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Chaenostoma Cordatum also known by the name bacopa or ornamental bacopa, is one of 52 species in the genus Chaenostoma, and is best known in cultural forms. It originated in South Africa, and is a tender perennial forming a ground cover, but often used in hanging baskets. Small dark green heart shaped leaves and small with five petals around a blue, pink or white flowers at the branch tips can be found all year round, but in the Prime in the spring.


1. Growing. (Растет)

Sutera Cabana, is a short evergreen perennial for zones 9-11. It grows annually in colder climates, but requires full sun to bloom profusely.


2. Pikmin Flower. (Пикмины Цветок)

It is noteworthy, as the source of the breed is marketed as "the Pikmin flower", after the GameCube game Pikmin. Flower similar to the flowers that bloom with the titular head of the creature. Other varieties include the Bridal shower, snowflake, giant snowflake and a pink Domino.

  • Pikmin is a real - time strategy and puzzle video game series created by Shigeru Miyamoto and published by Nintendo. The games focus on directing a horde
  • Pikmin may refer to: The Pikmin series of video games Pikmin the first video game in the Pikmin series Pikmin 2, the second video game Pikmin 3, the third
  • Strawberry Flower ストロベリー フラワー, Sutoroberī Furawā is a Japanese virtual band created to perform music for the Nintendo video game franchise Pikmin In the
  • the direct sequel to the 2001 game Pikmin and is the second game in the Pikmin series. Like its predecessor, Pikmin 2 focuses on exploring the surface
  • Pikmin Japanese: ピクミン, Hepburn: Pikumin is a real - time strategy and puzzle video game developed and published by Nintendo for the GameCube in 2001. It
  • The song is sung by the virtual group Strawberry Flower who also sang the theme song for Pikmin 2. The title of the song translates to Song of Love
  • Yuzu. Aiko 2001 Pikmin Single: Nurucom Version ピクミンジングル ヌルコムバージョン Parody of Strawberry Flower 2001 Ai no Uta: Pikmin no Theme 愛のうた ピクミンのテーマ
  • real xerophyte family Cactaceae Candypop Bud: a flower found in the video games Pikmin and Pikmin 2. Chuck the Plant: a plant found in several of LucasArts
  • Retrieved 2013 - 12 - 19. Ponce, Tony 2013 - 08 - 04 Nintendo bred a new flower to market Pikmin on GameCube Destructoid. Retrieved 2013 - 12 - 19. Napierski, Steve

  • release of new games. The first item released from Nintendo was the Red Pikmin Hat Other items given to players include a Girl s Day updo and Top
  • Mansion, Mario Party, Metal Gear, Metro, Need for Speed, Pokemon, Rayman, Pikmin Saints Row, SimCity, Sly Cooper, Sonic The Hedgehog, StarCraft, Super Mario
  • April 6, 2016. Ponce, Tony August 4, 2013 Nintendo bred a new flower to market Pikmin on GameCube Destructoid. Retrieved December 19, 2013. Mike
  • creator of Mario, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, Star Fox, F - Zero, and Pikmin 2007: Sid Meier Civilization series and many different simulators 2008:
  • in Japan for that week, beaten only by Nintendo s 92, 000 unit sales for Pikmin 3. In a list published at the end of the year, Japanese video game magazine
  • StreetPass. After a flower has bloomed, players can receive new seeds by breeding their plant with plants of other Miis. Flowers can be arranged in several
  • were Pac - Man, Super Mario Brothers, The Secret of Monkey Island, Myst, and Flower video game Interactive kiosks in the final gallery covered five eras
  • Peggle Pengo Penumbra Perfect Dark Persona Petz PGA Tour Phantasy Star Pikmin Pilotwings Pinball FX Pirate Ship Higemaru Pitfall PixelJunk Plants vs
  • Gamer Network. Retrieved 21 April 2013. Makuch, Eddie 12 September 2013 Pikmin 3 US sales reach 115, 000 units GameSpot. CBS Interactive. Retrieved 4
  • Monogatari da Nyan Box office See Fate stay night: Heaven s Feel I. presage flower Box office The film chronicles the development of the Grand Theft Auto
  • Microbacterium virus Koji Microbacterium virus Min1 Microbacterium virus Pikmin Microcystis virus Ma - LMM01 Microhyla letovirus 1 Micromonas pusilla reovirus
  • Nintendo Software Technology September 14, 2001 November 18, 2001 May 3, 2002 Pikmin Nintendo EAD October 26, 2001 December 2, 2001 June 14, 2002 Super Smash
  • Auto V Rayman Legends Tomb Raider Best Nintendo Game Super Mario 3D World Pikmin 3 Rayman Legends The Wonderful 101 Best PC Game Gone Home Battlefield 4
  • Year Winner 2000 Shenmue 2001 Pikmin 2002 Animal Crossing 2003 EyeToy 2004 Katamari Damacy
  • 3 Keiichi Abe Oddworld: Munch s Oddysee Kyo Ladopoulos, Sean Miller Pikmin Super Smash Bros. Melee Takeshi Ambe Ico, Yorda, Queen Atsuko Fukuyama
  • 4, 2011 Pikmin New Play Control Nintendo Nintendo 2008 - 12 - 25JP December 25, 2008 March 9, 2009 February 26, 2009 February 6, 2009 Pikmin 2 New Play
  • Human decline Pikmin And its sequel, the 2004 video game Pikmin 2, is set on an unnamed planet simply called as the planet of the Pikmin inhabited by
  • Katri s Puzzle Solving Files Layton s Mystery Journey 2018 TV series Pikmin Pikmin 2014 TV series The Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk The Tower of Druaga
  • Ace Attorney Capcom DS 2005 Picross DS Nintendo DS 2007 Pikmin Nintendo GameCube 2001 Pikmin 2 Nintendo GameCube 2004 Pilotwings Nintendo SNES 1990 Pilotwings
  • need help. Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Old Lady Crosses the Street, Pikmin Pest B Gone, University of Walking, Alfred E. Neuman for President: News

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