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Marsh Scheuchzeria, is a flowering plant in the family Scheuchzeriaceae in which there is only one kind and Scheuchzeria is the only kind. In the APG II system it is in the order Alismatales of the monocots.


1. Description. (Описание)

It is a herbaceous perennial plant, native to cool temperate regions of the Northern hemisphere, where it grows in wet sphagnum peat bogs. It grows to a height of 10-40 cm, with narrow linear leaves alternating up the stem, with basal sheath. The leaves can be up to 20 cm of the leaf Tips are blunt with noticeable pores.

It has a creeping rhizome clothed in paper, straw coloured remains of old leaf bases.

The flowers are greenish-yellow, 4-6 mm in diameter, with six tepals. They have an inflated sheathing base, 6 stamens and 3 carpels. It blooms from June to August

There are two subspecies, not different from all the authorities:

  • Scheuchzeria marsh subspecies. swamp. Northern and Eastern Europe, Northern Asia.
  • Scheuchzeria marsh subspecies. Americana curator Fernald. North America.

2. Etymology. (Этимология)

The genus is named after Johann Jakob Scheuchzer, a Swiss naturalist, and his brother, Johann Gaspar Scheuchzer. Species name from the Latin for a swamp.

The English name refers to its occurrence on Rannoch moor in Central Scotland, in the UK, this species was known, and only one where it currently occurs, it will disappear for a few other wetlands, further South in Britain, was discovered in the pools and wet hollows of ancient undisturbed sphagnum bogs.

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  • multilinealis fig tiger - moth Herpetogramma licarsisalis tropical grass - moth Maruca vitrata bean - pod borer Omiodes diemenalis bean leafroller Parotis suralis
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  • up of two elongated leaflets. The flowers are pink. The fruit is a legume pod about 2 inches long. The narrow - leaved everlasting - pea is a perennial plant

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