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★ Redirects to scientific names of plants

  • scientists had grown to 100 based on a review of 11, 602 peer - reviewed articles published in the first 7 months of 2019. The current scientific consensus is
  • Cassia humilis redirects here. This name may also refer to other species see below. Senna obtusifolia Chinese senna, American sicklepod or sicklepod
  • redirects here. This can also refer to Ipomoea carnea. Ipomoea leptophylla, the bush morning glory, bush moonflower or manroot, is a flowering plant species
  • Grey plum redirects here. This name may also be used for Diospyros australis its southern relative. Diospyros pentamera is a common rainforest tree
  • Sunberry Wonderberry and variant spellings redirect here. These names are also used for a related plant that may be highly poisonous see below for details
  • Dove orchid redirects here. This may also refer to the pigeon orchid Dendrobium crumenatum Peristeria is a genus of plants of the family Orchidaceae
  • The sticky nightshade has been described under a number of illegitimate scientific names many of them quite ambiguous homonyms: Solanum balbisii Dunal
  • redirects here. Convolvulus arvensis is also sometimes known by that name Lysimachia nummularia syn. Lysimachia zawadzkii Wiesner is a species of flowering
  • Cardinal creeper redirects here. Not to be confused with cardinal climber and cardinal vine. Ipomea horsfalliae is a flowering plant in the family Convolvulaceae
  • Aluminium plant and aluminum plant redirect here. For information on the industry, see aluminium and Category: Aluminium companies. Pilea cadierei
  • and Margaronia hyalinata redirect here while these names refer to the cucumber moth, they are based on misidentification of this species as melonworm
  • Cardinal vine redirects here. Not to be confused with cardinal climber and cardinal creeper. Ipomoea quamoclit cypress vine, cypressvine morning glory
  • Logwood redirects here. It may also refer to members of the genus Xylosma, which is part of the willow family, Salicaceae. Haematoxylum campechianum blackwood
  • Blunt - leaved cassia and spelling variants redirects here. This name is also used for Senna obtusifolia, a large shrub common in warm humid regions
  • Cassia lanceolata redirects here. This taxon may also refer to other plants see below. Senna alexandrina Alexandrian senna, in Arabic عشرج or عشرق
  • Pepper vine redirects here. Outside the United States, this usually refers to some species of Piper genus Nekemias arborea, commonly known as pepper
  • bush redirects here. Not to be confused with bush currant Miconia calvescens Carissa spinarum, the conkerberry or bush plum, is a large shrub of the
  • willowherb redirects here, which may also mean Epilobium parviflorum see text Epilobium minutum is a species of willowherb known by the common names little
  • Wongi redirects here. For the group of Indigenous Australians, see Wangai. Manilkara kauki is a plant in the subfamily Sapotoideae, and the tribe Sapoteae
  • willowherb redirects here. Not to be confused with E. rigidum, sometimes called Siskiyou Mountains willowherb Epilobium siskiyouense is a rare species of flowering
  • Solanum auriculatum redirects here. This name and Solanum mauritianum itself have variously been applied to other plants see below. Solanum mauritianum
  • Sapota redirects here. This can also specifically refer to the Sapodilla M. zapodilla Manilkara is a genus of trees in the family Sapotaceae. They
  • cultivation, conservation and exploration of alpine and rock garden plants small hardy herbaceous plants hardy and half - hardy bulbs, hardy ferns and
  • most widely distributed genus of epiphytic cacti those which live on other plants without damaging them The scientific name Rhipsalis derives from the
  • Schousboea redirects here. As described by H.C.F. Schumacher and Peter Thonning, this is a synonym of Alchornea. Combretum, the bushwillows or combretums
  • popularizing scientific knowledge and promoting practical applications of scientific inquiry. Details - Plantae Plandomenses or, A catalogue of the plants growing
  • Tortrix latifasciana redirects here, referring to the species named thus by Haworth in Transactions of the Entomological Society of London in 1811. In the
  • willowherb redirects here. Not to be confused with Siskiyou willowherb or Siskiyou fireweed, E. siskiyouense Epilobium rigidum is an uncommon species of flowering
  • signatana redirects here. As incorrectly used by Walsingham, this name refers to Crocidosema plebejana. Epinotia signatana is a moth of the family Tortricidae
  • Frogfruit redirects here. In colloquial use this often refers to Phyla nodiflora specifically. Phyla ˈfaɪlə is a genus of eustarid plants in the verbena

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