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Cassia is a genus of flowering plants in the legume family, Fabaceae and subfamily Caesalpinioideae. Species, commonly known as cassias. Cassia is also the English common name of some species of cinnamon, Cinnamomum of the Lauraceae family. Species of the genera Senna and Chamaecrista were previously included in Cassia. Cassia now generally includes the largest species of the legume potreba Cassiinae, usually mid-size trees.


1. Ecology. (Экология)

Species of Cassia occur in various climatic conditions. Some of them can be widely used as ornamental plants. They have been used in projects of reforestation and species from the hot desert climate can be used to prevent desertification.

Cassia species are used as food plants of the caterpillars of many Lepidoptera taxa. For example, the captain Astraptes fulgerator and pierids Catopsilia Pomona and C. pyranthe all seen on Cassia fistula. The latter uses several other cassias as well.

From the plant pathogenic viruses Cassia yellow blotch bromovirus and Cassia yellow spot virus was first described in Cassia.


2. Uses

Because the name Cassia is not precise, it is sometimes difficult to understand what is meant by references to plants known as "cassias". Cassia gum is, for example, is made from Senna obtusifolia, first species included in the genus Cassia.

Kind of Cassia Senna as it is known, in systems of traditional medicine. Cassia fistula, for example, is used in Ayurvedic medicine.

There exists some culinary use for cassias. The fruits of some species are edible. In Central America, the pods are simmered in a molasses like syrup used as a sweetener and for its nutritional and healing effects. Some, however, toxins in their seeds.


3. Systematics and taxonomy. (Систематики и таксономии)

There are hundreds of Cassia species, but it is unclear how much. One estimate stands at 692. Rod was a long time Wastebasket taxon used to classify plants that dont fit elsewhere. Over 1000 species have belonged to Cassia over the years. Many taxa were transferred to more appropriate genera such as Senna.

Species names with uncertain taxonomic status. (Видовые названия с неопределенным таксономическим статусом)

The status of the following species is unresolved:

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