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Schaaken Castle

★ Schaaken Castle

Schaaken castle is a ruined castle was built by the Teutonic knights in Nekrasovo, Kaliningrad oblast, Russia. It was extensively altered in the 19th century and became a ruin after the Second world war.

The first mention of a fortress on the site in the chronicle of the Teutonic order in 1258. The order established its first castle in about 1270 on the site of the ancient Prussian fortress and trading places under the name Schocken grass or pasture in Pruss. The wall of the building was octagonal, following the contours of the original earthen Fort and outer Baileys at two points. The castle belonged to the Bishop of Samland. The original building was wooden, beginning in 1328, it was rebuilt in stone. In 1525, when the reserves of the Teutonic order was secularized, it became the Ducal seat. It was destroyed by fire in 1606, and partially rebuilt.

Peter I stayed in Schaaken castle three times, it was the headquarters of Alexander Suvorov during the Seven years war. In the first third of the 19th century the castle was rebuilt in the romantic Gothic style, with a new roof and slender towers at the corners. The kitchen building, underground vaults, and a stone ring wall remained virtually unchanged.

During the Second World War, the castle and 600 acres 1.500 acres was a family farm, the Red Army occupied in January 1945, and the farm later became the farm. The castle also served as a childrens home.

Since 1975, the castle turns into ruins. Formed German and the Russian Association for stabilization and restoration of her and proposed to use it for purposes, such as the German-Russian friendship centre or the Museum of 13th century architecture. Yuri Sabuga, Kaliningrad architect, examined the site in 2002 and said that the castle could be saved. Some repairs were made later, and a small Museum of medieval artifacts and horse ring were installed there. In March 2012, a fire in the castle damaged the Museum.

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