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Cylindropuntia abyssi, common name Peach springs Cholla, is a species of cactus endemic to the North-West of Arizona. It is known only from the Grand Canyon and Peach springs Canyon, the hualapai reservation, in the County of Mohave. It grows in desert scrub on limestone ridges and hills. The natural range of the species are quite small, but it is locally abundant and grows in a remote area with few threats to the survival of the species.

Cylindropuntia abyssi has branched stems up to 1 m 40 cm in height. Segments of the stem a few detachable, up to 14 cm 5.6 inches in length. The flowers are pale greenish-yellow. Fruit pale yellow, dry, spineless or nearly so, with brown seeds.

  • that tenaciously attach to skin, fur, and clothing. Stands of cholla are called cholla gardens. Individuals within these colonies often exhibit the same
  • buckhorn cholla staghorn cholla Cactaceae Cylindropuntia echinocarpa silver cholla Cactaceae Cylindropuntia ramosissima pencil cholla Cactaceae
  • Echinocereus brandegeei chain - link cholla Cylindropuntia cholla Christmas cholla Cylindropuntia leptocaulis club cholla Corynopuntia clavata chaparral
  • Ranch School, Mesa 1943 Music Mountain Junior Senior High School, Peach Springs Northern Yuma County Union High School, Parker Salome circa mid - 1950s
  • SR 66 between Kingman and the Yavapai Coconino county line east of Peach Springs Since 1987, other sections have been designated as Historic Route 66
  • Sunrise Mountain, West Wing Mountain, East Wing Mountain, Calderwood Butte, Cholla Mountain, White Peak, Hieroglyphic Mountains, and Twin Buttes. The street
  • abyssi, Peach Springs cholla Cylindropuntia acanthocarpa Cylindropuntia alcahes Cylindropuntia arbuscula Cylindropuntia bigelovii, teddy - bear cholla Cylindropuntia
  • melons, as well as taking advantage of native plants such as saguaro fruits, cholla buds, mesquite tree beans, and mesquite candy sap from the mesquite tree
  • store. Also at that time, nearly 5, 000 acres 2, 000 ha of apple, pear, and peach trees were under cultivation along with crops of grapes, prunes, potatoes
  • and other desert crops, mesquite bead pods, tunas prickly pear fruit cholla buds, saguaro cactus fruit, and acorns are being actively promoted today
  • Journal of Primatology, 73: 25 - 37 Bond, W. J. Silander, J. A. 2007 Springs and wire plants: anachronistic defences against Madagascar s extinct elephant
  • AFB P - S 705, 731 Page PGA PGA KPGA Page Municipal Airport P - N 17, 435 Peach Springs 1G4 GCW Grand Canyon West Airport P - N 128, 739 Phoenix PHX PHX KPHX Phoenix

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