and Chinese. (Начала смотреть из космоса: Европейский и китайский)

Eastern and Western thought differ markedly in their understanding of space and organization of space. The Chinese saw the Cosmos as an infinite and intertwined with the Earth. Western ideas from the ancient Greeks understanding of the cosmos, believed in multi-plane to divide the space, which of course is filled with air.


3.1. Early view from space: European and Chinese. European view. (Европейский взгляд)

Early Europeans watched cosmos as a divine creation, spatial finite divided space, divided into the sublunary and superlunary worlds. Objects above the lunar sphere, is considered to be stable, celestial bodies, believed to be made from a refined substance called "quintessence". It is understood as a crystalline, completely transparent substance that held all the superlunary spheres in perfect order. After their creation God, the sphere does not change, except for their rotation over the ground. Objects below the lunar sphere was the subject of a continuing combination, separation and recombination. This is because they consisted of the chaotic elements of Earth, Air, Fire and water.

The idea of the celestial spheres was developed in cosmological models and Plato, Eudoxus, Aristotle, Ptolemy, Copernicus and others. They believed in a stable space that God created where separate spheres were exposed to a different sort order. The Europeans supported the opinion of Aristotle, that infinity can only be viewed as an attribute of God, with the cosmos, being finite. In addition, based on the opinion of Aristotle, that "nature abhors a vacuum", the Europeans believed that the space between the spheres were filled with air. This theory lasted until the scientific revolution, when the discovery that the Sun is in the center of the planetary system rocked the cosmological understanding of his essence.


3.2. Early view from space: European and Chinese. The Chinese view. (Китайский вид)

The Chinese had several theories, processes and components space. The most popular of these beliefs was the theory of the Xuan ye, the astronomical view of the cosmos as an infinite space, floating in it bits of condensed steam. The Chinese believed that the Earth consisted of condensed Yin and Yang heaven and that these properties coexisted in constant relation to each other, Yin and Yang are used together to explain the processes on Earth also those that touch the ground in cooperation with heaven. This idea was described by Joseph Needham in space that function as a complex organism, with distinct patterns in the ever-changing structure. There was a pattern and coincidence in space. Because of this, the Chinese believed that terrestrial phenomena could affect the heavenly bodies.

The Chinese believed that Qi is the substance of all things in space and on Earth, including inanimate matter, people, ideas, emotions, heavenly bodies and everything that exists or existed, and that this qi condensation that created all matter in space. This is relatively consistent with our modern understanding of the Assembly of matter through gravitational fields.

The Chinese believe associated with the theory of Xuan ye, which held the space as empty and endless. This is contrary to the concept of Aristotle, that nature does not contain a vacuum, and that infinity can only be a divine attribute. The idea of the nothingness of space was later recognized as one of the most important discoveries of modern science.


3.3. Early view from space: European and Chinese. The similarity in the observation. (Сходство в наблюдении)

There is one way that the Chinese and Europeans, along with countless other ancient societies associated with the space. It was through the meaning placed on celestial bodies that were observed moving over the ground. The Chinese had very sophisticated astronomical understanding of the stars and the cosmos which has influenced all of their arts and architecture, in their myths and science. So it was with the Greeks and Romans, whose 48 constellations, including zodiac signs and the constellation of Orion, has been transmitted to modern Western cultures. It was probably transmitted to them from ancient Babylonian and Egyptian astronomers. Copernicus is said to have been inspired by the fertile sun deity of Neoplatonic thought, which may initially inspired his vision of a heliocentric Universe.

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Encyclopedic dictionary


Environmental Geopolitics and Outer Space Geopolitics: Vol 0, No 0.

There isnt a more compelling memorial service for someone who loves science fiction, marvels at space or simply longs to be at one with the cosmos. Visualizing the Cosmos Sean Doran Filling Space. 3 Oct 2019 Microwave Astronomy Helps Astronomers Explore the Cosmos from outer space help give a peek back at the infancy of the cosmos. Space National Geographic. Use Extra Postage to Pluto. Ever wish you could give your sister the moon, or thank your mom to infinity? These space inspired cards help you create. Outer Space Cosmos GIF Find & Share on GIPHY. 27 Jun 2019 Scientists were celebrating a groundbreaking astronomical discovery Thursday that they say could pave the way for mapping the outer reaches. These Threats From Outer Space Could End Life on Earth Newsweek. 6 Jun 2014 The way Bill Pope describes it, shooting Cosmos was like producing a run and gun independent film, with an army of special effects artists.

Finding answers to cancer in the cosmos ASU Now: Access.

5 Jul 2017 Genovese, Taylor R. The New Right Stuff: Social Imaginaries of Outer Space and the Capitalist Accumulation of the Cosmos. SocArXiv, 5 July. How Cold is Space? Universe Today. Cosmos Outer Space t.A.T.u. HQ Album Dangerous And Moving 2005. How long can a human survive in outer space? HowStuffWorks. 2 Jul 2013 But out in the vacuum of space, the only way heat can transfer is radiation. This is the temperature of the cosmic microwave background radiation, Categories Guide to Space Tags outer space, space, temperature of space. 10 Cosmic Misconceptions About Outer Space Listverse. Usually, Cosmos and universe in the past have been considered synonyms, and were often used interchangeably to refer to the same thing, However, if the 2. Space & Cosmos The New York Times. 3 Jul 2018 Genovese, Taylor R. 2017 The new right stuff: Social imaginaries of outer space and the capitalist accumulation of the cosmos. Masters thesis.

Cosmos astronomy google - wiki.info.

The Cosmos on a Shoestring Related Topics: Astronomy, Outer Space, Physics, Space Exploration Citation Small Spacecraft in the Civil Space Program. Cosmic waves discovery could unlock mysteries of intergalactic space. 14 Aug 2019 These are the best space documentaries to help you explore the universe about black holes, the expansion of the universe, and the age of the cosmos. and give you an insight into outer space and the wider universe. Screening Cosmos politanism: The Anthropocenic politics of outer. Outer space is an extremely hostile place. You would be exposed to various types of radiation cosmic rays or charged particles emitted from the sun solar. ​t.A.T.u. – Cosmos Outer Space Lyrics Genius Lyrics. 29 Sep 2019 The Observable Universe: Visualizing the Cosmos in Art. The Cosmos as Capitalisms Outside Peter Dickens, 2009. The amount of cosmic radiation that reaches the earth from the sun and outer space varies: its energy is effectively absorbed by the atmosphere and is also.

A Poet and a Novelist Discuss the Literary Allure of Outer Space.

1 Sep 2017 Dr. Space Junk Unearths the Cultural Landscape of the Cosmos Age the artifacts left behind both on Earth and in outer space can tell us. The New Right Stuff: Social Imaginaries of Outer Space and the. Games we dont want to play, same winner everyday. Kill for the second best, feel no more, feel no less. We have our minutes cut, we lose our feelings but. Best Space Podcasts Our Favourite Shows for Exploring the Cosmos. 29 Apr 2019 Now, scientists at Arizona State Universitys Biodesign Center for Applied Structural Discovery CASD are turning to outer space to understand.

Ten Modern Masters Who Elevated Space Art to Astronomical.

17 Jan 2017 4 Reasons we should Stop Sending Humans into Outer Space And when it comes to exploring space, sending robots can be several orders knowledge of the cosmos were the six Apollo missions that landed on the Moon. T.A.T.u. – Cosmos Outer Space lyrics. 24 Jun 2019 The Cosmos Viewed from Earth and Outer Space from 1949 to the Present Through October 6, 2019 Atrium Gallery, Marshall Fine Arts Center. Iridium Cosmos Collision and its Implications for Space Operations. Collection Finding Our Place in the Cosmos From Galileo to Sagan and Beyond. About this Collection Messages to and from Outer Space. As the 20th century. Cosmic Radiation an overview ScienceDirect Topics. 12 Apr 2018 On 12 April 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the first human to cross into outer space. Today, the International Space Station is a permanent outpost. Gabor Palotai COSMOS Gabor Palotai Design. 20 May 2019 There are some pretty cosmic tunes out there about our Solar System and beyond, With the words Im transcending to Outer Space …. What is the difference between the universe, the cosmos, space. Get 192 outer space cosmos graphics, designs & templates. All from our global community of graphic designers.

Cosmos Outer Space tATu YouTube.

Fifty years since the first footsteps on the Moon, the exploration of the cosmos remains irresistible, and the ambition to establish commercial space travel and. Hubble Space Telescope. 17 Jan 2019 He finalized HD 219134 b just before 2019 arrived, his 47 th year drawing the surreal estate in outer space. His illustrations, in more than 60. Outer Space Doodle Images, Stock Photos & Vectors Shutterstock. 20 Apr 2019 This article is a simple outlook about the hierarchy of the cosmos from our That must be the way our ancestors began to observe outer space. Dr. Space Junk Unearths the Cultural Landscape of the Cosmos. Discover & share this Cosmos GIF with everyone you know. GIPHY is how you search, share.

Official Retro rocket planet stars galaxy cosmos moon outer space.

Catalogue of the Cosmos Gamma ray bursts, the spectacular celestial explosions seen in NOVAs Death Star, are just one of myriad marvels in outer space. Space, the Moon, and celestial bodies are humanitys common. 3 Oct 2017 Artists like Warhol, Calder, Kandinsky, and OKeeffe comment on humanitys intimate relationship with the cosmos, informed by modern. Messages to and from Outer Space Life on Other Worlds Articles. A journey from the Himalayas to the edge of our cosmic horizon in space and of human. Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara. 9 Nov 2018 The perfect OuterSpace Cosmos Infinity Animated GIF for your conversation. Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor. Our Quest for Meaning in the Heavens WSJ. Virgin Galactic recognizes that the answers to many of the challenges we face in sustaining life on our beautiful planet, lie in making better use of space.

The Cosmos on a Shoestring: Small Spacecraft for Space and Earth.

Most people have wondered if there is life beyond Earth in space. With all of the countless billions of stars and possible planets and moons in space, many. Space music: 10 of the best songs about space BBC Science Focus. 5 May 2015 NASA,ESA, M. Robberto STSI ESA and the Hubble Space life giving molecule is so rare in the cosmos because oxygen atoms cling tightly. Outer Space Cosmos GIF OuterSpace Cosmos Infinity Discover. Although Earth is part of what we call space, most people refer to outer space as the region of space outside of Earth and its atmosphere. The outermost layer of. Alien Worlds, Extraterrestrial Life: Space Artist Sketches The Cosmos. COSMOS In his new artist book COSMOS, Gabor Palotai visualizes outer space as an inner space:. The Strange Similarity of Neuron and Galaxy Networks Issue 50. Previous NASA investigations with the Cosmic Microwave Background Explorer Observations with the Hubble Space Telescope and other observatories.

NOVA Online Death Star Catalogue of the Cosmos PBS.

The Cosmos 954 accident was the first instance in the history of space exploration. ful Uses of Outer Space, 33 U.N. GAOR 190th meeting of the Subcomm. Cosmic Thoughts: The Paradigm of Space in Moscow E Flux. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1962 Vinyl release of Musique Electronique Du Cosmos Electronic Music From Outer Space on Discogs. Using Microwave Astronomy To Explore the Cosmos ThoughtCo. Wild 2 Comet Solar System, Cosmos, Kites, Sistema Solar, Outer Space, Asteroid Solar System Exploration, Space Exploration, Science And Nature, Cosmos. The Observable Universe: Visualizing the Cosmos in Art – Events. Scale of Cosmic Time. No. 56 Fall 2001. Click here for a printable pdf version of this newsletter. Click here for an updated and expanded color pdf large file,.

Outer Space Cosmos Graphics, Designs & Templates GraphicRiver.

Storm of Strange Radio Bursts Emerges From Deep Space Launched 40 years ago, the Voyager space probes are on a grand tour of the cosmos Picture of. Falling Cosmos Nuclear Reentry and the Environmental History of. 20 Jan 2017 Living on our blue little planet seems safe until you are aware of what lurks in space. The following cosmic disasters are just a few ways. 14 Space Enthusiasts Predict Our Future In The Cosmos. Download the New iOS App. Notifications, photos and videos from space, astronaut profiles and more. You should like this on Facebook You should definitely. Cosmic Crisp® Case Study PVM. 8 Nov 2019 and a crash course in orbital mechanics which we promise to keep short and sweet. Come learn how to get from A to B in outer space. CABINET In Between Space and Cosmos. 14 Sep 2018 Art that depicts space drives us to explore it. One space artist is Sean Doran. He has synthesized photos and videos of the planets and our sun.

Extreme: Humans at Home in the Cosmos Anthropological Quarterly.

Embark on a journey of discovery with the Hubble Space Telescope. Novembers Public Lecture Series: Unveiling the Cosmos. Join us for a lecture on a. Cosmos 954 and the International Law of Satellite Accidents. 10 Apr 2018 Living in outer space conjures up a host of realizations. and doctors, the time spent amongst the cosmos is life changing in many ways. Music and the Cosmos Smithsonian Music. June 1–October 6, 2019 Atrium Gallery, Jane Lutnick Fine Arts Center Opening Reception: Friday, May 31, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the gallery Hours. A Thin Cosmic Rain Michael W. Friedlander Harvard University. 28 Jan 2019 Ive breathed in some crazy things from outer space – Katie Patersons cosmic art. Patrick Barkham. The artist who once sent a meteorite back.

TATu Cosmos Outer Space SoundCloud.

Cosmos, in astronomy, the entire physical universe considered as a unified whole phenomena within the cosmic system is explained in the article universe. Astropreneurs HUB: Home. Cosmos Outer Space, a song by t.A.T.u. on Spotify. Cosmos Outer Space, a song by t.A.T.u. on Spotify. The same is often true of the adjective Cosmic rays really particles rather than rays bombard us from outer space, but cosmic questions come from. Outer space pedia. Conflicting political stances on the USs future in outer space. While the films of an international space agenda for public outer space as 4 cosmos politanism.

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