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Cats (2019 film)

★ Cats (2019 film)

Cats-2019 musical fantasy film based on the musical of the same name by Andrew Lloyd Webber, which in turn was based on the collection of poems old possums book of practical cats by T. S. Eliot. The films Director Tom Hooper in his second feature musical, after Les Miserables script-Lee Hall and Hooper and ensemble cast including James Corden, Judi Dench, Jason Derulo, Idris Elba, Jennifer Hudson, Ian McKellen, Taylor swift, rebel Wilson, and Francesca Hayward.

Cats was a theatrical released in the United Kingdom and the United States on December 20, 2019, by universal pictures. The film received mostly negative reviews from critics who criticized the CGI effects, the plot and tone, with many calling it one of the worst films of the year 2019. The film was cash bomb is still nasty on the budget 72 million $100 million$.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

Victoria, a young white cat, fell on the streets of London by its owner in the middle of the night. Alley cats witness this introduced her as "Cuties". Two volumes, the magician Mr meek. Mistoffelees, who develops a crush on Victoria and Munkustrap true, and the two ladies, arrogant Cassandra and Demeter, Victoria to take under his wing and show her the world of Cuties as they hype up the Lapushkin ball, an annual ceremony where cats compete for the chance to go to the Heaviside layer and get a new life.

Throughout the film, the participants get acquainted and Express their contribution to the community: Jennyanydots, domestic Tabby, improves the performance of mice and cockroaches, RAMs-Tagger, Flirty who annoys others, Bustopher Jones, the bourgeois cat, who boasts of his weight and the proportion of food waste from the garbage, skimbleshanks the plump ginger cat that cranes along the railroad tracks, Goose, old theatre cat who plays some of the greatest roles in history and memory, help to lose power on the unit and who steals other members ability to save for the winch to be made a choice Sweetheart by default.

Victoria also happens to meet the mischievous twins Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer who like to create problems and mess with things in the house their family. They have to convince Victoria to join in the fun, but leave it tangled in some necklaces when the family dog alerted to your presence. Fortunately, Mr. Mistoffelees comes to the aid of Victoria, distracting the dog and ran away with it. They return to the group, just in time to see the arrival of the tribes, the wise and beloved matriarch of old Deuteronomy. In Lapushkin ball starts inside the abandoned Egyptian theatre. Victoria dances a ballet Solo in the moonlight, but is distracted by Cassandra disturbing Grizabella, a former member of the tribe, which were driven, among other things, its past allegiance with holes. Victoria refers to Grizabellas feelings of abandonment. As Grizabella escapes to the street, the Old witnesses Deuteronomy their quiet camaraderie and assures Victoria that she can be a Sweetheart time.

The ball breaks femme fatale Bombalurina, who performs a song and dance number, dedicated full of holes: a distraction to spoil the party with Catnip. Leaky arrives, demanding to make a choice Sweetheart. Old Deuteronomy considers it unworthy and subsequently kidnapped and placed Macavitys other victims. How Adorable to recuperate, worried about their disappearance leaders, Victoria says that Mr. Mistoffelees use their powers to conjure old Deuteronomy back. He tries several times, eventually making old Deuteronomy again. Cats rejoice and praise Mr. Mistoffeles, he and Victoria dance together. Meanwhile, Jennyanydots, through a change of costume, frees himself and the other cats kidnapped leaky. Leaky appareret away, leaving his lackey to pass on the Board at the mercy of emancipated cats.

Grizabella returns to Egypt. Victoria vouches for her and encourages her to sing her true feelings. Grizabella continues singing a passionate Ballad about her mistakes, her past glory and her beauty, the feelings that touch the hearts of the Cuties. Old Deuteronomy Grizabella names selection of Cuties and sends it to the Heaviside layer in the chandelier repaired Mr. Mistoffelees magic to float like a balloon. Macavity, in a last attempt to get to the Heaviside layer, jump to a rope from the chandelier, but it falls on Nelsons column. In Sweetheart, reunited with his kidnapped brothers, and perched on the Lion statue to watch Grizabella to rise like the morning sun appears above the horizon. After the congregation disperses, old Deuteronomy welcomes Victoria to the tribe.


2.1. Production. Development. (Развитие)

Animated film based on the musical was originally planned Amblimation in 1990-ies, but was abandoned in connection with the closure of the Studio. In December 2013, Andrew Lloyd Webber, the Creator and composer of musical stage production of cats, teased that universal pictures, which bought the rights to the screen adaptation of cats many years ago, was the delivery of the project in active development.

In February 2016, it was reported that Tom Hooper was in talks direct a film, and treats Actresses, including Suki Waterhouse, star. In may 2016, Hooper has been confirmed as the Director.

In January 2018, Hooper and the working title has officially begun casting for the film, looking into the technical aspect, whether the film will be fully live action or computer or a mix of both, with Lloyd Webber announced that he was going to write a new song for the film adaptation. On October 24, 2019, it was announced that a new song called "beautiful perfume", written by Taylor swift and Lloyd Webber. The song is sung by Francesca Hayward, and later again on Judi Dench, version credits sing swift. The sung version of swift was released on November 15, 2019.


2.2. Production. Casting. (Кастинг)

In June 2018, reported, Anne Hathaway was considered for the role in the film, but she left because of a scheduling conflict. In July 2018, Jennifer Hudson, Taylor swift, James Corden, and Ian McKellen joined acting. Swift was previously tested for the role of Eponine in Tom Hoopers "Les Miserables", but was given the part of Bombalurina in the sand.

In September 2018, Laurie Davidson and Mette Towley was cast, with Steven Spielberg as Executive producer declared. In October 2018, Idris Elba and Dame Judi Dench have joined the cast of the film. Dench was cast in the original stage musical, but was forced to withdraw due to a torn Achilles tendon, Lloyd Webber and Hooper decided to make Deuteronomy the old woman and offered her the role.

In November 2018, dancers Francesca and Steven McRae, as well as rebel Wilson, Jason Derulo, and Robert Fairchild has joined the cast of the film the rehearsal, which will start at Leavesden Studios in Hertfordshire, England. Andy Blankenbuehler choreographed the film after Wayne McGregor was forced to withdraw due to scheduling conflicts. Blankenbuehlers choreography on stage musicals 2016 Broadway. In December 2018, Les Twins and Eric underwood joined acting.


2.3. Production. Shooting. (Съемки)

Principal photography began on 12 December 2018 and ended on 2 April 2019. Swift said that the participation of the "school Cat" in which "we would literally spend hours barefoot crawling on the floor, hissing at each other." Hooper said on December 16 world premiere that he finished the movie "at 8 am for the previous day were 36 hours in a row."


2.4. Production. Music. (Музыка)

Music for the film was written by Andrew Lloyd Webber. It "highlights" edition of the soundtrack with a duration of 59 minutes, released 20 December 2019 on Polydor Records in the US by Republic records. The song "beautiful Ghost" Taylor swift, one of the soundtrack album was released on November 15, 2019.


2.5. Production. Visual effects. (Визуальные эффекты)

Cat uses optional visual effects for the video conversion-the actions of the participants of the animated cats. Companies that worked on the film include the SA subsidiaries Technicolor film, the Mill and MPC. To help this, the actors performed in costumes that motion capture tracking dots on their costumes and faces. The bodies of the characters of the cat was provided with a digital fur, which is mixed with the actors real faces.

Significant work on VFX for cats was carried out at MPC Vancouver, which had previously worked on re-doing visual effects for sonic the hedgehog.


3. Marketing. (Маркетинг)

On April 6, 2019, Jennifer Hudson sang "memory" in Las Vegas, CinemaCon, along with BEHIND-the-scenes watch movies the cast and crew. On 17 July 2019, Universal has released a behind-the-scenes featurette detailing various aspects of film production and interviews with cast and crew.

The first trailer for the film was released on 18 July 2019, and received mostly negative reactions from viewers. Many viewers were hit with a mixture of CGI and live action is used to depict cats, and powered, as an example of uncanny valley, with some comparing it unfavorable for the design of Sonic in the first trailer for the upcoming movie, sonic the hedgehog, which also caused similar criticism that ultimately resulted in a redesigned character and the film is deposited. The Studio has spent on global promotions and advertising for the movie around $ 115 million.


4. Release. (Релиз)

The film premiered in Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln center in new York on 16 December 2019 and was theatrical released in the United States and the United Kingdom on 20 December 2019.

Glitches CGI and modified release. (Глюки CGI и модифицированного высвобождения)

Movies original release had a lot of CGI bugs and glitches, for example, one scene in which Judy Denchs human hand, with her engagement ring appears instead of the characters cat paw. After the bad reviews, universal cinemas will be notified the day of the premiere that updated package digital cinema With "some improved visual effects" will be available for download on 22 December, urging them to replace a current print as soon as possible. Studio executives and theater owners, said that the decision to release a modified version of already film in wide release was "unheard of".


5.1. Welcome The checkout. (Кассе)

As of February 11, 2020, the cats gathered 27.2 million $in the United States and Canada, and $44.8 million in other countries around the world a total of $72 million, against a production budget of about $ 95 million. Estimates for how much the movie would have lost the Studio range from 71-100 million dollars.

In the United States and Canada, cats initially forecast in first weekend gross $15-20 million a General hope that the film would appeal to young women as a series contender against Star wars: rebellion Skywalker, and stressed the swift in marketing, a singer who appeared on only one song, not to promote the film for her fans. After making $2.6 million in its opening day, including $550.000 Thursday night previews, the estimates for cats has been reduced to $7 million. He went on to debut in the $ 6.5 million, finishing fourth at the box office. The backlog is due to a Dislike of trailers, bad reviews of the movie Itself, and competition from Skywalker. The movies audience was older than expected at 55% between 18 and 44, frozen 2, also sold young women, made more money from theaters in the fifth to us $12.4 million, than cats with a worldwide gross $ 10.9 million.

In its second weekend, the cats amounted to $ 4.8 million a total of $ 8.7 million over the five-day Christmas frame, falling to eighth. Then it took $ 2.6 million in third weekend, finishing tenth.


5.2. Welcome Critical response. (Критическая реакция)

The review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes reported that 20% of critics gave the film a positive review based on 289 reviews with an average rating 3.75 / 10. Sites critics consensus reads: "despite his fur-midable cast are cats adaptation is a clawful mistake that will leave most viewers, begging to rid Miu grey". On Metacritic the film has a weighted average score of 32 out of 100 based on 50 critics, indicating "generally unfavorable reviews". Spectators interviewed by the Agency CinemaScore gave the film a average score of "C" With " in the scale of f, while those in PostTrak gave it an average of 0.5 out of 5 stars, 30% said they would definitely recommend it.

Peter Debruge of variety called the film "one of those once-in-a-Blue-moon embarrassments that Mars summary great actors, poor Idris Elba, is already damaged enough as the villainous leaky and trips in the career of promising newcomers ". He criticized the direction and effects, and warned that the film will appeal to the furries. David Rooney of the "Hollywood Reporter" felt that the film was "hobbled a major miscalculation in their Central visual concept" lamenting its execution, such as poor proportions of the cats in their environment, and considering the film "tedious". Peter Travers from Rolling stone movie rating 0 out of 5 stars, stating that it was "strange," was the awful special effects and made the audience "want to scream for mercy", while Hooper "traps the actors in the airless, lifeless bubble film, which hardly gives them room to breathe, much less to develop character."

In the "Los Angeles times," Justin Chang wrote that "with its grotesque design choice and busy editing metronomic, cats, hard on the eyes like a Hollywood show, may be tumbling into a strange valley between the shabby realism and dystopia artificiality". Debruge said the film was supposed to use "face paint and lycra" as a musical. Simran Hans observer agreed that "many of its strange images, of course, haunts the audience for many generations." Her one-star review described the film as "a clear career low" for most actors, I wonder whether they "know what they got themselves into". Peter Bradshaw for the guardian agree with one-star rating. In parodying the comment "names of cats", he criticized the visual style, especially the character design, while criticizing the film as "terrible hairball mountain." Manola Dargis of the new York times felt that Hooper had made "active efforts" to adapt the musical - which "will always be difficult, especially after the decision was made to create a live-action version, not animated" and "recruited several talented performers," but that I suffered from a lack of human connection that includes a theatre, where actors and audience share a space, without which "all that remains preserves the images of people coming to meow and raise their meat high in the air."

The Hollywood Reporter named cat one of the ten worst movies of 2019, Travers said he "easily scored in the bottom of the barrel 2019 - and maybe of the decade", and Adam Graham of the Detroit news said that cats are the biggest problem for decades, and perhaps still in the Millennium. His battlefield Earth with a mustache". Alex Cranz from io9 warned "I have seen sights no man should see", but said that other "must witness" the Hoopers, actors, and Hollywoods arrogance, with reference to the person in the group of cats, a Cat-a black girl without the fur, and other examples of how "shit just not done ". Ty Burr of "the Boston globe" one half-star review, said, "there are moments in the cat I would pay to unsee" and warned young children not to look. He said that preview audiences laughed, as a reaction to the springtime for Hitler during Denchs "the addressing of cats", because each pause in her words, it seemed that the end of the film, "finally", before proceeding.

Despite the negative critical acclaim, and performances by some of the cast received praise. Pete Hammond of deadline praised Taylor swift, writing that it "behaves well as Bombalurina and her leaky crown room, as well as a Beautiful Ghost, written for the end credits swift and Lloyd Webber". Critic guy Lodge called swift "the best thing in the film and one performer who totally makes its mark and pulls off lonely success", while critic Rebecca Lewis described Swifts performance as "one of the few really good parts of the movie". Patrick Ryan of USA today stated that swift "makes the most of his brief screen time, bringing her unrelenting charisma in Flirty feline. if theres one thing thats disappointing about the performance of Swifts that her no more." Hans said that she was the only actor who seems to be fun, perhaps because she appears only in the movie for about 10 minutes." Jennifer Hudson also received praise for the performance of the memory, and some critics describe it as "the best part" of the film and "the only musical number in the new film that evokes the real feeling."

Rich Juzwiak of Jezebel foretold that cats can become cult-like horror Show rocky Horror, noting that the sing-along screenings of the film already premiered in Toronto and Los Angeles and was sold out.


5.3. Welcome Awards. (Награды)

Variety reported on 26 December 2019 that the universal was removed the cat from her to your attention the web page. The film is not available at the Academy of motion picture arts and Sciences private streaming media platform to award the contestants.

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