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Pellucid Four-tooth Moss

★ Pellucid four-tooth moss

Tetraphis transparent four-tooth moss, one of two species of acrocarpous mosses in the genus Tetraphis. His name refers to the four large peristome teeth found on the sporophyte capsule.


1. Range and morphology. (Ассортимент и морфологии)

The Tetraphis pellucida occurs almost exclusively on rotten stumps and logs, and grows in the Northern hemisphere. Leafy shoot from eight to 15 mm in height. The lower leaves are one to two mm, where the upper and perichaetial leaves-the leaves that surround the archegonia or three mm. Leaves the plane and all within.


2.1. Reproduction. Asexual reproduction. (Бесполое размножение)

The Tetraphis pellucida reproduces asexually through asexual sprouts called gemmae. In gems are either in Gemma cups or stems. Gemmae cups are typically composed of three to five large specialized leaves, and house of gems in the center. Stem gems are located in a cluster on terminal small-leaved stem, which extends from one to four millimeters above the leafy gametophyte. Gems are distributed mainly through the energy supplied by precipitation. This is possible due to the shape of gemmae cups, it allows them to use the energy drops to promote gems. Using this method it was estimated that the average distance, which is achieved due to Gemma in a Cup bearing gemmiferous shoot was 19.5 mm and 13.3 mm, stem gemmiferous shoot. It was found that as a result of violations of the gems found in the Cup is at a distance of 12.1 mm and 16.9 mm for the stem of the gems


2.2. Reproduction. Gemmae germination. (Гемм всхожесть)

In environmentally controlled experiments in normal conditions of 12 hours light / 12 hours dark gemmae germinated for two to four days, usually from six to eight to protonemata. This growth produces the structure of the star after seven to ten days, during which time branching occurs protonemata. After ten days green gametophyte begins to develop, either directly from the gem or from the protonema.


2.3. Reproduction. Sexual reproduction. (Половое размножение)

The Tetraphis pellucida also reproducing sexually. This is a dioicous moss, having antheridia and archegonia on different gametophores. After the archegonia is fertilized, the sporophyte generation begins to form. It develops from the Set of six to 14 mm in length and are capsule two to three mm in length, with a cap mm. a Fully developed capsule will have four peristome teeth attached to the edge of the capsule. To develop inside the spores to be smooth or rough, finely and 10-13 µm.


2.4. Reproduction. Production of sporophyte. (Производство спорофит)

Due to the fact that the apical cell Tetraphis transparent ceases to divide at an early stage of development of the sporophyte, the sporophyte growth occurs by elongation and division of cells below the top.


2.5. Reproduction. Changes in reproduction. (Изменения в воспроизводстве)

Whether Tetraphis transparent as a colony exhibits asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction depends on the density of shoot. At low densities less than 70 shoots per CM^2 there is no sporophytes and exclusively possess gemmiferous shoots. At a density of 70 shoots / cm^2 gametophores begin to appear, 190 shoots / cm^2 no gemmiferous shoots. Originally archegoniophoresgametophyte shoots bearing archegonia of the gametophyte antheridiophores number of shoots bearing antheridia, but as the density increases more antheridiophores much more than archegoniophores.


3. The unrest in the colony. (Беспорядки в колонии)

Tetraphis is developing transparent low-density asexual colony on the bare substrate, and are very receptive competed by species usually occurs C. Sexual colonies are much more likely to be broken than asexual colonies. Without violation of Tetraphis pellucida has a very low probability of recovery, where senescent or competitor of the colony. It is shown that Tetraphis transparent is the dominant species in the gaps of the communities of bryophytes on logs, while they are a minor component in the undisturbed community.


4. Unlike Tetraphis geniculata. (В отличие от Tetraphis geniculata)

The Tetraphis pellucida is characterized by the fact that the lines are smooth, without ridges set. While Tetraphis geniculata is charecturized, with papillae or knobby surface in the upper part sharply bent set. Upon further inspection Tetraphis geniculata has a protrusion of cell wall, which are common in the Central region of the set and smooth immediately under the capsule, the spiral torsion Seth is also common.

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  • Shield - like, with the stalk attached to the lower surface and not to the margin. pellucid Transmitting light for example, said of tiny gland dots in the leaves
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