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Wilderness (2006 film)

★ Wilderness (2006 film)

Desert 2006 British-Irish horror film directed by Michael J. Wilson. Bassett starring Sean Pertwee, Alex Reid, Toby Kebbell, karly Greene, Lenora and Crichlow.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

The film begins with the arrival of Callum in small colonies ran down jed is Steve, blue, Jethro, Lindsay, David and Lewis. It is implied that the group gives Davie and Lindsay hardly, and when Davey replies to steves taunts Steve and Lewis to humiliate the two urinate on them. Callum later finds his father killed himself by slashing his wrists. Davis dad finds out about suicide and the group, along with jed, go to the island for team building exercises. After arrival, the group notices something strange.

Callum knocked by an invisible force and discovered the group. They go swimming, and then he notices jeds campfire in the distance. Lindsay is grabbed by an unseen force. Then they meet in the group of women, consisting of a team leader Louise and her charges Joe and Mandy. Jed and Louise to agree to keep a separate group, while Joe and Lewis form a romantic relationship.

Steve and Lewis find a homeless man and chase after him. The man attacking Steve with a stick in defense, prompting Steve to defeat him and Callum later finds him dead. Callum caught jed and Louise had washed the blood off of his hands and handcuffed to a tree. Jed discovers that his phone emercency not enough, and blames the band for what angry Steve. Jed and Louise had decided to join the group.

The next morning, Jethro wakes up to go get more water, and then someone attacked. Jed orders blue and Lindsay to find him and they discover his dismembered hand in the water. After that, the group was ambushed and jed shot the arrow, to disable it, and then disembowled a group of four dogs, which act on command using a whistle. One of the dogs chases Callum and Louise but Louise is the victim behaved dogs off, and she knocked off a cliff.

The group find the body of Jethros hanging from a tree with the letter D carved into his flesh. They find a cabin and hide in there. Lindsey shows everyone that he knew who the killer that Daviss dad. The next morning, groups of enterprises, on the outside and blue attempted rape enraging Joe Lewis, who attacks him and Blue runs away only to step on the trap and even though Mandy and Callum blue free attempt, he is killed after he falls face first into one trap. Then Davis daddy makes the rest of the cockpit with smoke. As they make their escape Steve leaves Lindsay, who is struggling to keep up.

The rest of the group believes that Louise is alive, but seriously wounded, so they decided to put it in a safe, dry place and to go in search of the boat, and Louise died when Davis dad sneakes it in camouflage and cuts her throat. The group split up in search of a boat with Steve in the same team with Lewis and Callum with the girls. Steve finds a boat and plans to leave the others and Lewis accepts it in the end. They discover the fuel line is cut and Davis dad shoots at them with flaming arrows, causing the boat to go in the fire. Dog back and Steve and Lewis to climb up a cliff to avoid them and the others wading in the water. Steve and Lewis find Lindsay and attack him and eventually use him as bait for dogs.

The dogs eventually called back, but one remains behind and Callum kills him. The panel finds that Louises head on a stick with Daviss name written in blood on the head, prompting Callum to cut off the dogs head. Then they cook the dog and eat it. Then Callum walks on the islands highest point and keeps the dogs head up, trying to distract Davis dad. Steve and Mandy then fight the next morning over what to do next, and Steve attacks her.

Lewis subordinates Steve and Steve will rest until Manfy runs. Then Joe tells Steve he is poisoned, and Lewis doesnt need him anymore, prompting him to kill Lewis. Then Joe will run away and be caught in a trap. Steve finds her and she pleads for his help. Then he declines, and she was burned alive.

Steve runs into Lindsay and binds it to the tree. Davis dad appears and Steve says Lindsay is the one who is kidding Davey, but he makes Steve feel his pain of his son and cut his wrists. Steve then taunts him and throws a knife in the leg, only to be shot in the head with a crossbow. Cuts Davis Lindsay free dad and tells him to meet him on the boat, which overhears Mandy, as shes hiding behind the trees. Callum appears and calls dad for his actions.

The two fight and Callums wounds, father with an ax and chases Davis dad with a crossbow. Mandy confronts Lindsay for his actions and he admits Davis asks dad to come and kill them all, Lindsay smiles as he backs away from her and falls off a cliff to his death. Callum prepares to shoot Davis the father with the crossbow, but the last inferior to his wounds on the beach. Mandy and Callum to reunite and Callum States that "all died on the island." Then both sit in the boat and leave the island.


2. Cast. (Литые)

  • Toby Kebbell as Callum.
  • Alex Reid as Louise.
  • Stephen Wight as Steve.
  • Luke Neal Lewis. (Люк Нил Льюис)
  • His Sean Pertwee as jed.
  • Lenora of Crichlow as Mandy.
  • Karly Greene as Jo.
  • Ben McKay As Lindsay.
  • Adam deacon as blue.

3. Production. (Производство)

The film was produced and distributed by an independent consortium, and Director Michael J. Bassett, who earlier participated 2002; s Deathwatch. The story was filmed on location in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.


4. Release. (Релиз)

The wilderness premiere at the Brussels international festival of fantastic film on March 19, 2006, and the UK premiere was at the festival in Belfast movie on April 1, 2006.


5. Welcome

Rotten tomatoes, a review aggregator, reports that in the wilderness received positive reviews for 29% of the seven reviewers, the average rating of 4.4 / 10. John condit of DreadCentral rated it 3 / 5 stars and stated that it will polarize viewers into two camps: gorehounds and genre snobs. In a mixed review, Philip French of the guardian against his soldiers the dog and described his sense of justice as "arbitrary". Geoffrey macnab and the guardian have rated it 3 / 5 and stated that it is an entertaining film B. Leslie Felperin of variety said that the film "schlocky", but its target audience of teenagers will love it. Nigel Floyd time out London rated it 4 / 5 and described it as "taut and visceral". Jamie Russell bi-Bi-si rated the film 2 / 5 and argues that the film "Cruel editing and hapless direction." Jeremy Knox of film threat rated it 3.5 / 5 and called it a stranger, "a cut above the rest".

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