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Lechea is a genus of the family Cistaceae, of the order Malvales.

The genus Lechea is based primarily in Eastern North America and contains about 18 species called "pinweeds".Most of them are low-growing herb with narrow leaves and perhaps small flowers resembling pinhead.

Carl Linnaeus named the genus Lechea for the Swedish botanist Johan Leche, 1704-1764, who taught in Finland and is considered the father of Finnish meteorology and space research, based on its documentation "Northern lights" and the beginning of the measurement the temperature of the air in cooperation with Anders Celsius.


1. Types. (Типы)

Species Lechea include:

  • Lechea Maritima. (Lechea Мариттима)
  • Lechea divaricata.
  • Lechea lakelae.
  • Lechea Minor. (Незначительные Lechea)
  • Lechea mensalis.
  • Lechea InterMedia. (Lechea Промеж)
  • Lechea San-sabeana. (Lechea Сан-sabeana)
  • Lechea deckertii.
  • Lechea stricta.
  • Lechea tripetala.
  • Lechea torreyi.
  • Lechea pulchella.
  • Lechea racemulosa.
  • Lechea cernua.
  • Lechea sessiliflora.
  • Lechea tenuifolia.
  • Lechea mucronata.
  • Lechea racemulosa, common name Illinois pinweed is a perennial plant native to the United States. It is listed as a special concern and believed extirpated
  • amanicola Centaurea consanguinea Erodium cicutarium common stork s - bill or pinweed Calycopteris floribunda Ukshi Sambucus nigra elderberry Citrus limon
  • known as redstem filaree, redstem stork s bill, common stork s - bill or pinweed is a herbaceous annual or in warm climates, biennial member of the
  • scoparia, Summer - cypress Lappula squarrosa, Stickseed Lechea mucronata, Hairy pinweed Liparis liliifolia, Large Twayblade Ludwigia palustris, Common Water - purslane
  • Swamp agrimony Agrimonia parviflora Featherfoil Hottonia inflata Slender pinweed Lechea tenuifolia Shrubby St. Johnswort Hypericum prolificum Mudwort Limosella
  • fetterbush and zenobia, along with sweetbay, catbriar, gallberry, titi. pinweed cowbane, bearded grass pink, buckeye, and balduina. Surrounding the bays
  • include piping plovers, american eel, bobolinks, little brown bat, and beach pinweed Some species are unique to the province. In 2008, a new ascomycete species
  • Hudsonia tomentosa Woolly beach - heather, T Lechea racemulosa Illinois pinweed SCE Polanisia dodecandra Clammy - weed, SCE Uvularia grandiflora Large - flowered
  • endonym Tewaagi i Tsiyawipi K ya: shhida Picuris P įwweltha Tok ele Pikuli P įnwêê Owingeh P êêkwele Not Available Not Available Sandia Napi ad Kin Lichii
  • laricina Tamarack endangered threatened plants Lechea intermedia Savanna pinweed endangered endangered plants Lespedeza leptostachya Prairie bush clover
  • sempervirens clustered frostweed Helianthemum glomeratum threepetal pinweed Lechea tripetala Asian spiderflower Cleome viscosa bladderpod spiderflower
  • narrowleaf pinweed Lechea maritima - beach pinweed Lechea mucronata - hairy pinweed Lechea pulchella - Leggett s pinweed Lechea stricta - upright pinweed Lechea

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