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★ Eternity and a Day - 1998 in film ..

Eternity and a Day

★ Eternity and a Day

Eternity and a day 1998 Greek film starring Bruno Ganz, and directed by Theo Angelopoulos. The film won the Palme Dor and prize of the Ecumenical jury at the 1998 Cannes film festival. The film was selected as the Greek entry for the Best foreign language film at the 71st ceremony of the Oscar, but was not accepted as a candidate.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

Alexandros Bruno Ganz, a middle-aged bearded writer, leaves his apartment on the seafront in Thessaloniki after learning he has a terminal illness and must enter a hospital the next day to run some tests. He tries to get his Affairs in order and find someone who will take care of his dog. He says in his mind to his dead wife, Anna Isabelle Renauld, who seems too young for him.

Alexandros hides a young Albanian squeegee the child from the police who arrested other guys like him on the road in order to deport them. Later, he pays a visit to his 22-year-old daughter, iris Chatziantoniou, but he wont tell her about his diagnosis. Instead, he gives her some letters to her mother, which she reads out loud, causing his memories of the time when their daughter was a newborn at her baby shower. He learns that his daughter and her husband sold the family beach house without telling him. In addition, they refuse to keep the dog with them.

On the way back, Alexandros boy-meets-immigrants, and witnesses his capture at the hands of traffickers who attempt to sell his illegal adoption. Alexandros enters the secret meeting and in a moment of confusion trying to sneak out with the child, but stop merchants should pay what they are asking for it. Hes trying to put the baby on the bus and then a taxi, but he is constantly running away, so he decides to take it across the border to his Albania.

Alexandros sees the snow-capped mountain border of the terrible barbed-wire fence with what seem to be bodies stuck to it. As the pair waits until the gate is open, they have changed their opinion about the transition, when the boy admits that he lied about his life in Albania. Two of them barely escape a border guard, and make it back to Alexandross car.

Dangerous boys existence brings Alexandros came out of the stupor and self-pity, and seemingly re-energizes him in his love of the Greek poet of the 19th century, Dionysius Solomos, Fabrizio Bentivoglio, whose unfinished poem he longs to finish. The old man and the boy are bound with fear. The former for what lies before him, and his life had no influence, the second for a dangerous return to Albania on the path through the mountains lined with land mines, as well as merchants.

Alexandros comes to his housekeeper, Urania Helene Gerasimidou. Shes clearly in love with him, but in the middle of the wedding party and the dancing between her son and his bride. On stage plays, while Alexandros interrupts. He leaves the dog with her, and then dancing and music, which had stopped, resumes as if nothing stopped them.

The boy goes to the ruins of a hospital, mourning another young boy, Selim, via a candlelight vigil, with dozens of other young people. Couple to travel by bus and meet various people, tired of political opposition to an arguing couple to a classical music trio. They also look out the window as three people with Bicycle pedals on them, oddly enough, dressed in bright yellow raincoats. The boy goes in the middle of the night, laying aboard a huge, brightly lit ship whose destination is unknown.

Alexandros enters his old house. He looks around, goes out the back door and in the sun the past, where Anna and other friends are singing. They stop, ask him to join them, then theyre all dancing, and only, there is only the poet and his wife in motion. Then, she slowly pulls away, and he claims that he was deaf. He also cant see her, I think. He calls and asks how long tomorrow will be, after he told her that he refuses to go to the hospital as planned. She tells him tomorrow will last eternity and a day.


2. Cast. (Литые)

  • Isabelle Renauld as Anna.
  • Helen Eleni Gerasimidou as Urania.
  • Alekos Oudinotis as Hanans father.
  • Fabrizio Bentivoglio as the poet.
  • Bruno Ganz as Alexander.
  • Nikos Kolovos as the doctor.
  • Bebedelli Despina as the house alexandres mother.
  • Nikos Kouros as Hanans uncle.
  • Alexandra Ladikou as Annas mother.
  • Achileas Skevis as the child.
  • Iris Chatziantoniou as the house alexandres daughter.
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