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Paleleaf woodland sunflower

★ Paleleaf woodland sunflower

Strumosus sunflower, pale sunflower leaves of the forest, is a species of sunflower native to North America East of the Great plains and in the Asteraceae family. It is a native perennial sunflower that resembles other members of this family, including the pale sunflower, wild sunflower, Hispid sunflower and Jerusalem artichoke. Pale leaves of sunflowers can be found in various habitats including forest zone, steppes, and meadows, provided that these areas have access to partial sun.


1. Description. (Описание)

Growing from the root system rhizomatous, H. strumosus grows from three to eight feet in height. Pale-leaf sunflower, it may be difficult to distinguish because it is the most volatile sunflowers. Some distinctive features include the stalks, leaves and stem. Petioles an inch in length. The leaves tend to be thicker and narrower than other types. The leaves are white underneath. H. strumosus is also completely smooth stem. Flower head H. strumosus has a yellow center surrounded by a variable number of usually 8 to 20 yellow ray florets.


2. Distribution. (Распределение)

Strumosus sunflower is widely distributed in North America. It is located in the Central and Eastern USA and South Eastern Canada. It is more common in marshy places, though it may occur in wetlands. Forest sunflower is usually found in wet or moderately moist sandy to loamy soils and sandy areas. H. strumosus grows in natural, disturbed and anthropogenic habitats. The population can quickly become dense. These flowers must pass a minimum of 30 days of cold stratification before they can germinate.


3. Growth Factors Inhibiting. (Факторы Роста, Ингибирования)

Strumosus sunflower has been known to be attacked by mycetous fungus pyreno Gibberidea heliopsis. This fungus attacks not only the various species of the tribe Heliantheae, but in the Astereae tribe. The fungus has been found in the southern part of Wisconsin strumosus sunflower is one of the main fungus goal. Disease Gibberidea is the most recognized strumosus sunflower with black lesions running along the side of, or encircling the stem of a flower. Another feature of the disease is the papillate surface of Mature lesions, which can be seen with a magnifying glass, because fungal papillae breaks or replaces the epidermis. The first symptoms of this disease are observed around the end of may and occurs on the sides of the young leaf blades.


4. Uses

The roots of H. strumosus is one of the few edible parts of the plant. They can be reduced to make the liqueur, which was used to treat adults and children with worms. The roots can also be used to make an infusion to help with problems associated with light. Sunflower seeds that can be used to produce oil for cooking and soap making.

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