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Peppermint-scented Geranium

★ Peppermint-scented geranium

Pelargonium tomentosum peppermint geranium, is a species of pelargonium from South Africa. It is in the genus pelargonium, along with pelargonium graveolens, pelargonium capitatum and Pelargonium crispum to be supplied fresh.


1. Etymology. (Этимология)

Pelargonium comes from the Greek Pelargos, which means stork. Another name pelargonium is storksbills because of the shape of their fruit. Tomentosum refers to the soft, fluffy, furry leaves.


2. Description. (Описание)

Pelargonium tomentosum is a tall, spreading species, growing up to a meter wide and a meter. It is very soft, hairy herb with a strong flavor of mint because of a change in leaves and small white flowers. The leaves are green-grey with broad, lobed shape.


3. Varieties and hybrids. (Сорта и гибриды)

There are only a few varieties and hybrids of pelargonium tomentosum. These varieties and hybrids include:

  • Pelargonium Islington Peppermint - a hybrid between P. tomentosum and pelargonium splendid. Smaller pelargonium with scented leaves of fresh mint and bright bicolor flowers of white and brown. This is an unusual hybrid, because P. tomentosum in the genus pelargonium, but p. Splendida is a hybrid of pelargonium ovale and pelargonium tricolor which are located in the subgenus Camphylia.
  • Pelargonium tomentosum chocolate peppermint - a hybrid between P. tomentosum and pelargonium giant oak cultivar of pelargonium quercifolium. P. chocolate mint is the highest form, which is distributed as P. tomentosum. Smells a bit mint, but the chocolate refers to the brown spots in the center of the sheet that it receives from p. the giant oak.

4. Uses

And also as indoor plant or outdoor perennial depending on the climate, pelargonium tomentosum has several other applications. First, the leaves are edible and are great as a flavoring for baking or tea. The leaves are usually not eaten because of the hairiness of the Leaves was somewhat repulsive. Secondly, thanks wagamama characteristics of the oil in its leaves, a poultice can be made for the treatment of sprains or bruises. It also works as a spearmint for the treatment of angina, if menthol right turns. Thirdly, the leaves are very fragrant and can be used in potpourri.

  • the lime - scented P.  Lime the lemon balm - scented P.  Lemon Balm the strawberry - lemon - scented P.  Lady Scarborough and the peppermint - scented P. tomentosum
  • Pelargonium quercifolium is a species of geranium known by the common name oakleaf geranium or oak - geranium It is native to South Africa, and it is a
  • bergamot and lemon, lime, juniper, pink pepper, myrtle, cypress, lavender, geranium jasmine, cassi, cinnamon, nutmeg, black pepper, benzoin, labdanum, frankincense
  • Galbanum oil, used in perfumery. Garlic oil is distilled from Allium sativum. Geranium oil, also referred to as geranol. Used in herbal medicine, aromatherapy
  • 1 - Hexanol herbaceous, woody cis - 3 - Hexen - 1 - ol fresh cut grass Menthol peppermint High concentrations of aldehydes tend to be very pungent and overwhelming
  • their scents and textures so that blind and disabled people can enjoy them: nutty geranium root beer plant, lime basil, pineapple sage, peppermint and
  • regulation in most countries. Most common essential oils such as lavender, peppermint tea tree oil, patchouli, and eucalyptus are distilled. Raw plant material
  • stork s - bill Erodium moschatum Common stork s - bill Erodium cicutarium Sticky stork s - bill Erodium lebelii Peppermint - scented geranium Pelargonium tomentosum

  • tubers can be consumed in both a raw or roasted state. NOTE: the chocolate scented flowers are NOT edible, however. Bolboschoenus caldwellii Sea Clubsedge

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