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Belle and Sebastian (film)

★ Belle and Sebastian (film)

Belle and Sebastian 2013 French adventure drama directed by Nicolas Vanier. It was based on the novel Belle and Sebastian Cecile Aubrey. Was released on 9 December 2015, the sequel to, Belle & Sebastian, the adventure continues.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

In the French Alps in 1943, Sebastien-seven-year-old orphan boy living with Cesars adoptive "grandfather" and his niece angelina. The unusual family lives in the small village of Saint-Martin, whose residents, despite the German occupation, secretly to organize the passage of Jewish immigrants in Switzerland. The village is also suffering from a mysterious "beast" that preys on sheep herders and residents, including Caesars animals.

Sebastien is a very lonely child, who is suffering from the absence of her mother. He believes that it migrated "to America, just over the mountains", and spends all his days in the mountains. One day, on the way home, he meets a huge dog, wild and completely discredited: it is the so-called "beast". Sebastien is not slow to make friends with animals, female dog "guardian" and calls it "wonderful" because he is struck by her beauty when she is cleansed of dirt that she was covered. Sebastian decides to keep his friendship with Belle a secret, to protect her.

Meanwhile, a German patrol commanded by Lieutenant Peter mixed brown, arrives at the Saint-Martin to put an end to the secret evacuation of Jews. Sebastian, during one of his visits with Belle, is faced with two soldiers, Belle responds, attacking and wounding one of the soldiers. Lieutenant brown of the order of the mayor of Saint-Martin to arrange a hunt to track down and kill "the beast". Meanwhile, Caesar finds Sebastiens mystery and horror. Knowing that Sebastian was trying to stop Belle from the shot, Cesar gives the boy the wrong directions to the hunting area. But he is still able to intervene, at least for a while. Then Caesar takes him out of the area, while the hunt continues. Cesar and village men manage to find and hurt Belle. Sebastien escapes imprisonment and finds a wounded dog and trying to help her. He is now mad at Cesar, but asks for help from Dr. Guillaume, the village doctor and Angelinas kid. After some hesitation, and became a con from Sebastien, he agrees to treat Belle and saves her life.

Unbeknownst to Sebastian, Dr. Guillaume is also the one who is responsible for escorting the Jews to the Swiss border. One night, doctor is hiding in the cave before the trip to the border, when the sound of wolves is heard in the valley. The doctor leaves as the wolves began to cause a noise into the fold. Guillaume slips and falls into the fold as Belle of the border down out of nowhere and drives away the wolves. The doctor sits and moans: his ankle is broken, he cannot walk. He finds the trail falls on him and starts to pull his way to the city when Belle stops him, picks up the rope and begin to tow it. She takes it to the house Angelinas, where all except Sebastian and Guillaume was surprised by the dog. Cesar instantly apologizes to Sebastian wants to kill Belle.

Guillaume, who is now injured, cant the Jews and its place is taken by angelina and Sebastian, who followed her and entered the cave behind her. Boy befriends Esther, the daughter of two refugees, Guillaume was to follow, and talking to her, he discovers that Cesar was lying to him about where America really. That night, Sebastian crawls back to town and sneaks into the school to look at the map. Later, Caesar finds it to school and discovers the truth: his mother died at his birth. Caesar was present by chance and decided to take care of Sebastien, he is still silent or preferring to lie to protect him. Sebastian was sad, but now he knows he can always count on him and he makes peace with him. Its Christmas eve, and Cesar gives him the coveted gift: a pocket watch with a compass.

Meanwhile, the Germans realize that some Jews might try to escape at Christmas, and begin to scour the mountain passes. Angelina and Jews to leave the cave, but the trip was interrupted by Lieutenant brown. He yelled at her, and she takes the family to rise quickly up the hill. He again yelled at her, but they all suddenly struck by an avalanche caused by his screams. Lieutenant brown, when dug from under the snow, surprisingly warns her to take another route to get to the border, because his soldiers patrol the mountains. Angelina moved in, and kisses the man.

The only possible way is now dangerous and full of cracks, Sebastian boasts that beauty, its sense of smell to guide them. Not without difficulty, Belle, Sebastian and Angelina manages to escape from the Germans and bring Jews to Switzerland, where they are greeted by a local guide. Now, Angelina says that she will go to England to help win the war. She promised Sebastian that she would one day return with a clean slate, leaving Belle and Sebastian to return home alone. Swiss guide asks her if she is sure that he is able to make such a long and arduous journey on their own, but angelina in tears, says that Sebastian is not alone.


2. Production. (Производство)

Less than a week in Italy, "Belle and Sebastian" was awarded first place at the box office, collecting a total of 4.5 million euros. The facts stated in the film, taken from the stories of French writer cécile Aubry, which were then transported to the small screen as the series 60, black and white. Later, in the 80-ies, "Belle and Sebastian" also became a long series of Japanese cartoons, including the Director, Nicolas Vanier, was an avid fan. "As a child I was absolutely crazy in the TV series Belle and Sebastian, so when I was offered this project, I was very intimidated! For me it was not a trivial episode, but a long series of episodes, one more beautiful than the other. Make a film adaptation was a big problem. When I contacted the manufacture, all of a sudden everything I tried to watch Belle and Sebastian already woke up and felt compelled to make this film better."

And it is this passion for the two main characters out of mind, Cecile Aubrey, who Vanier, welcomes the proposal of the manufacturers make a new version on the true story that has enthralled generations: one of the novelties in the movie, for example, is a story set during the Second world war, which, however, in the cartoon is completely out of historical context.

In addition Vanier, successfully managed to recreate the field of view along the scenic high mountains and vast also the main characters of the film, and youre not limited to telling the original story, but it has enriched, taking the Cue to give life to new staff and transposition, where the most interesting aspect, from the filming of the landscape that reveal the past documentary filmmaker.

Felix bossue, the boy who plays the main role, was chosen from over 2.400 children from the same candidate, Director of "lightning strike", said Vanier.


3. Continued. (Продолжение)

In July 2014, the hubbub of the green light on the sequel, directed by Christian Duguay, and reunification of the writers of the sales and Suarez and his bossue, Cairo, Chatellier and Cancelier.

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