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Animal (2014 film)

★ Animal (2014 film)

Animal is a American Thriller, horror movie 2014 Director: Brett Simmons starring: Elizabeth Gillies, Keke Palmer, Jeremy Sumpter, eve, Joey Lauren Adams. The movie follows a group of friends that find themselves terrorized by a bloodthirsty beast. The film was released in limited release and via video on demand on June 17, 2014.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

The film starts with two couples, Carl and Vicki, and Douglas, Barbara being chased through the woods by a mysterious beast. Barbara trip and killed, despite Douglas tries to save her.

Some time later, five students - Alyssa, her boyfriend Matt, her brother Jeff, Jeffs girlfriend Mandy, and their friend Sean, to come to the forest to take a day hike. Jeff forces on the other, to try to find the waterfall he and Alissa went as children, but they end up taking so long that its night time, when they begin to walk back to the car. Along the way, they discover the remains of Barbaras body, and then there is the same monster that killed her. He chases them near the cabin, and manages to kill Jeff.

The rest are not in the cabin, where they find Karl, Vicki, and Douglas who has sealed Windows and walls with boards, to protect yourself from the creatures lurking outside. While Carl and Vicky hope that they will be rescued soon, Douglas bitterly cynical of their chances. Being almost breaks into the house, but they manage to keep him, although Carl scratched in the process.

Matt volunteers to take the radio and run to the car while Carl and Sean to follow the creature. However, his screams heard on the radio, and then he starts heading for the cockpit. Douglas tries to Board up the entrance to keep the creature from coming in, leaving Sean and Carl to die, but the girls help them get through the back door before the creature gets them. A group of Douglas tie to the stairs, no longer trusting him.

Mandy confesses to Alyssa that she is pregnant, while Sean confesses to Mandy that he and Jeff were having an affair. Group to hear the radio go and find Matt, barely alive, in the basement, together with the animal. The group managed to get Matt up, and Carl was killed to keep the animal in the house. Douglas suggests that the band let the animal have Matt who dies so they can escape. Group to give up, and decide to catch the animal in the house and burn it. However, when they unleash Douglas to help, he beats Matt to death, in any case, calling others weak. The animal suddenly rushes in and kills Douglas. Like an animal eating his body, like the kerosene from the basement and distribute it throughout the house. Mandy, Sean and Vicky to hide in the basement until Alissa lures the animal into the trap. She puts the fire, and successfully burns the monster to death.

However, the second beast suddenly appears in the basement and kills Sean and Vicky. Mandy and Alyssa run into the forest, and the second beast is chasing them. Alissa killed, but Mandy is able to reach the car. The second beast attacks her when she tries to start it, but Mandy manages to kill the second animal, running it over the head with the car. Mandy escapes and starts to cry over the loss of her friends as she was leaving.

The final scene of the film shows the third beast to find and sniffing for a second the corpse of animals, where he grunts aggressively, proposing to call to the PACK.


2. Cast. (Литые)

  • Paul Iacono as Sean.
  • Keke Palmer as Alissa.
  • Thorsten Kaye as Carl.
  • Eve Barbara. (Ева Барбара)
  • Joey Lauren Adams Wiki.
  • Amory Nolasco, Douglas. (Амори Ноласко, Дуглас)
  • Parker young as Jeff.
  • Elizabeth Gillies as Mandy.
  • Jeremy Sumpter as Matt.

3. Welcome

The film holds a rating of 43% on rotten tomatoes, based on 7 reviews.

Shock till you drop and bloody disgusting cooked both films, and shock till you drop said that the film "in vain, old-fashioned creature." We took care of it gave the animal a bit more positive assessment and noted that the animal has enough carnage to appease the more forgiving horror fans, but despite the fast pace and brutal murders, it is the repetition that really kills this monster."

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