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Gowran Castle

★ Gowran Castle

Gaurana the first castle was built in 1385 by James Butler, 3rd Earl of Ormond, near the center of the city Gaurana, Colorado. Kilkenny, Ireland. He made his usual residence. James was called the Earl Gaurana. In 1391 he purchased Kilkenny castle and a large part of Ko. Kilkenny. James died in the castle Gaurana in 1405 and was buried in St. collegiate Church of St Mary Gaurana with his father James Butler, 2nd Earl of Ormond. his great grandfather James Butler, 1st Earl of Ormond and his great-grandfather Edmund Butler, Earl of Carrick and 6th chief Butler of Ireland. James the 2nd Earl was usually called the noble Earl, being a great-grandson, through his mother, king Edward I of England.

Gaurana was resolved place and an important place long before the arrival of the Normans in Ireland in 1169 A. D. Kings of Ossory referred to as kings often Gaurana. Mac Giolla Padraig modern surname Fitzpatrick, chief rulers of Ossory had a residence permit in gowran. O Donnchadha Dunphy was the head Gaurana and most of the territory around it. Local place names as Rathvaun, Rathcash, Rathcusack, and Rathgarvan, signified the presence of the raths, where people lived, farmed and foraged for a living. Raths also was buried. Large sites were named Dance. The village of Dungarvan to. Kilkenny is also in the parish Gaurana is another example of such a solution. The presence of the 3rd / 4th century Christianity, the Ogham stone on display in the world with historic St. Marys Church Gowran also indicate the place of residence and worship, Dating from 2000 years.

There are other ancient monuments near Gaurana. For example, close to Tullaherin Church, cemetery and round tower, built in the 6th century. Freestone hill is 4 km from Gowran was the bronze age and Iron age settlement, where a few Roman coins and other artifacts found during archaeological excavations in 1948 and 1951.


1. The influence of the Butler Ormond. (Влияние Дворецкий Ормонд)

The Butler was in possession of the land in the area Gaurana for nearly 500 years. After the Norman invasion of Ireland in 1169 grant in the amount of 44 000acres, Estate Gaurana has been made to Fitzwalter Theobald Walter, 1st Baron Butler, 1st chief Butler of Ireland.


2. Other Gaurana Butler Locks. (Другие Gaurana Дворецкий Замки)

In addition to the construction of the castle Gaurana, Butler reason other castles, such as castle Ballysean near the center Gaurana, Neigham castle 4 km from Gowran and the castle is located between Paulstown Gowran and 3 km from Gowran.


3. Family Agar. (Семья Агар)

After the Cromwellian invasion of Ireland in 1650, Gowran was captured by Oliver Cromwell. Gaurana the castle was attacked and badly damaged. Over the next 300 years, the family of agar had a huge impact in the field Gaurana. Several generations Agars occupied the castle Gaurana and as butlers in front of them, many of them buried in the Collegiate Church. Mary Gaurana.


4. Time Line. (Линия Времени)

  • 2004 - the building permit was refused for development which included the change of use of the castle hotel, home of 126 houses, 23 facilities for recreation and other events.
  • 1391 James Butler, 3rd Earl of Ormond bought Kilkenny castle and a large part of Kilkenny.
  • 1385 James Butler, 3rd Earl of Ormond builds a castle close to the city wall and makes his habitual residence.
  • 1747 - after the death of Henry agar in 1746, his wife Ann, offer for sale shares of Henry agar decd, sheep, cattle, horses and castle. Also colts & fillies got on mares horses from England. Henry inherited Gaurana property of the castle from his father James in 1733. By his marriage he acquired an interest in the Ellis property of the family of Dublin on the river Liffey between Arran quay and Phoenix Park, later the property passed into the agar family. He died 18 Nov 1746. His widow married 2nd, 20 January 1753, George Dunbar with. Fermanagh, and died 14 April 1765; she was buried in the Cathedral of Christ Church, Dublin, 17 April 1765. Administration of her effects was granted by the prerogative court of Armagh with her second husband, on 11 September 1765.
  • 1710 - Lewis Chaigneau, a Dublin merchant, the owner of the castle Gaurana has Gaurana and the castle of the respondents. Produced topographic maps, the castle and the Old town Gaurana shown.
  • 1700 years to the end of 1700 years, many aristocrats left Ireland and lived in England after the rebellion of 1798.
  • 1998 - lock, and C. 65 acres offered for sale on may 27 at public auction. Tarajan Ltd. company registered in the Isle of man, owned by Northern Ireland developer Alastair Jackson purchased the property from Kevin Fennelly and nee Fennelly of Caitriona Moran. After the sale of the property, bids were submitted to Kilkenny Tarajan to. The Council to build houses on the estate.
  • 938 - Gowran and the area around it was part of the ancient cantreds of Oskelan and Ogenty that are part of the land of Ossory. Area Gaurana was occupied about the clans Dunphy. Mac Giolla Padraig were the chief rulers of Ossory at the time.
  • 1953 19 February 1953 Thomas Derrig Minister for lands was asked a question Dale Ireland Mr. Crotti regarding the propriety of the land Commission acquiring the annaly Gaurana property the joint. Kilkenny for division. In his response, the Minister noted that the proceedings for the acquisition of 774 acres of the estate.
  • 754 - the Battle of Bealach Gabhran old name Gaurana.
  • 489 ads - Kings of Ossory referred to as kings Gaurana had residence in the district.
  • 1816-1819 Henry agar 2nd Viscount Clifden rebuilt the castle the present building designed by William Robertson.
  • 1839 - the first cartographic maps of Ireland show Gowran castle estate, containing 846 acres, 2 Ore, 10 perch land.
  • 1999 - the construction permit was denied with Kilkenny. Council housing development consisting of 156 homes on the site.
  • 1713 - Henry agar builds a new castle close to the Butler castle using materials from the former castle.
  • 2010 - there was a fire in the castle on 16 may 2010. Luckily fire services were quickly alerted. After a prompt arrival at the scene, the fire was brought under control quickly. Despite the significant damage was caused by fire, the castle was saved from total destruction.
  • 1840 - Gowran castle cricket club were posted sometime after 1840 Lord Clifden. The first recorded cricket match played there in 1842.
  • The 1900 map showing Gaurana the castle and lands of the estate gr.1000 acres, additional lands are added to the HOMESTEAD from 1839 ordnance surveys.
  • 1876 - Henry George agar - Ellis, 4th Viscount Clifden, Henry George was the son of Henry agar-Ellis, 3rd Viscount Clifden and great-grandson of Henry barrel agar - Ellis, 2nd Viscount Clifden Gowran castle, listed in Griffiths valuation as owning 35.288 acres of land.
  • 1957 - castle Gaurana and C. 68 acres of land sold to James and Mary Moran by the land Commission on 14 may 1957. The Moran family lived in the castle until it was sold in 1998.
  • 2009 - the castle lay unoccupied and unprotected for the previous eleven years old and was a failure. Concern was expressed development Association Gowran in Kilkenny to. Council and local elected representatives about rapid wear and failure. At a public meeting in gowran for the discussion of local plan Gaurana, there was further considerations. Following the meeting, the draft local plan Gaurana was made to Kilkenny. Council.
  • 1650 - Oliver Cromwell and his army attacked the castle and heavily damages it.
  • 1501 - Margaret Fitzgerald, Countess of Ormond rebuilt the castle Gaurana. She also embellished the Cathedral Church of St. Gaurana Marys.
  • 1169, after the Norman invasion the Manor Gowran was 44 000 acres.
On 20 December 2010 the Local Area Plan for Gowran, was approved by the Kilkenny Co. Council. The plan was drawn up in consultation with local residents of Gowran. The Castle and area surrounding it was designated "Tourism and Amenity". The area surrounding the castle is also an archaeologically sensitive area.
  • 2011 - after the collapse of the Irish economy in 2008, the portfolio the castle was seized by Nama.
  • 2013 - castle sold. Restoration work begins on castle.
  • 2012 - Nama Lisney appointed as receivers in the portfolio of the castle property. The castle portfolio was offered for sale after the appointment of sherry Fitzgerald auctioneers. Kilkenny partners were MC Creery auctioneers.

  • the centre of Gowran close to Gowran Castle Gowran Park race course and Golf Course is located one km from the centre of Gowran Gowran is located on
  • St. Mary s Collegiate Church Gowran Gaelic Irish: Eaglais Mhuire also known as the Church of the Blessed Virgin of the Assumption, is a church in the
  • parishes in Gowran The chief town today is Gowran The barony contains the ecclesiastical sites of Kilfane and Duiske Abbey The barony of Gowran is situated
  • Gowran Castle three years later in 1385 close to the centre of Gowran making it his usual residence, whence his common epithet, The Earl of Gowran
  • settled in Gowran where James Butler, 3rd Earl of Ormond built Gowran Castle in 1385. The family had become wealthy and James bought Kilkenny Castle in 1391
  • the second son of Henry Agar, a former MP for Gowran and Anne Ellis, and probably born at Gowran Castle on 25 March 1734. On 20 March 1760 James married
  • 1776 and 1789, was an Irish politician. Born Henry Welbore Agar at Gowran Castle Gowran Co. Kilkenny, Ireland, he was the eldest son of James Agar, 1st
  • below. James Agar, 1st Viscount Clifden was the son of Henry Agar of Gowran Castle and the elder brother of Charles Agar, 1st Earl of Normanton. His mother
  • five daughters. In 1501, she rebuilt Gowran Castle In 1502, she also decorated St. Mary s Collegiate Church Gowran where her husband Sir Piers Butler s
  • Ireland. Set on the Kilbline Estate in the parish of Tullaherin, barony of Gowran it once belonged to the Coca - Cola family Asa Griggs Candler and Thomas
  • House Farmley Floodhall Foulksrath Castle Gowran Castle Grace s Old Castle Inch House Jenkinstown Castle Kilkenny Castle Kilkenny City Kilcreene House Kilferagh
  • three eldest sons of his sister Anne by her husband Henry Agar, of Gowran and Gowran Castle In 1738 he inherited a large fortune from his uncle, John Ellis
  • Sequoia and two Monterey Cypress around Shankill Castle Gardens The former N9 - R448 road passes through Gowran Dungarvan, Thomastown, and further on, just
  • James Butler, 3rd Earl of Ormond. It was he who built Gowran Castle and later purchased Kilkenny Castle which was to become the seat of the Butler family
  • Freshford and the baronies of the Kilkenny and Gowran to the south whose chief towns is are Kilkenny and Gowran It is surrounded on two sides by counties
  • Hugh mc Manus mc Gowran aforesaid Thomas mc Ooney mc Gowran and Cormack mc Gowran of Munlogh uncle to the said Thomas Ooney mc Gowran and divers other
  • Foulksrath Castle Intact Castle Gorteens Castle Castle Ruins Gowran Castle Castle Ruins Granagh Castle Castle Ruins Kilbline Castle Intact Castle Kilkenny
  • hurler who played as a full - back for the Kilkenny senior team. Born in Gowran County Kilkenny, Hayden first played competitive hurling whilst at national
  • Crannach Fassadinin Fasach an Deighnin Barony of Galmoy Gabhalmhaigh Gowran Gabhran Ida Ui Dhea Iverk Uibh Eirc Kells Ceanannas Kilculliheen
  • dormant. The family seat, since 1391, was Kilkenny Castle their main estate was previously at Gowran Castle From Kilkenny, the Butlers claimed overlordship
  • district. Previously they had lived at Gowran Castle James and Anne hosted King Richard II when he visited Kilkenny Castle in 1395. King Richard showed his

  • freyne is a townland in the civil parish of Tiscoffin in the barony of Gowran County Kilkenny, Ireland. Freynestown was anciently located in the Kingdom
  • Canice s Cathedral, Gowran Grangefertagh near Johnstown, County Kilkenny, Ballagharahin, Co. Laois, Ballaghmore Castle Cullahill Castle amongst other places
  • MacBryan Mac Gowran Bryan Oge Mac Gowran Thomas Mac Gowran Ffarrell MacHugh MacMarcus Oge Mac Gowran Bryan Oge Mac Gowran Daniell Mac Gowran Philemy Oge
  • association with leading architect E.W. Pugin. The Church of the Assumption, Gowran County Kilkenny Adelaide Memorial Church, Myshall SS Peter and Paul s
  • Hurler who played as left wing - forward for the Kilkenny senior team. Born in Gowran County Kilkenny, Maher first played competitive hurling during his schooling
  • Hugh mc Manus mc Gowran aforesaid Thomas mc Ooney mc Gowran and Cormack mc Gowran of Munlogh uncle to the said Thomas Ooney mc Gowran and divers other
  • cast includes Donald Pleasence, Françoise Dorleac, Lionel Stander, Jack Mac Gowran Iain Quarrier, Geoffrey Sumner, Renee Houston, William Franklyn, Trevor
  • the Diocese of Ossory was created c1852 from the old Catholic parish of Gowran Clara church Parish consists of the Civil Parishes of: Clara, Blackrath
  • Archbishop of Dublin from 1801 to 1809. Agar was the third son of Henry Agar of Gowran in County Kilkenny and his wife Anne Ellis, daughter of the Most Reverend

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