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★ Narco, film - comedy film ..

Narco (film)

★ Narco (film)

Narco is a 2004 French Film about Gus is a narcoleptic, whose life is complicated due to his inability to hold a job because of his narcolepsy.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

The main character Gus is experiencing vivid dreams during his narcoleptic episodes that inspire him to create comic book style art of extremely high quality. When Samuel Pupkin, the psychiatrist who works in the contribute group of Gus, learns of this, he recalls his own desire to become a comic book artist, instead of having to follow the family tradition of psychiatry, the dream was prevented by his lack of artistic talent. Greed, jealousy, and desire for fame he hatches a plot with the participation of figure skating assassins to steal work and pass it as his own. The attempt on the life fail, but he ends up in a coma. DOE pays even his wife and best friend who has started a novel for his art and sells his failed-comedian turned successful publisher, who in turn plans to erase the text and replace it with his, and thus his comedic genius finally recognized.

When Gus wakes up from his coma, he informs the police that someone is trying to kill him, but he could think of no reason why the police reject his claims. Then he discovers that hes not narcolepsy, but it is convenient to pretend that he doesnt care. Thus he discovers his wife and best friend, and through further investigation into the theft of his work. The publisher angry that because of Pupkins deception, Gus could cause problems for them, requires that DOE solve. DOE again sends killers after Gus, but even the best one, after a struggle with his conscience, tells them to kill him. Police now believe his story and investigate the publisher who is sent to prison, where he finally finds success as a comedian, performing for other inmates. DOE goes crazy and is hospitalized. GUS reconciles with his wife and finally gets a job.

In minor role, Jean-Claude van Damme appears as an imagined version of himself, when one character who worships him as the ultimate karate man, imagines a conversation where he acts as the characters conscience.


2. Cast. (Литые)

  • Philippe Lellouche - Herve.
  • Francois Berleand - Guy Bennett.
  • Jean-Pierre Cassel - even the father.
  • Vincent Rottiers - Kevin.
  • Jean-Noel Broute - a doctor.
  • Laurent Lafitte is the owner.
  • Francois Levantal - the twinss father.
  • Guillaume Canet - Gustave Klopp.
  • Profile Zabou Breitman - Pamela.
  • Philippe Lefebvre - physical education teacher.
  • Guillaume Gallienne - Samuel DOE.
  • Gilles Lellouche - twin.
  • Lionel Abelanski Director of the supermarket.
  • Benoit Poelvoorde - Bar Lenny.
  • Lea Drucker - twin.
  • Anne Marivin is a woman objects.
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  • journalist and film - researcher - but continues to work regularly as a reporter for The Guardian, The Observer and Guardian Films on narco - traffic, the US - Mexico
  • Marighella Film Review Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved February 21, 2019. Kaiser, Anna Jean. Marighella: revolutionary biopic from Narcos Wagner Moura
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  • 2004 : Dans tes rêves 2003 : Narco 2002 : À ton image 2001 : Mortel transfert 2000 : Woman on Top 1999 : Rembrandt film 1999 1998 : Une vie de prince
  • Aqui en la Tierra and appears in the first season of the Netflix series Narcos Mexico. She has been granted several Best Actress awards internationally

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