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Exotica (film)

★ Exotica (film)

Exotica is a canadian drama 1994, the film is set in the fictional Exotica strip club in Toronto. It was written and directed by Atom Egoyan and stars MIA Kirshner, Elias Koteas, Sarah Polley, Bruce Greenwood and don McKellar.

The story concerns a father mourns the death of a child and obsessed with a young stripper. It was inspired by Egoyans curiosity about the role Strip clubs play a sex-obsessed societies. Exotic was filmed in Toronto in 1993.

Marketed as an erotic Thriller on its release in Canada and the United States, the film was a major box office success for canadian film and received positive reviews. He has won numerous awards, including the FIPRESCI prize at the Cannes film festival and eight Genie awards including Best film.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

Francis brown, to the tax inspector for sale in Canada, is a regular visitor to a strip club in Toronto called Exotica. He always has Christina, an exotic dancer, dressed in a school uniform, give him a lap dance. This causes the jealousy of clubs DJ, Erica, Christinas ex-boyfriend, who also is impregnated with a club owner, Zoe. While at the club, Francis pays his brother Harolds daughter, Tracy, to "babysit". However, Francis has no children and just one girl working in music until Francis comes back and drives her home. Francis relationship with Harold strained, as Francis learned that Harold and Frances his wife was having an affair after she died in a car accident, which also left Harold paralytic. Francess daughter was kidnapped and murdered a few months before the accident, and he was one of the suspects, but was later acquitted. These events left a huge psychological scar on Francis.

In his professional life, Francis is auditing Thomas Pinto the pet store on the basis of a suspicion that Thomas is the profit from the illegal importation of rare species of birds. Thomas was smuggling Hyacinth macaw eggs, and his operation is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

Francis is eventually banned from Exotica when Eric manipulates his touch Christina during one of her dances, which is against the rules of the club. Around the same time, Francis discovers illegal activities in Thomass financial statements, and blackmails Thomas to go to the club to learn about what happened that night when he was kicked out. In the process, Francis realizes that Eric intentionally set out to make him banned, and vows to kill him. Before Eric with a gun, Francis defused when Eric says that he and Christina were the ones who found the body of Frances the daughter. Christina also reveals to Thomas that she and Frances share a relationship of mutual dependence, in the past, when she used to babysit his daughter, Francis tried to soothe her, about her troubled life at home.


2.1. Production. Development. (Развитие)

Director Atom Egoyan, who wrote the screenplay, first conceived the story in the autumn of 1992, intrigued by the ritualistic nature of table dancing and rules that customers may not touch dancers, providing the history of the dancer with the main customer. He believed in a strip club can be important to the film because of the sexual obsession of society, and the role such clubs as "collective sexual outlet". Wanting to accurately portray the clubs, he also believed that it can bring a skeptical point of view.

He began working on the script in February 1993. In writing, he "wanted to structure the story like a Striptease, gradually revealing an emotionally loaded history". He also led the Thriller movies like the effect. Although the city in the film is not named, said Egoyan, Exotica and his other films depict "different districts".

The film was allocated a budget of $2 million, with a $900.000 comes from telefilm Canada and Ontario film development Corporation promising $700.000. To save money, Egoyans personal Volvo station wagon was used as the Francis car.


2.2. Production. Casting. (Кастинг)

With the script completed in April, Egoyan began the casting of the film and his choice of crew, and this process took two months.

Egoyans wife Arsinee Khanjian played the clubs owner, Zoe, appearing in all of his previous films. In the film, Zoe is pregnant with Erics baby, and in reality, Khanjyan was pregnant during filming, with Egoyans son of Archil. Egoyan later expressed regret to others Khanjian naked women when she wasnt sure how her own body will change during her first pregnancy.

Bruce Greenwood was cast in the film after he met Egoyan through a mutual friend at the bar before he raised its international prestige. Greenwood previously appeared in St. elsewhere and Marina, and the two became friends.


2.3. Production. Shooting. (Съемки)

Art Directors Richard Paris and Linda del Rosario why exotic strip club located in an abandoned room in the Party center, building Toronto, with start of construction in may 1993. In the process of production, profit a few people at the set thinking that it was a real club. Outside the club, the creators of the film used in the store on mutual street, which has since been demolished, outside the Metropolitan United Church. Osgoode Hall is used for Opera.

The movie was made by Paul Sarossy, Egoyan with saying the goal of the cinematography was to capture the position of the missing character, in this case Francis dead daughter. Principal photography was completed by July. Composer Mychael Danna recorded his score for the film from India, with the influence of classical music in India.


3. Release. (Релиз)

Exotics were invited to participate in the Cannes film festival in may 1994, the first invitation to canadian film in a few years. Originally released by Miramax in six cities, the distributors were amazed when the exotic raised $14.379 on the screen, allowing a wider release in theaters 433. Miramaks sold the film as an erotic Thriller. The film played in Toronto for 25 weeks at one point in the IMAX theatre. In the United States, it was originally released in 500 theatres.

On home video, exotic out of print in Canada for many years, but was available on DVD in the UK via the company network. In 2012, Alliance Films released the film on DVD and Blu-ray in Canada, with commentary by Egoyan and Danna.


4.1. Welcome The checkout. (Кассе)

Movies primary box office performance in limited release was considered "huge" distributors. In March 1995, American critic Roger Ebert said the exotic breaking grossing records in Canada.

By 1995, exotics collected of 1.75 million dollars. in Canada, a significant amount of English canadian cinema. The film ended its run grossing over 5.13 million dollars in North America. The Egoyans Exotica was a great financial success, and was named for its cash breakthrough.


4.2. Welcome Critical reception. (Критический прием)

Exotic received positive reviews from critics. Rotten tomatoes retrospectively collected 32 reviews and gave the painting an approval rating of 97% and an average rating of 8.3 / 10. The sites critical consensus reads: "exotic seething with sex and obsession, while successfully double as the extreme nature of the research." Roger Ebert gave the film four stars when the original movies release, calling it "the movie Labyrinth, winding seductively in the dark secrets of a group of people who must have no connection with each other, but to do." He judged it Egoyans Best film to date and said that MIA Kirshner "combines sex appeal, with a kindness that makes her all the more attractive." In 2009 Ebert added the film to his list of great movies, calling it "a deep, painful film about those closed worlds orchestrated lust". Jonathan Rosenbaum called it "mandatory" and "lush and effects", praising the result set and camera movements. Leonard klady, writing for variety, called it "haunting, horror", although with the end, what was "frustratingly fuzzy and much less than a crushing emotional blow." Entertainment weekly gave the film a rating of B and final "how to dance like Christina, the film is gorgeous tease, skillfully promise something that never arrives". Desson Howe writes "the Washington post" said that it "starts promisingly, but eventually sinks into his tangled oblivion". Peter Travers of "rolling stone" wrote: "exotic Egoyans most perfect and seductive film to date", and less catchy than the next Showgirls 1995 promised to be. B. ruby richs lawyer wrote the film "puzzle of emotions in which sex presents the whole language of human behavior," and said filed, including Kirchner and don McKellar, "to rivet our attention on these characters." Critics praised the use of the song "everybody knows" by Leonard Cohen.

In 2001, the Girish Shamba, writing for senses of cinema, said "Atom Egoyans sad, elegant Exotica 1994 at once intimate and distant, the concrete and the abstract", praising Bruce Greenwood for "Pacific gravity" and Sarah Polly as "premature excellent." In 2002, readers of playback voted the seventh greatest canadian film of all time. In 2012, Jeff Heinrich of the Montreal Gazette gave the film five stars, calling it "absolutely hypnotic x-rated film" with a "haunting score". Mike coffee A.V. said the clubs "exotic - as well as the ensuing movie history, glorious future - is incredibly weak intelligence after tragedys and ways in which people attempt to cope with inexpressible grief". In 2015, the newspaper "daily Telegraph" called the exotic, as one of the "10 best and worst movies stripper", calling Egoyan "and then-wunderkind of canadian cinema" and noting, the film won awards at Cannes and the AVN awards, which are for pornography.


4.3. Welcome Awards. (Награды)

At the Cannes film festival 1994, Exotica won the FIPRESCI prize, the first English canadian film has won the honor. At the 1994 Genie awards, the film received eight awards, including Best film and Best Director and Best original screenplay for Egoyan.

  • released by Bananarama Exotica a song by George Benson from the album Songs and Stories Exotica film the 1994 Atom Egoyan film Exotica book a book by
  • Dolan s film It s Only the End of the World. Albums La vierge et le lion 2014 EPs Desorbitee 2013 Singles Control Freak 2013 Exotica - Fruit de
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  • was an American piano - player and composer best known as the father of exotica In a long career that saw him performing well into the 1980s, he toured
  • swing bands, he developed his own style of easy listening music, known as exotica Baxter studied piano at the Detroit Conservatory before moving to Los
  • poet, Michael Rennie as Hasani Sabah, and famous exotica singer Yma Sumac as Karina. It was the final film to be scored by Victor Young 1899 - 1956 and was
  • Egoyan, Del Rosario worked on the films Speaking Parts 1989 and The Adjuster 1991 The three collaborated again on Exotica 1994 where Del Rosario and
  • origins lie in American R B, surf rock artists like The Ventures, Dick Dale, Exotica rockabilly and country and western brought over by American and Australian
  • Circuit, he released several albums and became popular with listeners of exotica music in the late 1950s and early 1960s. In the promotion of his albums
  • the film Exotica 1994 and Banks was willing to grant him the rights. Egoyan later stated he was drawn to filming the novel because he felt film is for

  • It s Atom Egoyan s night at Genies Toronto film - maker takes eight awards with offbeat Exotica Montreal Gazette, December 8, 1994. Arrowhead on IMDb
  • feature on Pet Sounds, the other being Let s Go Away for Awhile The exotica piece has been compared to the work of Les Baxter and Martin Denny for
  • 1987 The Adjuster 1991 Exotica 1994 Crash 1996 Fallen 1998 and The Thin Red Line 1998 among other films Koteas is also known for playing
  • here: Gala audiences to swim with Whale Music, not squirm at Egoyan s Exotica Toronto Star, September 2, 1994. Once again, Egoyan win means double
  • Low - budget drama wins Quebec prize Edmonton Journal, February 14, 1994. Exotica earns 13 Genie nominations Vancouver Sun, October 20, 1994. Two Can Play
  • is a Canadian stage and film director, writer, and producer. Egoyan made his career breakthrough with Exotica 1994 a film set primarily in and around
  • restrained mumbling and panting, 1950s film noir soundtracks, Jewish or Middle Eastern folk, the typical John Zorn exotica jazz, lonely piano tunes, or minimalist
  • Canadian film producer and director. She is a two - time winner of the Genie Award for Best Picture, as producer of Atom Egoyan s films Exotica and The Sweet
  • original music of Italian composer Piero Piccioni with a new score by exotica legend Les Baxter, the regular composer of choice for the studio. Haydee
  • the year s top - grossing film in 1994. It was also a nominee for Best Motion Picture, but lost to Exotica The American film EDtv was an adaptation of
  • Paisley and BR5 - 49. There are also bits of Tejano Flaco Jimenez and exotica Yma Sumac Passin Through Randy Scruggs and Joan Osborne 5: 16

  • 1998 TV movie version of Cats as Exotica a character that was created specially for her and exclusively for the film Femi lives in Odense, Denmark, has
  • Bruce McDonald Double Happiness by Mina Shum Eclipse by Jeremy Podeswa Exotica by Atom Egoyan Frank s Cock by Mike Hoolboom Henry Verlin by Gary Ledbetter
  • musician, composer and arranger. He was one of the prominent artists in the exotica music genre during the late 1950s and early 1960s. Shindo also founded
  • Rasa: Exotica Vol. 3 2006 Rasa: Mello Vol. 3 2006 Relax, Vol. 2: Sublime Music for Reading and Lounging 2006 Undertow Didgeridoo for feature film score
  • of photography on twelve feature films Speaking Parts, The Adjuster, Exotica The Sweet Hereafter, Felicia s Journey, Ararat, Where the Truth Lies
  • years old. As the face of Exotica she appeared on the first 12 Martin Denny album covers, and 16 in total, beginning with Exotica in 1957, which reached
  • 2008 Before the Rain Film Review Slant Magazine Retrieved on March 3, 2010. Roger Ebert March 11, 2009 Exotica Booker, M. Keith. 2007
  • Carmine Coppola. It is a film set in August 1961 on the Sunset Strip starring Karl Schanzer and Don Kenney and featuring Electra, Exotica Laura Cornell, Karla
  • Obomsawin wins for best Canadian feature film at Toronto festival Montreal Gazette, September 20, 1993. Exotica dominates Genie nominations Montreal

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